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April 10, 2023

So I Married An Ax Murderer

So I Married An Ax Murderer
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Before there was Shrek, Fat Bastard, or the Pentavarit, there was Stuart Mackenzie in So I Married  An Ax Murderer. 

Jeff and JT go back to the cult classic dark comedy that's highly quotable and also mildly watchable, because how could they not?

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Welcome to Movie Life Crisis.

Join us as we watch the best movies from 30 years ago.

So I married an axe murderer, a comedy on the cutting edge.

Mike Myers is hilarious.

The The most funnier film of the summer.

(laughing) - And wonderful.

- Somebody needs a heart.

- It's side splitting summer fun.

- It can meet on you.

- Mike minds, so I married an ex-murder.

- Say, call me.

- Rated PG-13, start fighting.

I'll be it on your unit.

- I think my favorite part about old trailers is in the background.

There's just a guy going.

(laughing) - And it's just constant.

- Just constant VHS tape.

- Just tasting.

- Yeah, just tasting.

- Well, dude, all these TV spots that I get, movie life crisis season three episode seven, how do you already get to episode seven.

We, these are always digitized from VHS because no one, I don't think anyone saved these TV.

Like the trailers, the studio is actually saved.

You can get them on the DVDs, but the TV spots that I get for our intro, it's always like someone had taped this movie and they ended up with a TV spot and they uploaded it.

- Yeah, they were just, they were taping the Simpsons and a Moore's part commercial and a TV spot for.

- So I married an ex murderer.

- Yeah, and if I cared Moore's slash had more time, maybe I would try and edit that and filter it and make it sound better, but it don't.

- I kinda like it though, it reminds me of how the sound was.

I can remember watching VHS tapes and cranking it up in surround sound.

And when it's a quiet part here and like, (sniffs) (laughs) I mean, maybe I had the wrong surround sound and then adjusting the tracking.

- Oh yeah, I love the tracking.

- Yeah, so I'm married and acts murderer.

I liked then that trailer when they, one of the adjectives they used to scrub this movie was wacky 'cause I think that's a good one.

'Cause I'm not, I don't think I'm into wacky humor and that seemed like there was a lot of, I also had my notes is zany.

I think wacky and zany are too good.

- Those are two, the word I used was offbeat.

- Oh yeah, that's a good one too, I like that.

- I don't know, there's something about Mike Myers, brand of comedy that is always wacky, zany, witty, and off beat.

- I knew that I liked parts of this movie more than I liked the movie.

I knew that I was gonna come out of it being like, the movie was fun, but there's still a lot of quotes that I'm gonna use.

- Right.

- But I really like Mike, well, I really like Austin Powers.

- Do you don't like Shrek.

- No, I do love Shrek, but that's not that that's not Mike Myers 'cause it is, but I like Eddie Murphy.

but the Mike Myers in this movie is basically Shrek, like when he plays his dad.

- Well, I had him as a fat bastard.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, the same thing, right, right, right.

- Yeah, no, Shrek is phenomenal.

And Austin Powers is phenomenal.

Wayne's world is good, this is fine.

- We're working our way to Captain Ron.

- Territory.

- No, no, we're quite a bit better than Captain Ron.

- Yes, I would agree with you, This is better than Captain Ron.

- All right, cool, that's good.

That's good that you put it there.

- I'm shaking my head, but I didn't see that.

- For people on the audio side of things, that's everyone.

- Right, dude, that Captain Ron is a masterpiece.

We've discussed it before.

- Yes, we have.

Dude, first of all, before we get into this, our sister act two episode was the biggest episode we've ever had, so welcome anyone new who listened to Sister Act two.

- Absolutely, that's awesome.

- Listen to all stuff.

Thank you for doing that.

Thank you for listening to Only Sister Act.

If you did that, although you won't hear this, thank you in that case.

So never mind, I would crack it.

Then you wouldn't even hear this, but that's all right.

- Yeah, and not surprisingly, because Mervyn and Ryan gave us incredible behind the scenes, stories, from the movie, which we already loved, and now we love even more.

- Yeah, if you haven't listened to it, and you're listening to this, when you should go back and hear sister act, it's fantastic.

- It really is.

I can't imagine anyone clicked on, so I married an ax murderer and didn't listen to sister act too, but I suppose it's possible.

- There's definitely people.

Also, by the way, their full interviews, the full interview we do with Mervin, Warren, the composer and the ranger for the choir parts and Ryan Toby, I'm all from the movie, "Sister Act Two.

" Their full interview is on Patreon.

We had it cut about half of it for time.

So all the stories that they told us that you have not heard, what is that on Patreon.

Our lowest Patreon tier is five bucks a month.

You get all the bonus content.

- It's so good too.

They-- - Dude, we talked about more than just "Sister Act" there.

- Mervin lived a fantastic life.

- Yeah, Mervin talked about working with Quincy Jones, Ryan talked about writing Miami for Will Smith and like a whole bunch of songwriting stuff.

-Working on Usher's new album, all kinds of stuff, yeah, yeah.

-Yeah, that was pretty fantastic.

And I, if we thought there was an appetite for two hour episodes with hour long interviews in the middle of it, we would have kept more of that, but I just don't know that there is.

-Yeah, I like this method.

This is good.

-I do too.

Yeah, I like it.

That way, Patreons get a little something extra, and then we can keep our episodes at the link that we like.

Also, Merve listened to the episode and emailed us and said that he wished that he had stayed for Ryan's whole interview because he, Ryan told the story about him and Lauren Hill doing donuts and he fell out of the car and he heard his ankle.

And Mervin said he remembered that Bill Dukes, the director, told all of the cast, the first day of filming, whatever you do, make sure that you don't get injured or do anything to yourself that would prevent you from being able to film.

He's like, that was his day one speech and I wish that I would have been there when Ryan said that they went in after like, just in the end.

- Yeah, don't do anything stupid.

And of course, they did something to their kids.

Because they're teenagers.

Yeah, that's what teenagers do.


But I loved that he listened and had that story to add on to it.

And so I want to share that.

That's awesome.


And speaking of the $5 a month Patreon bonus content, I wanted to know until probably no one cares about this, but you might, Jeff, between our monthly supporters and a donation from Nurse Nat, we are actually cash flow positive.

I think for the first time I remember.


Nurse Nat, that is my mother-in-law.

That's awesome.



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I kind of welcome that.

Bring it.

I absolutely do.


So I'm married in Axmerdor.

I don't know, give us a synopsis, man.

Let's just get to that.

- All right, so this is an AI synopsis.

I tried to truncate it, make it a little more concise.

