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Top Notch Analysis and Realistic Banter

There’s something magical brewing here. Love the loose structure, love the tangents, really love the disagreements. Keep it up fellas! Excited for all the future episodes!

Magic Happening

Guys, I don't know you. You don't know me. But I'll be damned if I'm not laughing out loud often during your podcast. Perhaps it's because I'm 38, and all of this pertains exactly to how I remember it growing up, but keep the magic coming! I particularly enjoy the points at which you disagree. I hope we get a movie that you both have starkly different opinions on so we can see some true Adam Carolla/Dr. Drew banter. Keep up the good work!

Enjoy reliving great movies!

Although I don’t always agree with their takes they really put thought and effort into their opinions. Great show and I look forward to many more episodes!

Love the movies they choose!

When you can’t decide what to watch, this podcast will remind you what’s worth re-watching. Highly recommend.

Golden age of movies brought back to life!

So much fun to revisit these movies. Hosts are funny and have great info to share.