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Sept. 20, 2021

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
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1991, Ep. 4

This week Jeff and JT are breaking down the epic Kevin Costner blockbuster, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. 

We Cover:

  • Greater travesty: Costner's hair or his accent?
  • Alan Rickman, the boy who lived
  • Azeem's Wookie life debt
  • How prevalent were haybales in the 1100s?

Also Christian Slater was there. 

And a time capsule on the history of the tale of Robin Hood. 

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Robin Hood

JT: [00:00:00] Welcome to movie life crisis. Join us as we watch the best movies from 30 years ago,

Trailer Guy: a time of war,

a time of homecoming

at time of Tyler a time when the only way to uphold 

justice was to break the law.

one man who stood for freedom became a legend.[00:01:00] 

Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater, Allan, Mary Elizabeth

hood Prince of Theives 

Jeff: all right. That's all the time. We had four. Thank you very much for joining us on the podcast. What the heck was that? That was the longest thing ever. 

JT: Robin hood, prince of thieves, man. I hope everyone has seen that movie cause the trailer tells you nothing about what's going on, 

Jeff: but it's the same 

length that's for sure, dude, I I'm.

JT: I'm telling you, I looked so long for trailers and then that one I edited like 45 seconds out of it. Stays is terrible. Terrible, not good. This is episode From the movie life crisis podcast check, check, check, running back. One more time. 3, 2, 1 go.

This is episode four from doing Robin hood prince of thieves. This week, the Kevin Costner Robin hood movie from [00:02:00] 1991.

Jeff: Delightful, delightful 

JT: Kevin Costner, the very first California Robin hood. Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah, this is also the first podcast we've recorded since the episode number one city slickers came out.

So we can say thank you people who listened, which people did, which was amazing. 

Jeff: Yeah, that was way weird. 

I thought for sure it was going to be me and you and my mom and that was it. But 

JT: yeah, people listened, people listened. I kind of thought we could have just recorded them and then press delete at the end.

And our conversation would have been all that ever needed to happen. But if people are listening, that's awesome. And people are, and they're saying that it's good, which is also. They all know us, so they might be lying. They're definitely like, 

they're still there. They're smiling when they're saying 

yes, I do too, man.

That's very cool. Also some people have asked if they can support and how we set up a thing through a website called buy me a Buy me a coffee slash movie life crisis, which is kind of loosely [00:03:00] Patrion ish. But you can just, you can donate, you can buy us chimney dogs. We have some tiers set up, so it's like if you donate, I think it's like 20 bucks.

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The Benjamin Franklin. It's not Benjamin Franklin. It's Andrew, inter Jackson, Benjamin, 

Benjamin Franklin. It's all about the Benjamins. I 

don't know who who's on the money. I only used the credit cards. 

Jeff: It's all about the Andy. Jackson's 

JT: it's all about the, well with inflation. 

Jeff: It's all about the Alexander 

JT: Hamilton's.

Yeah. And you can find the link to that. Buy me a coffee site through movie life,, but also just listening is amazing. Please do that. Cause that's that's pretty cool. Yeah. That's what we like. That's cool. So yeah, Robin hood colon, prince of thieves. Jeff, get us into it. [00:04:00] Yeah. 

Jeff: Quick synopsis.

All right. So this all begins. The fun began well for this movie. The fun begins in the third crusade. So Robin is trying to escape the evil clutches of the Ayyubid empire tortures in Jerusalem. There's two people with them, two guys a more which is just a derogatory. Term during the crusades and the Reconquista of infidels, that basically means Muslim.

But it could mean other people. So there's a more name ezine, which has played by Morgan Freeman. And he because Robin helps him escape. He's got this Wookie life debt type thing where he's going to try to save his life for being there. And then Peter. Who the house of Dubois he dies from a straight arrow, but he pro he gets Peter.

I mean, he gets Robin to promise that he'll protect his sister who is marrying Peter's made Marian played by Mary Elizabeth, master Antonio Cougar Mellencamp. And Robin makes this long journey home back to England. , [00:05:00] he's not really, he keeps talking about how he doesn't know how stuff's going to change, which is weird because he says it's only been six years, but we're going to talk about that when we get to my gripes.

And so the king of England who was Richard, the Lionheart as a way from the throne, there's a Sheriff of Nottingham, which is played by the fantastical Alan Rickman he's moved to fill the power vacuum. And his first step is to kill Robin's dad. Robin meets little John and all of his other friends in the work in Sherwood forest.

They become friends and become more successful at making life miserable for the sheriff who in turn makes life miserable for the people. Then he tries to steal Robin's girl and then Robin has to try to save her. And then that's the crux of the whole thing. 

JT: Nice. Yeah. I I messed up there cause I said I said quick synopsis.

And what I really meant was give us an opposites as though you're a history teacher and this is the only time we'll ever learn about the crusades. Cause that that's totally on me 10 minutes, as soon 

Jeff: as I said Rica, Keystone, I was like, oh, I 

JT: think I, yeah. Yeah, you went, you went off the deep end. You started [00:06:00] talking about like a more, was a derogatory term.