So I married in Axmerdor, it was a 1993 romantic comedy.

Is it a romantic comedy.

Do you feel like it is.

- I think it's a dark romantic comedy.

- Yeah, that's a good way to say it.

Let's do that.

A 1993 dark romantic comedy, starring Mike Myers and Nancy Travis, or is I like to call her great value Andy McDowell.

The movie follows the story of Charlie McKenzie, a commitment phobic poet, who becomes convinced that his new girlfriend may actually be a notorious ax murderer.

It's a mix of comedy, suspense, and romance.

Charlie tries to uncover the truth about his girlfriend's past.

- I don't know what genre this thing was supposed to be.

I felt like Mike Myers was on SNL and then he did Wayne's World, which was a huge movie.

And then this was his opportunity to like be a regular movie star.

and they're like, well, it needs to be funny, but he's also kind of weird and he co-wrote the script.

- Right.

- It was existing, yeah, when he got attached to the project, he rewrote the script.

So it's like, oh, it's gonna be weird, it's gonna be kind of dark, it's gonna be kind of funny, but also kind of romantic.

I think this was his attempt to be a leading man, and I think it just didn't work.

- Right.

I don't think romantic comedy is his wheelhouse, but I think you can have small pieces of romance in your comedy movie, but it's kind of mostly be comedy.

- Well, that's why I do, I mean, - John Reddestinctions are stupid.

- Yeah, it's right.

- About romantic comedies that I like are also funny and the like comedies that I like also have romance.

And a comedy can also have people being sad at one point.

Like it's just, they can also have a hard chase and it can still be funny.

Like it's just, why do we have to, I hate that.

- Yeah, it's hard to put stuff in boxes.

I'm with you, I'm with you.

- Yeah.

- Dude, the budget though, when I started looking at those numbers.

- Yeah, $20 million budget gross, $11.

5 million.

So this is, yeah.

- I think that good.

- Unlike our podcast, this movie did not make money.

- Ooh, take that Mike Myers.

- I think he's doing okay.

I think he's doing just fine.

- He's probably fine.

- He's probably fine.

- Yeah, didn't make any money.

That's, I mean, I could see that though.

- I don't know how you market this 'cause the cast is incredible, but it's not an ensemble movie and half of the people that we really liked were uncredited.

- And you know what I mean.

- And you know what I mean.

- Right, right.

- But yeah, I can see it.

It needs to, like a quirky, indie, black comedy needs to be live on word of mouth and this clearly opened and people were like, "That was okay," which is like how I felt.

- Yeah, yeah.

- Right, right.

I wouldn't be mad if I saw it in the theater, but literally the whole reason I even know this movie exists is 'cause of Biggin' and he would quote it all the time.

So like-- - I have a couple of friends who quote this movie heavily, and because of them I quoted heavily too.

But yeah, I mean, if I saw it in the theater, I wouldn't be upset, but I also wouldn't leave and tell everyone, "You gotta go see this movie, man, "it's so great.

" - 'Cause yeah, I'm with you.

No awards though.

I didn't see any awards at all.

and no sequels are spin-offs, although this is the movie that spawned the idea for the Mike Myers Netflix series.

It came out last year, the Pentavirate.

- Yeah, isn't that weird.

Then he was talking about it and now it's a.



- I thought that was awesome.

And it even says in the Pentavirate Wikipedia page, it's like the idea came from Mike Myers and Provisations when he was doing so, I'm Erie and Axe Murderer in 1993.

- It's so crazy how that worked out.

- Yeah, it's gotta be a thing that he probably talks about all the time.

And that's why-- - Well dude, that's what's saying.

You know that's like a weird idea that he, like a weird conspiracy theory idea that he had his genders, there's a group of five people that control the whole world, go to the tablet.

And then he just had that idea like percolate and he's like, I guess I'll do something else.

Maybe I'll do that pentaver thing, that could be fun.

- Yeah, and it worked out.

Did you watch that Netflix thing.

I didn't watch it, but it, people liked it apparently.

It could reviews.

- Yeah.

- I'm about to check it out, we'll see.

Also, if we're talking about sequels and spin-offs, Like you said, like Fat Bastard and like Shrek, all of those, yeah.

Like he was honing in those characters, I think when he was doing those on SNL and here.

- Yeah, I had that in my notes.

It's one of the things I actually really, that's, I don't like this movie necessarily as a film on its own, but for the quotes and for the ability to see the like, proto, Fat Bastard, proto, Shrek stuff, start to like come alive for the first time, it's actually pretty cool.

And the fact that he's just vamping a lot of times and making stuff up as he goes on the fly, that's pretty nice, that's pretty cool.

- Yeah, and there, and one thing I will say, it's 90 minutes long, she moves, and like every five or 10 minutes, someone comes on screen and you go, "Oh, hey, look at that.

" It's like that's Michael Richards.

- Right, I like that too, yeah.

I was, plus it doesn't go very long without a crazy zany off beat Mike Myers-Bitt.

And I like that too.

- Yeah, that's not as much as Zany Mike Myers not real.

I just Zany in general, when someone's trying real hard to make me laugh, it just makes me not wanna laugh.

Like his whole, I had it in my worst scenes, I'm like an hour ahead of myself here, but when his whole butcher shop montage, where he's like doing all the bits, - I was gonna ask you to like that montage, 'cause I know you're like a montage, but I know you also don't like ridiculous comedy.

- I don't, that seemed to me like this guy so desperately wants me to laugh, and that makes me not think it's funny at all.

Like he's like, dude, he's like sticking a frickin' pork arm inside of his shirt pretending like it's his arm.

It was cut off and he's like, giggling and like, pointing and stuff.

I was like, that's so corny and I don't like it.

- Like that's his stick.

There's been, it's not a lot of super smart, like comedy.

You know what I'm saying.

You don't really need to know too much to laugh at Mike Myers jokes.

It's him walking out in a towel and giving a girl a hug and his towel falls off.

Like, well, I mean, I guess maybe it's just the type of joke.

I'm just, those are just sight guys that I didn't particularly clever and it was like 30 of them in a row.

Like you can do that on SNL because if it's gonna, if it's sketch is bad no one remembers it and if it's great people talk about it forever.

But when it's in a movie, you only have so many scenes, all of them need to work.

- Right.

- Especially if it's 90 minutes.

- Right and I know the director on this one like on Wayne's World had all kind of run-ins with Mike Myers where it's like, they wanted to do it a certain way and he wanted to do it a different way.

And I don't know who won that, but I do know.

- It's the Mike Myers one on this one.

- Yeah, definitely one sum of them.

