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Aug. 9, 2021

City Slickers

City Slickers
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1991, Ep. 1

Join hosts Jeff and JT as they embark upon an epic re-watch podcast of movies that came out 30 years ago, starting with the timeless masterpiece that is City Slickers. 

Starring Billy Crystal, Daniel Stern, Bruno Kirby, and featuring Oscar-winner Jack Palance, this comedy western is positively delightful, even 30 years after its release. 

We Cover:

  • Jack Palance doing one-armed pushups at the Oscars
  • Billy Crystal's real story of delivering a baby calf on set
  • Cucos in the Hammond Square Mall, home of the chimi-dogs
  • Daniel Stern's calculator watch, the pivot point of this film


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 the movie life crisis best movies from 30 years alright City Slickers episode number 1 the podcast movie life crisis the one of only one maybe episode 1 of a thousand I don't know play thousand yes agreed I guess real quick this is a podcast about movies that came out 30 years ago which is a time that you and I were both alive but old enough to really like movies but also far enough back that talking about them is really fun also at movie I was getting excited so I know yeah I already am excited to talk about more movies that we might pick because there's freaking so many good movies in 1991 and the City Slickers based on nothing other than that we really liked it we really liked it I really liked it in my memory and we'll get into it but I also really liked it again earlier today yeah really good so a little quick a synopsis on the verge of turning 40 Manhattan adjoining his two friends on a cattle drive in the Southwest the trailer when we first started Billy Crystal Billy Crystal Daniel Stern Bruno Kirby the three Leeds Billy Crystal's bachata the budget that they gave it was 27 million dollars which is a drop in the bucket by today's standards okay talk about the box office and how much money in actually show how popular million-dollar budget made 124 million dollars domestic 179 million dollars worldwide in 1991 dollars which is I don't know how many today pesos that's worth but probably not nearly as much it's also really small by today's standards 491 domestic Road yes absolutely I it was behind the t2 Terminator to Robin Hood prince of Thieves home alone in Silence of the Lambs so this is a massive movie is pretty big V which is that counts the covid shutdown cuz you remember the everything shut down in March episode 9 rise of Skywalker Rises rise of Skywalker 77 million just on its opening weekend yours is better comedy western like we're talking about but yeah even win with the covid shutdown and everything worldwide it made 1 billion dollars it made more on the opening weekend than this movie made and it's worth this movies opening weekend was like 13 million dollars which is Star Wars money or even 2020 box office good Lord even even the Emoji Movie probably made more than that but that's that's a movie 27 million dollars also it's still wants to know where you at so I can about the awards the award singular award Jack Palance as curly one African Oscar for this movie supporting actor also won a Golden Globe for best supporting actor someone from this movie won an Oscar by the way he was did you know he was nominated before 38 years prior to this or the movie 38-year window between nominations I don't know if you seen the video I think I sent it to you but I don't know if you saw it I work takes award hey they thought this guy's way to Old Mill never be able to do it cuz he was 73 years old when he was playing this I need prove them wrong by doing 100 push-ups it when he was trying out for the movie yeah so we actually like it's doing one-arm push-ups like in a tuxedo as he's getting his Oscar well Whoopi Goldberg looks on cuz she presented it it sounds like you're telling me about a dream you had like Jack Palance doing one-arm push-ups legitimate thing that happen 1992 tuxedo silver text Tita Luz play 1212 this movie spawned one sequel City Slickers 2 in 1994 original cast comes back except for spoiler alert dies in the movie flashback no I thought it was his brother Lincoln podcast 824 podcast The Legend of Korra I don't know yeah do you remember where you first saw this movie I absolutely love this movie so I saw it at the Hammond Square Mall movie theater two screens I had to look it up cuz wondering how many seats so the Hammond Theater now has 1600 seats I remember it because it was PG-13 at you came out in the early summer and I wasn't at my birthday's in August so I wasn't 13 yet and my dad was like no I want to go see this I think you Grandpa loves I'm going to take you to go see it so I can remember literally gone there thinking back to the theater super weird like that sure you had Cucos like the way we can get the chips and salsa unlimited and they had the snack bar that was between the two Circle carpet it was the weirdest looking thing and then there was artistic renderings of kiss on the wallpaper you made me take a picture in front of it