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Great concept and great rapport

I came across your podcast through another podcast (Vintage Video). Really enjoy diving into films of the past that are in the wheelhouse of time I remember and hearing y’all talk about it. Keep up the great work Michael from the Screen Nerds Podcast

What a great yesteryear snapshot

This podcast is such a fantastic look back! While the movie reviews are on point and give you a very insightful dives into the movies that I grew up with, the best part is being pulled into reliving your own memories that these reviews invite. I appreciate the chemistry and the banter being completely natural. I find myself laughing along when they are having full laughing fits as well. I especially appreciate that these guys speak the same dialect of “Movie Quotes” that I have used my entire life, that are becoming less relevant by the day,lol. Keep up the great work!!!

Amazing memories

These guys have it down. Every episode I listen to brings me back to good times. I laugh to tears at some of the references they make to the times I remember. You gotta listen. Once you start you can't wait for the next one. Best hour or so spent in a long time.

Deep dives without the distractions…

This show is a refreshing listening experience, free of the manic diatribes, constant interruptions, and unbalanced audio levels unfortunately prevalent in this modern podcast age. It’s a smooth, intelligent, and insightful discussion about film between two friends with an obvious history, easy rapport, and a shared love and appreciation for the art form. This is everything you want from a conversation dissecting the nuances of the movie experiences that shape your lives.

Jeff is Great!

The short synopsis’s by Jeff are great! This podcast is a great listen to bring back memories from years past.

Great podcast!

Finally getting around to leaving a review. Awesome podcast with two hilarious guys! Five out of five chimi dogs! Two words for 1992, Encino Man. You’re welcome. Roger

Fireside Film Chats with Friends

What really makes this podcast sing is the obvious and genuine rapport between the two hosts, the movie talk is really incidental. I really enjoy hearing these two friends reminisce about or experience for the first time these movies together. Can’t wait to see what titles they have nostalgia for next!


Found this podcast through Reddit and I’m glad I did! I listen to a handful of movie podcasts already, but I really enjoy listening to these dudes and their insight. It’s kind of refreshing to find an enjoyable “non celebrity/Hollywood insider” take on movies from when I was a kid. Chimidogs for all!


Love the dynamic. And the movie choices are perfect. Appointment listening. Well done!

Top Notch Analysis and Realistic Banter

There’s something magical brewing here. Love the loose structure, love the tangents, really love the disagreements. Keep it up fellas! Excited for all the future episodes!

Magic Happening

Guys, I don't know you. You don't know me. But I'll be damned if I'm not laughing out loud often during your podcast. Perhaps it's because I'm 38, and all of this pertains exactly to how I remember it growing up, but keep the magic coming! I particularly enjoy the points at which you disagree. I hope we get a movie that you both have starkly different opinions on so we can see some true Adam Carolla/Dr. Drew banter. Keep up the good work!

Enjoy reliving great movies!

Although I don’t always agree with their takes they really put thought and effort into their opinions. Great show and I look forward to many more episodes!

Love the movies they choose!

When you can’t decide what to watch, this podcast will remind you what’s worth re-watching. Highly recommend.

Golden age of movies brought back to life!

So much fun to revisit these movies. Hosts are funny and have great info to share.