I don't know if he won all of them, right.

- Because, especially that montage, 'cause I was reading that like, great value Andy McDowell chopped off the tip of her finger 'cause she was watching him act in a fool in the butcher shop.

So I have a feeling like they just like turned on the camera and walked out of the room and he did all the stuff that he did.

- It definitely had that feel of like, he came up with it on the spot and then they put all of it in the movie.

- You just keep whatever's good.

All of it then, okay.

- Where are we keeping everything.


- Yeah.

- Nice.

Yeah, anyway, do you remember when you first saw this movie.

Oh, I definitely do.

This is, again, this is a big and special.

We went to Walmart bought this from the 550 bin.

Oh, while we were at Walmart, he also bought a two liter of Barks Ray Cream soda.

Then we went to Popeye's and bought a scene amount of chick-fried chicken.

And then went to my parents house and literally sat in the living room and watched this movie on DVD.

And I can remember him getting so excited that I was finally gonna watch it.

And he's like, we're like walking through freaking Walmart.

And he's like, "Head, pants, no.

" Like he's just yelling it.

'Cause you know how he was.

So he's like yelling it.

And that's one of those movies that I only know because of him.

It's a big and special, if you will.

I might not have seen this until I think I probably saw it in college or in high school, one of the two.

I don't remember.

I remember is like that.

Like, big and quoting all the lines.

And then also my buddy Kyle that I went to college with, I think he loved this, I don't know why I'm in to ask him today, I didn't get a chance to talk to him like, when's the last time he saw this movie because he in college, you know, would always be like, "Sheege, Melon, it's like an orange and a toothpick.

" Oh man, I was, I did as soon as I-- Talking about with a giant cranium, got into a cranium.

Talking like that all day today.

I like said something and in some cases was like, "Oh, Mr.

Horny, that's kind of harsh.

I was like, "Oh, he's gonna crime himself to sleep on his huge pillow.

" - "Current self to sleep on his huge pillow.

" - "Ey, free, dude.

I really like it.

Being able to quote that and giggle and think about how funny it is, but if I think about the movie as a whole, you're right.

It's not as, it just doesn't live up to my Captain Ron standards of comedy.

" - No, how could it.

I realized that almost all the quotes that I like are from the one scene.

- No, I have a couple other ones, but yeah, that's a big scene for me.

'Cause I, but I know I've said those quotes, I'm gonna say conservatively a thousand times.

And this was probably my maybe third viewing in this movie.

- Yeah, well that's the thing though, that's, once you hear somebody start saying like, "It's huge noggin, it's a virtual planetoid.

" Like you hear people saying stuff.

- Get some of it in a system.

- You wanna keep saying it too.

And Scottish is an accent that a lot of people can do, so I think that's, "Hid, move.

" (laughing) - Ah, poor heed.

I like it.


Ah, man, you're gonna give the boy a complex.

Ah, he's gonna cry himself to sleep on his huge pillow.

- His huge pillow.

I really, again, I just like talking like that, and those are easy quotes to remember, and it's fun.

I like it.

- That's super fun, and I can't, I gotta give the movie credit for that.

Any movie that has quotes that I can say a lot, 30 years later.

- A lot, it's exactly, it's the month.

- That's what I'm saying.

That gave it a bump for me also.

ratings, one to 10, Chimmy Dogs, no sevens allowed.

In honor of you and Big In buying this in the 550 band, I gave it 5.

5 out of 10, Chimmy Dogs.

- That's awesome.

- It didn't feel quite like a six, but I did like the like foreshadowing for Mike Myers future projects that started to pentaverage Shrek.

It's all of it's in there, which is cool.

And it's got some incredible quotes that are super fun to say.

- I'm totally with you.

I only gave it a five, so you're ahead of me.

But I thought it had a nice mix of all the stuff that you want, comedy romance suspense.

It was off beat is what I put.

And I think it shows that's his like, stick to just make stuff up and make people giggle on like break the scene kind of thing.

I like, again, when it's a pork loin coming out of his chest like it's an alien, that's less funny.

But the things he does like off the cuff, I typically always like.

- No, but I mean, here's the thing though, Like I think as a director or as a filmmaker, you want Mike Myers or Robin Williams or Jim Carey or Eddie Murphy to give you nine million things and then you're gonna find the like 11 that are brilliant and put those in the movie.

- Right.

- But if you don't, if you don't have someone who's got the juice or the taste to just grab the brilliant stuff and ditch the only okay stuff, then you have this where you're just throwing shit at a wall and only some of it sticks and then it's like that drags down everything else.

- Right.

- It's like I love Christina Aguilera, but if she doesn't have the right producer, I can tell she's just doing way too much shit.

It's like, she had someone awesome in charge of this project, it would be way better.

But if you just let her run and do her thing, she's just off, she's gone.

It's freaking Robin Williams.

Like, you gotta rein that in.

- Right, right.

All the stuff you read about Mike Myers, button heads with people, how is it a thing where he's like, all right, Kristie, we're ready to roll.

What the, and he's already gone.

Like, is that a thing.

Like, maybe they wanted more takes and maybe get a better one, but they just couldn't do it because-- - Yeah, I don't know if they feel it.

- To me, the question is how did he get the movies that I love to be so good.

I don't know if it's like, 'cause he wrote Austin Powers and he wrote Wayne's World.

I mean, he wrote Wayne's World with Saturday Night Live writers and he wrote this with the people who originally wrote the script where the character was gonna be Jewish.

I don't know, I mean, Austin Powers was directed by Jay Roach.

He was a really good comedy director.

Maybe that was what he needed.

I don't know if he had a different executive producer, a different writing partner.

I don't know where he just like-- - Yeah, just seven years from now, he just has learned how to dial it back.

I don't know, honestly.

- In seven years, we'll be able to do a podcast and answer that question maybe.

- Hopefully, we'll know way more than we do now.

I have to assume.

- Yeah, hopefully.

- By the way, people sometimes get cranky with us if we give these old movies not as good ratings.

This is just our personal experience for how we liked this movie.

And I also have to point out that Jeff had it at five, I had it at 5.


Rotten Tomatoes has it 53%.

We're literally bang on.

- Yeah, that's awesome.

- So if you love this movie, I should, yeah.

- Maybe I shouldn't look at that, 'cause that might sway me.

- I don't look at it until I'm done, but then I like to see like, oh, am I being too hard on this.

I'll go look at it and I'm like, now this is where everyone had this.

- Turns out I gave the pianist a 1.

5 and they really liked it.