it was that it was it was a really bad thing. Genesis superdata remember I don't remember kiss remember hot dogs wrapped in tortillas in them deep fry amazing and we're only on the children's menu but I forced them to give them to me well into adulthood be like please just charge me a grown-up amount of money for this but I want the chimi dogs I know they're for kids I told her story not that long ago show me dogs but they were like sorry it's in the kids menu you're like yeah he's give me two of them and charged me an adult entree Friday did you find out how many seeds Square Mall theater I looked it up out of there so I downloaded actually cuz I like dreaming about this stuff what is the history of theaters in the Southeast Louisiana how many cars drive in theater had how many seats that's the internet is awesome sometimes I didn't see this the only other place to see movies back in the day was Blockbuster some positive my dad rented is for me but I know you must because I saw a bunch of times original so it definitely did not see it on like TBS remember where you at HBO like that's how I had a copy unless there was like they gave you the free in the summer but we never paid for it so other than the free HBO they don't show stuff like pianist and stuff like that dealer but I didn't have a credit card at 91 so it wasn't going to work on me stadium seating play Gently sloped sticky I remember this Town & Country yeah I remember Town & Country also I was telling in the University oh yeah there's no there was to it I was telling my son he you literally have to wait until the end of the movie when they turn the lights on you find it cuz you're not going to drag your hand across the floor cuz we stripper floor and Mike the flashlights like with you your ear so you're SOL absolutely this movies phenomenal let's talk about it we broke it down until like the best and then the worst and then like just facts does categorical stay or go play around with it but the best is a much longer to list you want to start us out there's two that I would think that I like the most that you probably didn't like his much the phone call in the morning when his mom does the thing and his mom's house emailing in a lawn taking the breast when she takes the breast call my dad add that one I read that his mom actually does that I did to that is freaking amazing that it that you one of my favorite scenes but it is what was so what's your first baby I mean I went through an order thing I have written down is the like the first noteworthy saying that I really liked is the the whole career did it still like it's the take your take your dad to work day and and the guy that goes before Billy Crystal who's like a guy who sells radio ad space big giant construction worker who's telling this like really like New York story with like his butt crack showing about a car fell on a woman and he slept in the car off a side cussin he's making that jack off hand gestures at the kids in the kids freaking love it and then Billy Crystal's a long speech about what you doing in the music still too loud or doesn't matter cuz you can't hear it anyway still use nurse that's the that's one of those tell you how it's look better than slipping innocence either of this this movies PG-13 or try to keep this podcast PG or r play or recap season Construction but I encourage you to go on YouTube and look it up because it's freaking hilarious is really funny my next scene also on your list Phil Daniel Stern first of all sleep at the party so it is not just talked to his wife when he wakes up there's a doorbell and it's somebody that works for him and it turns out that he was sleeping with one of the young girls that's 24 no 20 it's a Billy Crystal's birthday party and then Daniel Stern's manages a supermarket that is wife's father and then want to just check out the party to tell him that she's pregnant and yes that scene is phenomenal yes I used to use that lame it's not too late to go back to it dude I know let's just we're going to is long as we're talking about it the whole thing how he's standing when he sheds in Paperboy like I I really love the whole scene is great because the whole the whole freaking movie by the way but also this whole scene Billy Chris crystals just anytime someone pauses he just throws in a quip yeah absolutely yep my next scene dcrc and the same time can I explain it to you Eminem promise me any good if you want to watch one show but record Another show at the same time the television set this not have to be a channel if you watching want to recording then an SB of 3 TV to record you need a TV I never liked that my type of humor where he sets it up in the beginning and it sounds like he's going to talk about something else and then you realize it's like those are the best type of jokes to me and this movies full of those Grace I hate the problem let's go over it again and then he talks about a man that if that's especially 30 years later because like no one now like like your kid doesn't even know what a VCR is probably a mean your kid might cuz your kid but like no one on 30 is ever owned a VCR like you