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Movie Life Crisis

I enjoy the witty dialogue between these two guys and listen to every episode, whether I’ve seen the movie or not. I enjoy the nostalgia and the clever critique.

Listen again and again

I remember so much about these movies I'd forgotten when i listen to the guys break them down. That alone is worth the price of admission for me.

Expectation satisfication

Just scrolling through their episodes I had high hopes for this show, and they totally matched that expectation! Easy 9 chimidogs for me!

Highly Recommended

Recommended to all of my movie loving friends. Especially if you're over the age of 35.

Love it!!

Come for the movies. Stay for the banter. I love this podcast!

Like this podcast!!!

If you want to time travel back to the early 90s, this is the place to be. How did all of these movies get made?!

Thanks, for making this podcast!!

I love how the Jt and Jeff are able to make connections between movies and the wider world. The episodes are always thought provoking and make you look at movies in a new light.

I am so glad to found this podcast!!!

We don't need another podcast with middle aged men talking to each other, but I'm so glad we have this one, because they're hysterical and bring me right back to 30 years ago!

Nice cast!!

I appreciate how these guys are able to talk about movies without getting too pretentious. Their discussions are always down-to-earth, but still kinda hilarious.

Entartaing and informative!!

Movielife Crisis is a podcast that's both entertaining and informative. The hosts are able to balance their love for movies with lots of silly jokes, making for a fun and engaging listen. Plus I hear they're tall, which is cool.

I find it really amazing!!!

I love how the hosts are able to analyze movies without spoiling them. They make it clear they're laypeople and movie fans, and they always leave you wanting to watch the movie.

Intelligent and inspirational host!

Jeff and JT have a great dynamic, and they're able to tackle serious topics without talking themselves too seriously. Their discussions are always engaging and I love the nostalgia factor.

I love this podcast!!

This podcast celebrates the joy of watching movies back in the day. The hosts love for cinema is contagious, and their discussions always make me want to watch the movies they're talking about.

Great show!!

I've learned so much about movies from listening to this show. The hosts are knowledgeable and funny, but they don't talk down to their listeners. It feels like you're just hanging out with friends and talking about movies.

Excellent podcast. always excited!!

I'm always excited when a new episode of Movielife Crisis drops. The hosts have a great sense of humor, and they're able to break down old movies in a way that works for present day.

Discussion are very insightful!!

These guys know their stuff when it comes to movies. Their discussions are insightful, but what really sets them apart is their senses of humor and memory for the 90s movie era.

A relaxed and informative podcast!!

If you're looking for a podcast that's both fun and informative , you can't go wrong with Movielife Crisis. The host have great chemistry and their movie discussions are never dull.

I love this podcast!!

I'm a movie lover and have listened to many movie podcasts, but this one stands out. The hosts' analysis of films is thought-provoking, and their discussions are always entertaining.

Interesting topics and great hosts.

I always feel like I'm part of the conversation when I listen. Jeff and JT are so relatable and they cover a wide range of movies, from 1991 to 1993.

Good content!!

This podcasts is perfect for anyone who loves nineties movies, from casual moviegoers to hardcore film fanatics. The hosts have a great rapport and their passion shines through in every episode.

Amazing podcast!!!

I stumbled upon this podcast and quickly became hooked! The hosts are like film buffs that you want to be friends with. Their discussions are witty, insightful and full of energy.

Great concept and great rapport

I came across your podcast through another podcast (Vintage Video). Really enjoy diving into films of the past that are in the wheelhouse of time I remember and hearing y’all talk about it. Keep up the great work Michael from the Screen Nerds Podcast

What a great yesteryear snapshot

This podcast is such a fantastic look back! While the movie reviews are on point and give you a very insightful dives into the movies that I grew up with, the best part is being pulled into reliving your own memories that these reviews invite. I appreciate the chemistry and the banter being completely natural. I find myself laughing along when they are having full laughing fits as well. I especially appreciate that these guys speak the same dialect of “Movie Quotes” that I have used my entire life, that are becoming less relevant by the day,lol. Keep up the great work!!!

Amazing memories

These guys have it down. Every episode I listen to brings me back to good times. I laugh to tears at some of the references they make to the times I remember. You gotta listen. Once you start you can't wait for the next one. Best hour or so spent in a long time.

Deep dives without the distractions…

This show is a refreshing listening experience, free of the manic diatribes, constant interruptions, and unbalanced audio levels unfortunately prevalent in this modern podcast age. It’s a smooth, intelligent, and insightful discussion about film between two friends with an obvious history, easy rapport, and a shared love and appreciation for the art form. This is everything you want from a conversation dissecting the nuances of the movie experiences that shape your lives.

Jeff is Great!

The short synopsis’s by Jeff are great! This podcast is a great listen to bring back memories from years past.

Great podcast!

Finally getting around to leaving a review. Awesome podcast with two hilarious guys! Five out of five chimi dogs! Two words for 1992, Encino Man. You’re welcome. Roger

Fireside Film Chats with Friends

What really makes this podcast sing is the obvious and genuine rapport between the two hosts, the movie talk is really incidental. I really enjoy hearing these two friends reminisce about or experience for the first time these movies together. Can’t wait to see what titles they have nostalgia for next!


Found this podcast through Reddit and I’m glad I did! I listen to a handful of movie podcasts already, but I really enjoy listening to these dudes and their insight. It’s kind of refreshing to find an enjoyable “non celebrity/Hollywood insider” take on movies from when I was a kid. Chimidogs for all!


Love the dynamic. And the movie choices are perfect. Appointment listening. Well done!