- But yeah, but if this is a 10 out of 10 movie for you like Captain Ron is for Jeff, then it's totally fine.

- I did not give Captain Ron a 10.

- No, I was like, no, 'cause you don't give 10, so you gave it, yeah.

- Yeah, nothing gets a 10.

Let's do the best, best three scenes.

First one obviously, Mike Myers at the family dinner with his parents.

The first time we meet his Scottish parents, all the quotes that we've already done, which are all the quotes that I have or in this scene.

Look at the size of that boy's head.

It's got a huge melon.

It's like an unengine, a toothpick.

Hid, boof.

Oh man, the thing I really like about that too is the guy that's the detective that's his friend that's sitting on the couch.

Anthony LaPaglia.

Yeah, he is.

- Value Colin Farrell.

(laughing) Oh man, we got so many generic actors.

(laughing) - Yes, he is, dude, he's laughing at some of those parts and that's literally him laughing like 'cause it's just Mike Myers going to town.

- Yeah, so Mike Myers is playing his own dad in this and when Mike Myers came on, it was gonna be a Jewish thing and his rewrite, he made him Scottish and they had not cast his dad when they started doing table read, Mike Myers just read the dad, part and he was cracking everybody up, obviously, 'cause he's freaking brilliant at that.

And so he just played both parts.

And they split screened it and he's, you know.

- They do a pretty good job.

'Cause they did a really good job on it.

- They like interspersed the cuts too to where it looks like, you know, they're both out there.

I liked it, I liked the way they did that.

- Yeah, well I liked the director that did this.

Thomas Schlame, who works with Aaron Sorkin a lot.

But yeah, I thought the split screen was-- - Tommy Schlame.

Didn't we talk about him for something else.

Yeah, we talked about him for a few good men 'cause we were talking about Sorkin and the walkin' talk.

- Right, right, right.

I remember Tommy Shalami because I thought I accidentally logged into a porn podcast and we didn't, so that was perfect.

- Yeah, just 'cause that joke didn't work the first time, doesn't mean we shouldn't bring around for a round two.

- Hi, I'm just gonna keep beating it until that horse is dead.

- Yeah, you do that, Shalami.

(laughing) Dude, that Shalami joke.

By the way, I can remember Bigin's hand.

I'm not kidding.

That boy's his like spot neck.

Like spot neck.

I can remember telling Bigin like laughing and being like spot neck, that shit's funny.

And he goes, yeah, yeah, what's spot neck again.

And I was like, cool.

And then I showed him like a picture.

Like he's like, oh, that's why he's like, it's spherical with quick 20 parts.

Like quite wealthy.

He had Hull and the Gargantuan Cranium around.

- Oh man, Gargantuan Cranium is-- - That's a delightful tournament for Ace.

- Yeah, yeah, it's really great.

Great way to say that.

- Yeah, so that's my first one.

Although I do have to point out a pretty glaring mistake in that scene, which is they're watching Anthony LaPags and Mike Myers playing Mike Myers's dad are watching The Soccer.

It's like Scotland versus someone.

And he's like-- - US, yeah.

- Yeah, he's like, hurry up.

The soccer game's about to start.

And I was like, it's not a game, it's a match.

And it's not soccer, it's football.

'cause you really wanna be Scottish.

Now that we know more about soccer, everyone knows that that's a big lesson.

- You know more about soccer.

I don't know that I knew.

I mean, I knew the things that you just said, but I don't think I would have caught that for sure.

- Dude, same exact first scene.

The scene when he first goes home and him and his friend are hanging out.

- Yeah.

- Yelling at William.

Who is his little brother.

Is that.

- I think that was his little, oh yeah, his like 30 year younger little brother.

- Yeah, that's weird.

- It was, yeah, that was a little bit weird.

Also, he is a Averman from Mighty Docks.

- Holy crap, yeah, he is.

Nice, I never, I never caught that.

- Which next scene.

- I only have two scenes.

The other one is when the captain of the police squad, who is played by Alan Arkin.

He gets the guy who's his friend, great value Colin Farrell, tells his captain, he's a detective, he's like, "I thought it was gonna be more like TV.

I haven't had to come into your car yet.

Like I haven't had to do any of the cool stuff.

He's like, and you could be meaner, you know.

You got to, you never come in and go, you're gonna, I'm gonna have to answer the, my boss is like, I don't have a boss.

I, I answer to a council and like he, he was going through the whole thing.

And then the next time you see these two on screen, it's Alan Arkin kicking the door in and yelling at him and pushing him against the wall.

He's like, you could turn out your ass.

And he's like telling him all this stuff.

And then as soon as he walks out, he slams the door.

And then Grave Value, Grave Value comes back in to see the captain.

He's like, that was really good.

You did so much better.

That was great.

I really liked it.

That whole stick where they go back and forth about whether or not he should yell.

I like that part.

That was my favorite part.

That was like three scenes, not one.

So I don't know which one you're picking, but I also really liked that part.

The very first one when he really yells at him.

that I so that's the weird thing about this movie right is like the when the parents interact when his family interacts that I love yeah and the police subplot were a great value Colin Farrell and Alan Arkin or like Alan Arkin's trying to practice being meaner so that great value Colin Farrell gets the real cop experience right that subplot I loved and then the actual bulk of the movie the romance between Great value Andy McDowell and Mike Myers, that part I didn't like at all.

- Yeah, it could have been better.

- So like the B story and the C story, if this was a sitcom, were great.

And then the A story, the main thing is like, we need to make that better.

- Dude, I think it's because Mike Myers was trying to be a lot, was trying to be funny.

And great value Andy McDowell played it so weird.

Like she was, I don't know, something about the way she played it was weird.

- I don't know how to fix this honestly.

I really don't, because it seems like a weird concept.

It has to be a dark comedy if you really think you're married to someone who's murdered all of her husbands.


So I don't know how you fix it.

I'm trying to think of an example of a movie like this, like a dark, like a black romantic comedy that was real that I really liked because it may just not be my type of thing.

I don't know that I've seen a black romantic comedy, but like a, I like dark comedies.

I like like very bad things.

That was my jam.

I thought that crap was hysterical.

It was so weird.

- I feel like this is different from that, I don't know.

- I only had two scenes also.

My second one was the wedding and the reception scene.

I think mainly 'cause I had just like a Scottish rights wedding ceremony where everybody's wearing kiltz.

- Kiltz and friggin' bagpipes.

- Piper is down, I repeat, piper is down, head move.

Why don't you put your pants on, head, pants, no.

- Oh man.

- Yeah, the wedding was cool, I liked that part.