said it starts in the middle of like exact same way and then he just lunches into this extended explanation how to record stuff with a VCR and then Bruno Kirby gets super mad about it play further ahead than I did this is not the funniest scene but I also had the whole like sequence search up with Ed Mitch on ours any like Ed's TriNet construction areas where it's okay to cheat on your wife would say coed about the age this this beautiful woman comes down in a spaceship a Citgo good reality and she that's what she came here for goes away and no one will ever find out about it and Billy Crystal Lake and they did but then that like through-line like would you have sex with Mitch's off with curly and he's asking curly the same question yes curly go up by themselves harmonica C campfire mention curly go up by themselves and everyone's terrified ackerley cuz he's enough nutjob has already made fun of him and curlies already actually he was going to murder him so he's just sharpening his knife and Billy Crystal Natsu stands up to him and then they just sang tumbling tumbleweeds while he plays a harmonica keep playing and sings along so is like a really amazing character development seen for both of them and like but also it's really funny and not like jokey funny but just this he played the first verse in curly was singing and then the first Forest Trails off starts on the second verse any ribs Sahara so that whole that whole sequence from the like horseback aliens and admission curly together I had on the list something so I was trying to pick like once I really like cuz I could every scene and say like like the I have that suicide 3 minutes to type what seemed just happened how much they liked all of those are things that I lied I was just trying to think of stuff well I can't really going off on there like little mini Adventure important the cowboy philosophizing music it's really just the one thing the one thing I was going to say that's when that happens that's probably something that the one thing so when you look up stuff about sea there's a ton of articles that are just like you got to find your one thing just like City Slickers so like that one thing is something sticks for that everybody yeah that I don't have an answer yet do you think the writers Ashley had an answer for that one thing or was that supposed to just be rhetorical it's different just think yeah I think it's different for each person what I don't know there's going to be one thing that a lot of people can agree on is like the most important thing breathing Smartwatch came off I had that on my list too but like primarily because that was when Norman came out the baby cats at the Billy Crystal delivers which like he actually he really did deliver in the filming of this movie but also additionally because Norman said so the best joke in City Slickers 2 another or maybe this City Slickers 2 cuz I was thinking little ladder feeling I think be cracked that one in the so you telling me every time you walk forward you're going north the next being that I had was started with berry picking out the ice cream flavors two brothers who sell ice cream that are on this cattle drive there clearly supposed to be Ben & Jerry stand-ins and one of them Barry is like he could pick out an ice cream flavor to go with any meal and so Billy Crystal's like bring some things scoop of chocolate scoop of vanilla don't waste my time add sanitizing wipes and amazing highly quotable line something to do and it's too easy my kids have no idea was from my wife doesn't she hates it but that's okay dance to this movie freaking so quotable for a movie that if you said I can tell you 20 quotes from City Slickers and you'll recognize all of them no one would believe you but you could do it I think me and you could do it maybe the people we hang out with maybe not even all the people we hang out with City Slickers but I'm saying if I say that like people our age you can't do that they wouldn't know where I am from people like my parents age like my dad probably 20 times I mean my dad his funny is just like Billy Crystal setup setup and punchline type stuff is very good. so he really likes it but also I was going to say that ice cream flavors like line that scene starts with the name move on to talkin about baseball really like Matt scene because I don't think you would put it in it this movie if you made it now oh yeah you wouldn't talk about baseball Yume no I mean not just cuz like baseball is not relevant anymore but I don't think you'd ever seen it doesn't progress the story it's just all the characters sitting around talking about ice cream in baseball and then like talking about how come with Pittsburgh in 1960 baseball sings Tiny Bubbles but it was something very close to that but I'm saying like I don't think you would put that moment and I'm moving now I don't think I think that pacing in 91 like for when you watch old movies like you could you could you could let stuff breathe not every scene had to be like either an action set piece or like push the story forward sometimes it was just people sitting around chatting fleshes out these characters but like I don't I don't know if they would do that again comedy for sure cuz I mean I guess it depends on the comedy but like so you have like this epic movies like Lord of the Rings they have filler stuff like that where it's just people walking 90 minutes of people walking but but I'm saying like in a comedy now like I don't see I don't know it's it's got to be I don't know it does it does flesh out the characters that do like it like a Marvel doesn't matter like they're 40 minutes too long but what feels like is like there's extra action set pieces I got tired of that guy throwing cop cars at aliens but like I was kind of ready for that to be over with I'm trying to catch up on me fast and the furious franchise right now only action set-pieces and then drinking Coronas think that's the only there is turn it up really loud all you seen Steve at marcine's do you have anymore quintessential you really you narrow down a lot better than I did I've already skipped a couple two more Curly's death and burial I don't think we have to say spoiler alert Zoe's movies at 30 years old Charlie's death and burial this is like seen threads back-to-back like four five star quotes it was the one I already did Manny bacon at every meal is amazing the cook is going to eulogize when he goes Lord we give you curly try not to piss him off and Billy Crystal goes that's it burning cookie yeah yes I do like that I don't and then the other the other Cena had is the best day ever seen which is where the three leads all talk about their best days and worst days ever and Billy Crystal tells his long story about going to a baseball game with his dad there's only black and white TV so the first time I'd ever seen people playing color game Mickey Mantle program by the way did you read that trivia story is character toes in the movie but this is also a true story from Billy Crystal's life game with his dad Mickey Mantle actually did sign his program when he was a kid and then Crystal had him sign it again when he was an adult and they were on a talk show together true yeah Bruno Kirby it's so like masculine over-the-top yeah with the story tells about Dad this movie's freaking hilarious but also has a lot of heart like every character has it as like a legit art in it all the leads like Curly buddy like transitions through the movie cool and you get some like backstory the flesh out why their character is the way that they are and also I love in that Scene It Feels best day was his the day that he got married and his worst day is every day since it's the tie either way I don't know if every time that you heard Daniel Stern talk all I can think of he's the voice of The Wonder Years that's all I like I can't I couldn't I couldn't hear anything else you said that because no I didn't at all I completely forgot that he was the voice of The Wonder Years that's how long it's been since I've seen The Wonder Years shaking their butts I was just thinking everytime I see Daniel Stern I just think about home alone which came out this year Daniel Stern ye did amazing in that you know I thought that's what you were going to stay instead of home alone I thought you were Daniel Stern performance it's the best of both worlds underrated yeah and he replaced Rick Moranis in this movie supposed to mean Rick Moranis going to be the third leading his wife got sick and they dropped out and Daniel Stern came in keep calling that yeah that that's pretty Audible other stuff I like this not necessarily scenes I really like the titles like I like the like hand-drawn like cowboy roping stuff title sequence yeah I did too movies like that three and a half minutes of titles in the beginning of your movie it doesn't have a skip intro button down at the bottom you're screwed like my daughter watches 50 all of the titles in the beginning in the movie she she ain't she can't wait to peso just like like not just kids but like grown-ups wouldn't want I mean no modern movie with spent three-and-a-half minutes on titles that don't have anything happening behind them it's just a black screen with a little cart names and pull on one screen I'm marked down for my favorite part of CGI I couldn't think of any other CGI that was in there the only CGI that I caught in the movie is the lightning bolt when they were like at the end when they when the rain storm came in they can't possibly it actually caught a lightning bolt I'm sure that was so what are the what else you got for sequences moments plugs performances I have a bunch of quotes little moments you want to do the quote reorder the moments first I told you my two I just wrote down the codes that I still use that I think about all the time again this is the movie I could quote she didn't tell me to shut up so like stupid chavez-silver vanilla and I old nurse that you called Mama those are the two that I still use so that's what I put down for my my my quotes so many hi curly kill anyone today yeah I would use protection paper plastic that's a green line reason to have sex men Justine place feels like Billy Crystal took it directly from his stand-up the same thing when Bruno