- Yeah, I wrote it in my notes, and then when I was typing up my notes, the next day I couldn't even remember why I had written it.

I just remember when I was first went through, I was like, "Ah, that kind of like this had some stuff that I liked.

" The music in the whole movie, by the way, is really good.

This is dude, great soundtrack.

- Let me tell you, so not only was, like, it starts off with the "Law's the" "Hail shing up.

" - Yeah.

- I love that.

- They brought that back like six times, which is a little too much for me, but that's a great song.

- They did, they kinda ran that one in.

They did spend "Doctors," the two "Princesses," two "Princesses.

" - There was a "Todes of Westbrook" in your favorite.

- Yeah, absolutely.

I started looking at the soundtrack and I was like, "I need to make a hallway soundtrack that I use for my students of these songs.

" And dude, I put one together this afternoon that was really, like I listened to it on the way home.

It was fantastic.

- Yeah.

- It reminds me of literally like riding in Johnny's truck.

It's just a lot of, ♪ If you could own a seat ♪ - Like those kind of songs.

- Yeah, it reminded me of like, a gross point blank soundtrack.

- Oh yeah.

- Just a random movie that I just would like, I get it.

- Is that a dark comedy.

- I think-- - Is that a dark romantic comedy.

- I think it's a dark comedy, but I don't know that you would call it a romantic comedy, but that is a perfect example 'cause that movie is genius and I love it.

- Yeah, and it's got a mini driver who-- - 10 years, man, 10 years.

- It's like the equate version of Andy McDowell, just put his curly hair.

Yeah, dude, I can't wait to do gross point blank.

That was-- - Yeah, I think we gotta waste to go.

I think that's like 97 or 98.

- What a great movie.

- Freaking, I don't wanna wax an election about it, I just put the protein.

- Oh, frickin' Dan Acroix.

- 10 years.

- 10 years.

Yeah, I only had two scenes.

Let's go to character, see your first character.

- All right, we're skipping quotes, got it.

- Oh, I didn't, I didn't win out of order.

Sorry, I've already settled the quotes, but yeah, go ahead, what's your first quote.

- No, I said a lot of my quotes.

- Look at the size of it, what is it.

There is the part where he does his very first poem and the way he does his poem, he's like at one of those freaking coffee houses.

- He has poetry.

- Yeah, and he's got the, you know, everybody's like snapping his little clapin' and he's got the jazz band behind him and his is called, like even before he went up there and he's talking to great value Colin Farrell and he's like, yeah, I think I'm gonna do the one about Jane.

He's like, oh wait, the woman won, the woman won.

And he's like, yeah, I think that's the one.

I'm gonna do.

And he just gets up there, he's like, "Woman, woman, woman.

" She was a thief.

You gotta believe she stole my heart and my cat, Betty, Judy, Josie, all those hot pussy cats.

They make me horny, sat any morning.

Girl, the cartoon, like dude, I want to be Betty's Barney.

Hey Jane, get me off this crazy thing called love and then he blows out the candle.

I've always liked that.

My question for you is the, like he does that and then the like little jazz trio.

There's like a guy with an upright bass and a guy playing the muted trumpet or whatever.


And they're doing it at the exact right to the beats of his thing.

Does he rehearse with those kind of.



You got it, I mean, he does the James Brown thing where he points and stops them and brings them back.

That's what I'm saying.

It seemed like it was pretty coordinated, but if that's just the backing band for all of the beat poets, how do they.



They're not doing that with everybody, is he like.



He seems like he's there all the time, that's probably it.

Yeah, I was confused by that, because they went back to that bit.

to a whole bunch and I was like, are these musicians, do they get paid for this.

- They showed up on the rooftop.

So like, I think maybe he knows them outside of just doing random poetry like a karaoke bar.

- Yeah, and we never did find out what his job is.

Like he was at the slam poetry thing.

He just like helped her at the butcher shop, but I don't know what he actually did.

- I don't know, he had a really nice car.

Did you know whose car that was.

- Is that Robert Redford's car from Stegar.

- It's Robert Redford's car from Stegar.

Is he exact same car.

- Yeah.

- It's fantastic.

- I love that.

podcast favorite.

Yeah, you know how I love rubber effort.

This is John Void's pencil.

John Void's teet box.

And then there's another one where he it's the first date with him and great value Andy McDowell.

Yeah, and he's like, he looks at his watches like, maybe it's late, you know, I'll be honest with you.

I don't really get your time tonight.

And I love to kiss you.

But I think that if I kiss you will end up kissing on the couch, if we end up kissing on the couch, then chances are we'll be kissing in the bedroom.

And if we kiss in the bedroom then, you know, that's the part I rush into and I don't think it's a good idea in rushing to spend the night together and she's like, I wanna spend the night together.

He's like, I have no problem with that at all.

That's the kind of Mike Myers comedy I like.

- That was great, but also, to quote Blinken, I had that coming from a mile away.

- A mile away, yeah, but that's, you can, almost all of Mike Myers jokes like that.

You know they're coming.

- Yeah, no, the delivery's great.

My second quote is, Holland had got a gun - I'm not even training him around, like Spinnick.

- Oh, man.

- You'll be good at himself to sleep and I don't know his huge pillow.

- Huge pillow.

- By the way, 'cause I can only do these quotes yelling, none of my students like 'em.

(laughs) - Like, and then my third one, head, pets, now.

(laughs) I don't know.

- Has it on a weather system.

- It's a virtual planetoid.

- The thing that I don't know, maybe, maybe someone who listens can tell us, or any of those quotes funny to anyone else or they only funny to us 'cause we had friends who said them a lot growing up.

- Dude, they have to be, like those are like the top quotes when you look up quotes for this movie, it's gotta be.

- All right.

- Look at that.

- You have any more quotes.

That's all I got.

- No, that's the last one.

- Literally all.

All right, right into characters, obviously Stuart McKinsey, Mike Myers, playing the dad role.

- Yeah, that's what I put.

- Is number one, every quote that I like.

- Yeah.

- This is like, this is proto fat bastard, this is proto shrek, and almost everything he says in that accent just cracks me up.

And I'm so glad that Mike Myers took that part of this movie.

I talk in a Scottish accent and I'm kind of loud about stuff and made it into a bunch of other movies.

- Yes, yes.

I had Mike Myers as Stuart McKenzie as first.

And then I had Nancy Travis, great value Andy McDollas, the second one.

And I only put her because I couldn't figure out like, hey, why is she doing it like that.

and it made me want to keep watching.

And I don't remember her being like she was in the movie.

So I put her down because it made me want to keep watching.

Yeah, I liked her.

I thought she did a good job.

And it's kind of, it is kind of a weird role, I think, because she has to, you have to watch the movie thinking until the very end that she might actually be a murderer.


So she has to play it where it's like she gets weirdly kind of intense about random stuff.

And you're going like, yeah, she might totally be the murderer.

Well, I got to be honest.

We're both married.

I think we know that women can get randomly intense about crazy stuff.

But I agree.

She had to play it like she was gonna be the murderer the whole time.

It's spoiler alert, she's not.

- Yeah, she is not, by the way.

Dude, I've seen this movie, it's been so long since I saw this that I wasn't 100% sure.

I was like, I don't think she's the murderer.

- No, dude, me too.

I was like, who is the murderer now.

Because I don't think it's her.

- Yeah.

- I was like, oh yeah.

- My second is Tony, the police officer played by Anthony LaPaglia.

the tags, a great value column, Farrell.

I really liked that part and I liked that guy.

You know who he is, right.

He's the store manager from Empire Records.

- Right, yeah, no, I definitely knew that.

- I mean, he's done a bunch of other stuff too, but I like it.

- We're gonna do that movie, right.

- 95.

- 95, hell yeah, that's close.

I'll still be alive.

(laughing) I think I'm with it.

- Yeah, that's super awesome.

- I like that guy.

I really like that part.

I just, the whole, we talked about it.

police like subplot him and Alan Arkin like trying to give him the like stereotypical movie and TV police experience he wanted to come into your vehicle he wanted to shoot it people right he wanted to come in and be like the commission has been chewing my ass out about you and the next time you're out of here I don't have a commission Alan Arkin's like I don't technically I don't have a I have a I have a by the committee made up of some appointed and it's a quorum really is what it is.

Dude, Alan Arkin, he's my third.

I put him as my third person because I freaking love Alan Arkin.

His delivery is great.

He's also my third.

There was none of the other main leads really stood out to me and he's just delightful.


I think about him for America's sweethearts.

You're a leaf floating in the water.

Yeah, leaf.

Yeah, you got right.


- Ah man.

- I don't care.

- I don't care.

- I don't care.

- People say I look like you.

Not that I look like you, just I have a-- - Can we put the thing up.

Just put the thing up.

I know it.

- And that's when I hit him in the tray with my face.

(laughing) - Ah, is that a romantic comedy.

- Yeah, that's definitely a romantic comedy.

- Ah, it's so good.

It's delightful.

- Nobody knows that movie either.

- And that weird.

- And when the year 2000 or 2001 comes around, we're gonna have a fun time with it.

- But I'm saying like you would think Catherine Zeta Jones, John Q's act, freaking Julia Roberts, Billy Crystal, Seth Green.

You would think like people would know that movie, there's so many people that never heard of it.

- No, and I think at the rate we're going now, I don't think we'll be able to get Julia Roberts necessarily, but we might be able to get John Q's act to talk about that movie.

- If you had to tell me-- - Like seven years.

- I can choose to have John Q's act on the podcast over-- I pick him over Julia Roberts every time.

- Easily.

- Easily.

- He's not gonna talk to us by the way.

- No, seven years, we can do it.

10 years man.

10 years.

- Thank you how many John Q's second movies will have praised by the time that we'll have a high fidelity by then, we'll have gross point blank by then.

He'll definitely.

- Oh my god, it's high fidelity.

I forgot about high fidelity.

I need to go watch John Q's second movies this week off.

- That's, they're Alan Arkins, my third.

- Yeah, bonus for Matt Dirty is William Head, McKenzie.

Also known to us as less Averman from the Mighty Ducks.

He didn't really have a lot of opportunities to do great stuff in this movie, but I just liked that he, we had the Mighty Ducks connections.

He played that big huge Scottish fro pretty nice though.

Got a Genshin, great name.

Is this where we name the other people that we saw.

The, oh, no, this is you want to throw it down some of the yeah, dude, we saw it around.

Yeah, yeah.

So Phil Hartman gave the tour of Alcatraz and his name was Vicky.

Cramer, Michael Richards, Michael Richards, Mike Haggerty, who we both, we talked about, you know, just died last year.

He was the other guy right in the obituaries.

The pilot, he saw the pilot was Stephen Wright.

- Stephen Wright.

- Right.

- What the guy cracks me up.

And then Charles Grodon.

- Charles Grodon.

- He's the driver of the car when he tried to come into your car.

- I like all those people.

Did I miss anybody that you saw.

- I was trying to look, I don't, that may have been-- - Those are all the people I wrote down.

- There were some other people, the guy who played the concierge, I recognized him from stuff, like Allie McBeal.

- Oh yeah, no wait, the guy from the concierge, that's a Greg something.

- What is it.

- Yeah, Greg German.

- German, yeah, he's on like, - Hincey IS, like special victims, you know.

- He was in IQ and like, - Oh, frickin' - Yeah, he was in IQ, clearing present danger, sweet November.

- He was in something else that I saw at least.

- He was in Sanlock 2.

- No, no, he was in Hell of the Ignites.

- Yeah, he's in that.

- Yeah, he's in that.

No, he's, what's the movie with Tim Allen and the mom from Modern Family.

and she's the blonde Joe somebody, he's in that.

- Yeah, I saw that recently.

- Dude, I forgot about him.

What's his last name.

Greg, what.

- Greg German.

- German.

All right, I got it.

Locked in.

I like that dude.

- There were a bunch of like kind of bit parts, cameos.

Yeah, people wandering through scenes.

You're like, oh my God, that guy.

That person here doing this.

- I like when they do that.

And those are just people that wanna work with Mike Myers, I think, so that's cool.

- Pretty much like Mike Myers.

So like, hey, why don't you come on and do this one little bit.

- Right.

- Charles Gruden's like, I'll be the guy who doesn't want car to be comment-eared.

That sounds like fun.


Stephen writes like, I'll be the pilot.

Didn't he.

There's some other movie that Charles Gruden's in that's in this year.

Beethoven, maybe.


I don't think we didn't do Beethoven, but I liked that movie when I was a kid.

When I was a kid, yeah, I don't think we need to do it though.

No, no, I don't know that I would enjoy two actors.

So we don't need to do that.



Right, directors.


So the director, Thomas Shlommey, is someone that I really know for his TV work because he's done a lot of stuff with Aaron Sorkin.

So he worked with Sorkin on Sports Night, Westwing Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, all of which he directed and/or executive produced.

I was going to say a lot of those are your jam.

Yeah, that's exactly right at my alley.

And he was an important part of those shows.