Kirby says that rat hole yeah dude even in the even in the cold open when they're in Spain running with the bulls I didn't make you run no it was a 2000-lb rampaging animal Spring Bull snot all over Spain that's what made me run you made me stand in front of it dancing amazing quote I'm not saying I'm using that but it was still even when you were saying it I can hear it drinking yet his wife about his daughter she's got talent talent she was in one play and she fell gravity call movies full free kid Billy Crystal quips like that that are so good one last one that I have to mention quit right when they get to the Dude Ranch in Ed is wearing a jacket that has his name and his face on it cuz he's Sporting Goods salesman but they can really wish you wouldn't have worn that jacket and then they're introducing themselves and then fill goes I'm Phil Bergquist committed adultery what's my job and my family Billy Crystal fantastic fantastic I don't know if that's funny you do if you're not watching the movie but I freaking cracked up when that happens the other I had a really great not necessarily scenes but mentioned the kid comes to the rescue I thought. that part you know what I forgot to mention to when his horse is backing up and you can tell like it wasn't in the script and McDaniel Billy Crystal's improvising a moonwalk esta Mitchy the kid comes to the rescue and he's not wearing his Mets Hat he's wearing for the first time Curly's hat the McGuffin kicks-off City Slickers 2 treasure map inside of Curly's hat Legend of Curly's gold Legend of Curly's gold another thing I really liked all of the facial hair on the cattle drive Bruno Kirby's mustache is amazing Billy Crystal's beards fantastic and TR the d-bag cowboy had the handlebar stash two thumbs up Fantastical facial hair yes I had this I really like the score I couldn't find out who like movie I watched all the either they didn't have is really good ride remember but that's not the guy who did the score that's the guy who wrote the song that goes over the credits so I got he writes the song 1991 of all 1991 bangs James Ingram cowboy movie I realized it was James Ingram not just once or 100 ways I never I couldn't find but Marc shaiman wrote all the music for hairspray and 2007 but also even more importantly he wrote all the songs for South Park bigger Longer & Uncut in 1999 what would Brian Boitano do something something is amazing credit all of them all of the music for South Park you can tell you can tell also where I am because I I realized that he did Mary Poppins returns and the Bee Movie to me because this is the ones my kids watch that he arranged the music for Sister Act 2 I was going to say he did Alex and Emma all the time the kid all kinds of different oh mother so like it's done that doesn't stand out to me for the store but I totally remember that movie like on the best list is the setting cuz like most the movie takes place on the couch Drive is filmed a new Mexican Colorado but the whole thing is freaking beautiful and makes me want to ride horses and New Mexico and Colorado even though I know for sure honor percent I don't want to do that he bought a ranch after he made this movie City Slickers in Home Alone money he can afford it but he bought Morrissey rides in City Slickers 2 The Legend Curly's gold coming to you in 2024 so what about worse things and do you have anything marked down as worse Dish Movies so good yeah I tried to think like were there any times where I felt it didn't need to be added or any of that like I know how much you love montages would it's just like so like when they're like getting dressed and there was the Montage of them trying on all the clothes yeah I was like well it's not a training montage for Batman but I bet JT like this Montage I like a training montage a lot more than he getting dressed Montage to be sure it didn't even really bother me yeah I know you love people changing outfits in video games or movies like the only thing that even kind of bugged me was at the very end when he met his family at the airport if it like that seems like a little bit too and like a little bit to like romantic comedy but I felt like it was all so maybe it's just the end of the movie and I really wanted something and not be great REI the Indian movie was the only thing I wrote down I knew was the James Ingram song yeah totally that's it really bizarre choice R&B soul singer singing into Western over the closing credits we're at a time somebody slap a song on this thing so the most I could come up with for worst it's a couple of minor quibbles I have like four so first of all TR the d-bag cowboy calls Mitch Geisler thing that this movie says that you couldn't say in 2021 so does Stephanie like hey Sue cool but also kind of amazing that they didn't do that Phil wears a calculator watch somebody's a nerd for all of shooting and then like merienda vide Dublin someone when I saw it I was like I don't know why he can wear that this whole time calculator watch Napa Register calculator watch maybe right there if he needs it that's the thing is you put that in never mention it and that's something small that just shows how much more Bernhard he is already shown us that he's in there molasses on the cattle drive but also his glasses are fake cuz the lens perfectly flat so they reflect everything that and fake glasses and movies are two things that I hate do you still have glasses lenses in them yes and then the only other thing that I even could kind of complain about was that when the river crossing scene supposed to be like this really intense moment where they might have all died all that scary like it was pretty clearly like someone had a sprinkler system over this like Creek that they filmed I just didn't really buy that is like alright everyone's baby going to die I don't know how you making any different that's like you put a knife at my tell me some bad stuff about City Slickers that's the list I just gave you none of that really bothers me is movies top-to-bottom fantastic totally talk about something old people don't know about anymore in this movie gave us a perfect one because they have this law secrets about talking about the bcra why does it have to be on Channel 3 or 4 so I did a little research and I've got that information for you TV back in the day was broadcast over the air the same as radio every channel was a different broadcast frequency the same way that you don't see radio stations on like 97 to let them because they're beat there weren't typically TV signals broadcast on every single available Channel because the early VCRs were used with TV that did not have any way to plug in an external signal they had no coax no CAT5 no RCA no HDMI don't think you could plug into the TV was power and antenna they only had one place to plug in the antenna additionally so you had to take your antenna plug it into a VCR then from the VCR plug it into the TV so basically what happened with your VCR VCR to get signal onto your TV would broadcast a signal on a channel that was not being used locally and then that signaled basically hop onto the antenna feed and just hijack UTV so that's wherever you live you know you would have like you definitely had channel to everyone at Channel 2 everyone probably had either channel 3 or 4 but not both cuz you couldn't put them right next to each other so you which one is better for me three or four and that but you literally broadcast your VCR into the antenna signal into your TV which is also you could like record something on your VCR while watching something different on TV wishes it seems like that sound top the TV and even like that had to be on a recorded on three I like I know what he's talking about and I'm not even talking about it is this same thing though I think it was just I think of you the cable box so the cable box replaced your antenna but still had to through the VCR and then from the VCR TV so you still had to select like which is if I'm going to play something recorded on tape which channel do want to send that signal out onto the TV yeah like if you like a regular Atari or Nintendo same thing did you screwed into the cup select Channel yeah yeah we were we were super fancy I'd the little switch in the middle so that I can either do VCR on it like a big chunk button that switch it over to the Nintendo so part of the things to do that I don't know if you're done with your part I can't even tell you the 18 year olds in 2021 no idea cuz I listen to it for 30 years but I'm saying like I was like and they were like this so awkward pull up a video on YouTube to tell them how VCR Works cuz they had no ID yeah I mean I had to research how it worked and I was alive during this and have a degree in electrical engineering ask why did we do that channel 3 everyone does that but like I didn't know why of course me to tell you about National Lampoon's summer vacation open up the shower curtain and you can see your boobs on my videotape that I had of that movie or that my dad had in that movie it went really bad tracking as the young boy to look at Beverly D'Angelo's boobies Victoria's Secret catalogs arrive dude is a great I haven't used one in 15 years I may never touch one again even if I live to be a thousand but I definitely like them it's all good I mean dude remember how many tape made when we were kids they were just like Simpsons episode 25 VHS tapes just pull up Simpsons episodes it was some of them still had the commercials in it so if you go back and watch a movie cool answer the question of why the VCR had to be on Channel 3 or 4 and also what a VCR was you may remember me from such films as I really wanted to get a Troy McClure sound effect but they all actually have him listing fake movies Andre the Giant we hardly knew ye so the only thing I wrote down here was Jake Gyllenhaal Gyllenhaal is Billy Crystal's son this is his first first role the other you may remember me I had his Jeffrey Tambor Billy Chris's boss his other kid was played by his actual real-life daughter Lindsay Crystal I don't know anything else but I thought that was interesting you didn't like last one is the is Yeardley Smith who voices Lisa Simpson is Daniel Stern's baby mama we're going to register key to the Health Plan