And he shot the pilot episodes at Sports Night, Westwing Studio 60, and also shot the pilot episode at Spinn City.

And that's important because everybody may not know this.

But in TV series, you have a different director almost every episode.

I mean, you may have someone come back and do like a handful, but every week there's a new director.

So the director who shoots the pilot has a big influence on the visual look of the show.

It's far as like matches that.

Yeah, so they have a lot of latitude to kind of establish the visual language of the show.

So you want that director to be somebody who really knows what the show is supposed to be and who's like really on their game.

So when someone shoots a pilot episode, it's like kind of more of a they're kind of like the originator of the visual style of of this show.

- Yeah, yeah.

What about the writer, other than Mike Myers, the original guy was Robbie Fox, is that.

- So Robbie Fox was the original writer, and then the production company that put the movie together, when they brought on Mike Myers, he liked the script, but then he wanted to rewrite it, obviously.

- Yeah.

- And so he got together with his friends, he did like a full rewrite, and then they got into some, I think there's actually like a legal dispute over how their writing was gonna be credited on the movie, like they, before they even started shooting they were all tangled up about who's gonna get writing credits.

And so.

- That's crazy.

- Yeah, and I think it's kind of a little more what we heard with Wayne's world were Mike Myers at this point in his career.

It's probably just not that much fun to work with.

Like the director even said, he's like, yeah, I mean, he was like nice about it.

He was politically correct about it.

He was like, Mike had strong ideas and he showed up every day and worked hard and there definitely were times where we saw things differently and like all that bullshit where you know he really was like wanted a murder in the whole time they were working together.

Of course, that's what I was gonna say.

There's a lot of people I'm sure there are, I mean, a lot of times he was just like, "Now, this is, 'cause I'm not gonna do this anymore.

" But, I mean, you stick it out.

And that way you make negative $22 million.

- Or over a bunch of, however much it was.

- Yeah, man, I'm not gonna say that Mike Myers did that wrong 'cause he went on to make several billion dollars on his other movies when he did have more creative control, but I'm just imagining he probably was not that much fun at this point in time to work with him.

- And maybe if you gave him more creative control, you would have had a better romantic dark comedy.

- Yeah, I mean, maybe.

I don't know, I mean, he's never done a romantic comedy, so I don't know that he can.

I don't know, honestly, I don't know that he's can be a believable leading man for me.

Like John Q's that can be.

Like he can deliver really funny lines, but I also can like believe him as an actor.

- Right.

Every time I see him, I'm not like, oh, there's Charlie and Mike, oh, there's Mike Myers and he's got the same haircut that JT did when he was 13.

Like, I see Mike Myers.

I don't see the character.

- I did write that Robbie Fox did my girl with McCullough Coggen.

- Nice.

- And Runaway Brain, which is like a little Mickey short that Jake used to love.

So those are the two things that I wrote down that I saw that he did.

- I just had the Thomas Schlommey, 'cause he didn't do a lot of films.

This was, I was surprised.

I was like, "Hey, that guy.

" - Yeah, he did talk about him.

- Good TV though.

Good TV.

- Did incredible TV stuff.

Bonus good.

The only one I had was that there was a scene where the current affair came on TV and the current affair sound effect and graphics like hit me like a ton of bricks.

- Dude, I put the exact same thing.

I had mine in old tech alert down at the bottom but the current affair on old TV, I was like, oh my God, a current affair.

I can still hear the sound in my head and I hadn't thought about it in 15 years.

And Mike Myers is watching TV while doing the thigh master.

- thigh master, I put that on there.

- And current affair comes on, like, oh my god, current affair.

- So if you would have heard that sound, would you have gone like, I know that sound, and not been able to put it with the current affair.

Or do you think-- - Yeah, I don't think I could have put it together.

- Yeah, I don't think so either.

I wouldn't have been able to.

But man, as soon as I saw it, I was like, whoa.

That's some of them I could, like the more you know, like, or like-- - Yeah.

- Do, do, do, do, do.

- NBA, NBC, I can, I can, I can, I can, I can, my current start would-- - But I knew the sound, 'cause you're right.

As soon as you popped up on that old TV, the old tube television.

- Sorry.

- But I got no other good.

- Yeah, yeah, let's get to the worst.

My first worst as far as worst scenes characters.

I didn't really have scenes or characters necessarily.

I did wanna say when they went to their honeymoon at the hotel, nine o'clock dinner reservations.

- That's wicked late.

- Hard pass, in a way.

Not only do I not like eating late 'cause I'm old.

- Yeah, I also have kids.

Nine o'clock dinner reservation is, that's just silly.

- Yeah, I mean, I like to stay up.

I like to stay up later than most of my family, but yeah, now that we have a kid, it's like if dinner's not on the table at 5.

20, people start looking real cranky.

So the thought of somebody like nine o'clock.

- Dude, we've had nine o'clock like disarray celebrations 'cause it was the only thing we could get at like Disney World.

- Yeah.

- Imagine going to the parks all day, standing in the friggin' heat in Disney, standing in lines, riding rods, - Just no chance.

- Worn out.

Like my kids are just friggin' sleeping in the soup.

- Yeah, I do, I mean, I don't know.

I don't like being old, but I am old.

And if we have friends invite us out to dinner and they, then their reservations are at 7.

30, I'm like, 7.

30, what are you doing.

- Yeah, don't make 'em for 7.


- I don't sleep as good if I eat late.

I have figured that out 'cause I have a fancy sleep tracker.

And so I stopped snacking late at night, and I stopped drinking caffeine, and I sleep so much better.

- Dude, no caffeine for me after freaking one o'clock in the afternoon or I'm up.

And don't eat chili or anything with tomato, like red sauce, red gravy, forget about it.

I'm freaking having nightmares the whole night.

I don't, dude, being old sucks.

(laughing) Everybody's listening to this.

It's probably old so they know, but man, it sucks.

- Yeah, if you remember this movie, you're also old so you understand.

But yeah, it's the worst, except for not being old, which means that you died.

- Right, no, I like that part.

Dude, I have, you know, in worst effects, I always mentioned the rain machine.

There was a rain scene.

I think it might have been real rain.

That's how good the rain machine was if it was not real rain.

So I wanted to mark that down.

I, that's not the worst effects, but I had it under effects.

- Well, I was trying to think of when they pulled up to the hotel for the like kind of last, last act set piece, there was a really cool looking sky behind them, and I was like, man, is that.

I was like, that's gotta be a matte painting, but it's actually, it's so well done.

I can't even tell, like, I guess they painted the hotel too, because- - The trees around the hotel in the background and the city and the skyline was all, that was all matte painting.