back in 1991 yeah right good old days when you worked at a grocery store and had health insurance alright so I didn't know this but I learned it researching this Helen Slater the lady who plays Bonnie who's like the one woman his own cattle drive she was the lead in the Supergirl movie which came out a couple years after the Christopher Reeves Superman movie they're trying to set up a Supergirl franchise to go along with Superman and she was Supergirl the first movie came out didn't go anywhere in the like Superman Universe ever since then like she was in she's on the Supergirl TV show like last year she still dying kind of phenomenal she may be the only person from this movie who still working staff right I'm just saying I'm not seeing stuff anymore probably Sky Bridge money switch alternate casting choice alternative yeah sure show no man I think the only one that I would consider switching out as Bruno Kirby but he was really good but he's just the only one that I could imagine the movie surviving if you swapped out so you don't think Rick Moranis would have been okay and this would have been great but like perfect I can see Bruno Kirby not being in it I remember it seems like he more like friends outside of this I don't Harry Met Sally Billy Crystal job he was bad gift replace someone I'm not replacing Jack Palance I'm not replacing Billy Crystal not replacing Daniel Stern the only remaining option to me is Bruno Kirby I think you probably could sub out with some 1991 actor who had a fantastic mustache what about so Jack Palance almost didn't do it Charles Bronson Alice was committed to another project he was their first choice he was to Billy Crystal always wanted for curly things it is Charles Bronson wouldn't do it bright on page 46 I'm not doing this so yeah so that's toughening I think that was the best what about you making remake it now who do you who plays Billy Crystal tulane Billy Crystal's era in 1991 like Billy Crystal's 43 when the movie comes out that's like midlife crisis movies but now if you're 43-year like you still have a tab Bradley Cooper prices snow Eastlake still so who's midlife crisis now like comedic actors sad midlife crisis Godlike somebody like that no that's a good choice Rick Wilson I don't know I just don't know a couple more facts before you get to the question so we talked about Rick Moranis Jack Palance Billy Crystal story so Billy Crystal's like a huge famous really well-known Yankees fan but all threats as usual bats cat in the reason is that the New York Mets made a big contribution to his comic relief charity and lacaze he wore Mets Cap all throughout this movie comic relief I used to like that remember that was with the Whoopi Goldberg and Robin Williams Billy Crystal what I said this movie made the American Film institute's list of 100 funniest movies yeah that mean the list it came out like in the early 2000s so I don't know if it's still would but it made it when it came out still holding up for us in June 2021 The Hangover the biggest comedy of the 2000s it's already way more inappropriate 14 years later than this movie is 30 years there so many jokes and bits in The Hangover like not that long laughter and see you can't say that anymore that movies no awkward where this is like still as hilarious as it was in 1991 like while I was watching this movie Deacon fart jokes like the movies like comedy movies now or this type of funny and I like this type of funny which I love but then when you watch it for years later like oh we know a lot more now about what's playing was not funny and now I'm I feel bad that I laughed at this movie where this is like 30 years later is still hilarious but it's not like David if someone younger than us why should they would think it is I mean as far as you can tell if somebody cell phone yeah and nobody like they use the house phone best type of stuff because it's like centers of Western and they're all dressed in the clothes of westerns get some of the clothes that they wear in before they take the cattle drive giant shoulder pads Brothers movies that you're not to do that so stuff like Seattle I mean still dated but they purposely try to make it to where you eat you can narrow down to a couple of decades but you don't know really what it was One Fine Day we want to find out what the problem is like movies revolve around people talking on the phone so you you know it what year is not when you see that you can tell from a clothing line but it's like I can see from her cell phone which it like someone tried to mug me I can Ward them off with it I know this movie come out in the tube I don't think I have any more facts I think the only one that we didn't mention is it the story for this movie was Billy Crystal's but he did not get a story credit probably cuz he's only regardless he didn't need the extra story credit and the guys you actually wrote the screenplay minute fantastic job yeah yeah the guys who wrote this movie wrote a bunch of other movies Babaloo Mandel are their names they did really great stuff back in the 80s they did night shift with the Henry Winkler and Michael Keaton splash Spies Like Us with Dan Aykroyd Chevy Chase I don't even know if you seen this. That's Michael Keaton it's about a car manufacturer and it is it's fantastic they wrote that they wrote multiplicity and they do and TV all movies you know before 2000 buy Wyoming money now because all of this would be swearing Iran in multiplicity next year cuz we're definitely coming. that's that's a pretty solid Craigslist those unscheduled so all right I think the thing to ended on us we had five questions that we're going to try to ask but all these movies the first one is can you still wash and enjoy this movie in 2021 I can yes yeah I just washed and enjoyed the absolute crap out of it and if you told me I had to watch it again tomorrow I wouldn't be upset at all would this movie get made if it would fit if it were pitched down no man I think it depends on who the Billy I don't think Luke Wilson can get this movie made but I'm sure there's Comedy Store the biggest comedy star I give Adam Sandler wants to make this movie he can make any movie you want and also Adam Sandler's not doing movies where you have to sleep out in the dirt like he's going to Hawaii every time why wouldn't you I'm not blaming him but I'm just saying I don't think he's lining up for this so I don't so it's not that expensive in the story would still work but I don't know who would do it I mean Ryan Reynolds can do anything but I mean do I really believe that Ryan Reynolds is having a good life crisis it has 12 married to a smoking-hot superhero chick and everyone loved so many scattered chin like to watch a movie about Ryan Reynolds having a midlife crisis I don't know if I buy it at yeah if your life is I don't want to remake it I just want another movie like this it just ripped which is not all that original midlife crisis guys go out sounds like that's the Wizard of Oz like one of the reviewers from the 90s basically called The Wizard of Oz like cowboys don't remix City Slickers don't call it City Slickers but yeah just make another Western Wear guys go out and find themselves but it's also funny I meant for that and I normally don't like questions but if it's the Western comedy I think I could get behind it Seth MacFarlane there is still funny parts is this a movie or a TV show if it gets remade I think movie honestly episodic story be told you I think this is just and like pretty scenery and then you're done what if the only way I could think about making it TV show if I had traveling back to solve Mysteries like equanimous they go back in just do it a cattle drive daylight moved to New Mexico with his family and they're doing this full-time on a ranch in the family Yellowstone with Kevin Costner first question is is it okay for kids and if so what age I don't have kids so you take that one away literally while I was watching it this is where I took the most nuts I don't always stay like oh you got to be 13 to watch it but I would say 13 to 14 years old this perfect three main characters are friends that have been friends for their whole lives other they're always helping each other out stuff like that but like sex if you're my nine-year-old it is so fernandinho hooks up with the the guy they say stuff like whereas look at ya crystal is having all the fun supper just a lot of women that I don't know that I want my kids younger than 13 watch I mean I wrote this down just because there are people that don't want to show their kids other people drinking which I that's not my house but there's a lot of drinking literally the entire time chewing tobacco with Bruno Kirby spits on the shirt they said BS CVS word the b word GD balls we're allowed to say this podcast bad stuff a hand gesture that the most forgot at the career day what are you hand gesture is pantomiming self-love the last thing I ever looks like violence so there's like the knife Jr TR Astros his junk they slay it is a split-second from neck To Nuts you still stuff like that right cord in the bus by a bull's horn in the very beginning so like they don't really show a lot of stuff is super violent and compared to the Avengers movies yeah there's a lot more but there is a lot of like simulated violence so routine is probably right 13 I think is Israel should I go back and watch it which is can you still watch and enjoy this in 2021 I guess maybe we could answer it slightly if you heard this and you're still listening but also if you're going to send forever please do that you waited so long to rewatched sprechen so funny yes you should go back and watch it I can't wait for my kid X 13-second Shoujo absolutely and then the only other thing is like where can you find it if you want to watch it it's true spell Max for free on Amazon Prime for 13 that's a lot not even worth it for me and I'm sure I'll watch this movie 25 more times hbomax for free cool I think that's everything right I really enjoyed it we get to make more of these I hope you get better at it we're definitely going to make more and I think we could only get better at it you will see you next time thanks for listening the movie please subscribe time rate and review and remember don't drive it