I was reading about it.

- Yeah, 'cause I wanted to shout that out 'cause when they fold up, I was like, "There's no way they caught that sky "looking like that.

"That has to be a matte painting, but it's really well done.

" - Yeah, dude, you know me, I love a matte painting.

It's awesome.

- Yeah, I do.

- I do, old tech.

I had the old computer that the cop used with like the green letters and trees type and stuff.

Like, and then when his cop friends trying to figure out if it's really the ax murder and he's sending the picture, He had to fax the photo.

Yeah, and everybody's like, "Oh, let me get this and check and see if that's it.

" It's like grainy and they're like, "Oh, that's definitely her.

I can't believe that's how we did stuff back then.

" I can believe that.

What I can't believe is that I went to the doctor for my physical two weeks ago and they were like, "Hey, I've had some blood work done since the last time I saw you guys, do you want me to send it to you.

" And they're like, "Yeah, you could fax it to us.

" "Let me just get my time machine and go back to 1997 and do that.

" - And choose, I know, facts.

Yeah, that's what there's like pharmacies, hospitals, doctors offices, I was like, okay, but here I am a regular human.

I don't even own a printer.

How can I facts you.

And they're like, we can email it.

I was like, all right, fine, I just.



- I did have one other worse though.

There was a part where he was sitting on the roof like reading something or doing something.

And he had these freaking shoes that had like rubber soles, but they were like sandals on the top.

And he had socks on.

It was just really bad.

And I was like, well, I guess he's like a beat poet in San Francisco, so I guess that can't work out.

But like, he's Zany, he's quirky.

He's wacky.

Yeah, he's off beat.

Speaking of bad stuff that happened on a roof, the whole last scene where the roommates chasing him around with a hatchet, I thought, so long and so bad.

It was definitely bad.

And there was a lot of cartoon style.

Like, am I gonna fall.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, kind of stuff.

Yeah, they did the thing for like a full 60 seconds where he was hanging off the edge and she was swinging the hatchet at his hands.

and he just moved whatever hand she was swinging for and then put it back.

That was, that's literally like some Wiley Coyote shit.

I couldn't believe.

- Right, right, right.

- Not only was it Wiley Coyote stuff, but they drug it out like you said.

- Yeah, it took forever.

- It didn't wait too many times.

- And he would like, he would get away from her and instead of just turning around and kicking her off the roof, he would just run.

He would just run, and then he ran and he turned around and she threw the hatchet at him.

Her only weapon.

- And he's watched it.

- And he watched it come, and then when it didn't hit him, instead of just picking it up, 'cause it's right in front of him, then he has the weapon.

He runs more and she picks it up.

- He slides down and hits his junk on the pipe, like all kinds of stuff like that.

- Yeah, that was such a bizarre sequence.

- Super silly.

- But there's more dead yelling at heed anymore.

- Heads.

- That's now.

- Yeah.

Yeah, so I got no more worse.

What else.

- All right, the five questions is it okay for kids.

What age.

- Dude, some of it is mostly good.

Okay, for kids.

My kids didn't watch it with me, but like, And I think there was only one F word in it at the very end.

So I don't know.

I think at 10, 11, I couldn't decide.

- Yeah, that seems about right.

I guess this is one where it's like, I don't care if my kid ever sees this.

So I don't know that I haven't opinion on that.

- I'm gonna buy it to form for his birthday.

- What do you say.

- Would.

Yeah, and that sucks because you'll always remember his birthday 'cause it's your wife's birthday.

- Right, it's awesome.

- Would this movie be made if it were pitched now.

Again, Mike Myers, he can make whatever he wants.

- He'll definitely make whatever he wants.

I don't think it would be a TV show.

It has to be a movie, right.

- Yeah, God.

Yeah, I mean, I don't know how to, I don't know what I don't like about this.

I don't know how to fix it.

So I'm having a hard time contemplating why would someone want to do more of this.

But yeah, if Mike Myers wants to, he can.

And he can make it a movie.

He can make it a sequel.

He can make it a TV show.

He can make it a Broadway musical.

He can do whatever he wants.

Can you watch and enjoy this movie in 2023.

- I mean, sure.

- Yeah, sure.

How many more times you'll watch a total rest of your life.

- Twice.

- One.

- One.

- One maybe.

- One more.

- I don't know.

If it's up to me, it's gonna be probably zero.

- Right, right.

But now that it's now that everything's on YouTube and you can watch just those scenes.

- Yeah.

The weird thing about doing the podcast is that it makes me, when I watch the movie, I have a certain opinion of it.

I make my notes, I score it.

Like we finish talking and in 10 minutes, you'll go to bed and you'll never think about this again.

And I'll spend a week editing it and I'll listen to it three or four times through.

And by the time I'm done listening to us talk about the movie three or four times through, I'll like the movie more.

I want to change my number.

'Cause now I'll go back and go like, "Oh yeah, Doc Hollywood.

I didn't like it that much, but I had so much fun talking about it that now I kind of want to watch it again, because I remember us talking about it and the part was fun.

" - Yeah, yeah, I just wanted to.

- I got him in a doctor.

- Oh man, check Hollywood for nine.

- All right, so where do you find it.

This is streaming on HBO Max, or I guess you probably can rent it, but I watch it on HBO Max.

- Yeah.

Next episode is Days and Confused.

- What.

- Nice.

- All right, all right, all right.

Dude, it's been a long time since I've seen that.

- It's a long time since I've seen that as well.

- That's not when I like frequently watch all the time, but that's not I'm excited.

That's awesome.

I can't wait to see.

- No, no, that'll be cool to go back and do that one.

- Right.

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- Do it, guys.

I'm telling you, it's worth it.

It's fantastic.

- He'd move.

- Now, can you say via kundias in a Scottish accent.

(laughs) - No.

- Can you do, can I, no, please.

- I can't do any accents.

I can only repeat shit that I've heard people say.

I have no ability to put an accent together on my own.

- It takes a lot of practice while you're in the car by yourself, just talking to yourself.

- Yeah.

- So if the FBI ever bugs my car, they're just gonna hear me practicing Scottish.

- Via kundias.

(laughs) - That sounded hispanic.

- Yeah, I don't know.

The problem is I got to get into the skull to check that before I say, "Violcondillo.

" No, I can't do it either, it's out of my mouth.

- Scottish and Hispanic turn out to be pretty close together.

(laughs) - All right, that doesn't matter.

- Not too graphically.

- I'm editing all this shit up.

- Yeah, of course you are.

All right, so that's the end, biochordias.

- Yeah, that's the end.

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