And I was like, you were like two minutes into the quick synopsis. And we were showing the first act of the movie. They hadn't even picked titles. I had not even run yet. Yeah, it's on me. I'm sorry. 

Jeff: I'm trying 

JT: to set the mood. You're excited. I like that. Cool. So quick, an opposites is Robin hood. He steals from the rich he gives to the poor that's the quick synopsis.

It's Robin hood. There's been a million Robin hood movies. This is one of them. 

Jeff: They don't know. They don't, they don't all, they're not that they don't follow that thing every time. No, they 

JT: don't. But this one does. Yes, it definitely does. 19 91, 40 $8 million budget, $390 million worldwide. Gross. This is the number two movie of this year behind Terminator two.

So yeah, 

Jeff: that's the 

JT: massive, ridiculous, amazing smash movie. Yeah. It's a huge amount of money and 

Jeff: it's a huge movie for all the gripes I had 

JT: for it. It absolutely. Yes. I had this on tape and I watched it a ton when I was a kid. So I was super excited to rewatch it. And then after I rewatched it, I was like, I got some stuff to talk [00:07:00] about.

Like I got to get off of my chest. I was thinking about it earlier today. I like, I feel like this movie. This is like the Kobe Bryant of movies where like the good was really good and the bad was a really bad. 

Jeff: Yes. Yes. Kobe prince of thieves, 

JT: a nickname in himself. That's the really bad of this movie. Yeah, exactly.

No Coby. Drop-in 81. That's the really Alan Rickman is the Coby 81 point game. And Kevin Costner is the Coby nickname and himself. 

Jeff: Kevin Costner's haircut is the COBie 

JT: naming himself. Do I have in the worst? I hate to get ahead of myself, but that Kevin Costner looks like he's wearing a live Badger on his head.

Jeff: I also talk about his smile. We'll get there. We'll get, 

JT: All right. So awards Alan Rickman wins a BAFTA for best supporting actor. Brian Adams wins a Grammy for best song written for a movie and Costner Windsor Razzie for worst. So again, I could 

Jeff: totally see all of those 

JT: highs and lows real quick.

We're already going deep into [00:08:00] the weeds, but I looked up the history of Razzies. Costner's got seven Razzie nominations in his career. Third, most of all time. Who's the behind. Does it say guests guessers in front of him? There's two actors in front of him. Kiana raves. No, 

Jeff: dammit. That's the one everybody hates.

I have no idea. 

JT: Stallone is by far out in front and Adam Sandler's number two. 

Jeff: Yeah. That's his shtick 

JT: though. I know people don't like it, but Costner is second in Razzy wins. Only Stallone has more Razzie wins than Kevin Costner. That is ridiculous. Yeah. Well I want to remind everybody out there that Kevin Costner also has two career academy awards and two golden Globes.

So it's not like he's not good at his job. It's just that he's bad at it. A lot of times too. 

Jeff: So it's like Nicholas cage. 

JT: Yeah. A little bit, but also to be fair Costner's Costner's academy awards are both for dancing with wolves and neither of them are for acting as best picture, best director. Yeah. So, you know, by like Kevin Costner, he's in some [00:09:00] of my favorite movies, but absolutely.

He's the 

Jeff: only way I can tolerate baseball. 

JT: Yeah. Everything I know about baseball learned from Kevin Costner and Tom Hanks and Tom Hanks. Cool. SQL spinoffs, none. There are, 

Jeff: that's not true at all. What Keira Knightley plays the daughter of Robin hood in Robin hood 

JT: princess of thieves. Oh, was that a spin off of this movie 

Jeff: that not specifically this movie, but this storyline princess of thieves it's made by Disney, which is Morgan Creek.

Part part Morgan Creek from this movie. 

JT: So, yeah, that's awesome. I liked that Keira Knightley TV movie. I remember I watched it when I was in college and I was like, oh, that's cool. Female Robinhood, Keira Knightley. I'm into that. 

Jeff: I know you definitely like to cause a Keira Knightley. 

JT: Absolutely cool. So I stand corrected.

Do you remember where you saw this movie? 

Jeff: I'm pretty sure it was in the movie theater. I remember because I made my parents wait during the credits to listen to the Bryan Adams [00:10:00] song, which is now but that dude that was back when you didn't have stuff right at your fingertips, like. You want to hear a song?

You got to go buy the tape and, or record or CD and then like, or wait for it to come on the 

JT: radio. You got to wait for it to come on the radio with your tape, all queued up, ready to press record and play at the same time. 

Jeff: Well, you press that first and you just unpause it. That's that's the, that's the, 

JT: yeah, that's a promo, but you also had to wait until the DJ stopped talking because they would talk over the intro.

So if you did it just right, you could cut out the like DJ clue part and just catch the song. 

Jeff: Right? Just like when I used to try to record music videos during TRL and they would have little things at the bottom, but those girls go, oh my God.

JT: That was, but I'm 

Jeff: pretty sure it was the Hammond. One of the Hammond theaters, probably the mall at Hammond square mall, if I had to guess. 

JT: Nice. That's awesome. 

Jeff: Do you remember where you were. 

JT: I remember a couple of stories to see in this movies. I don't remember which one was first. So I'm going to tell you my [00:11:00] favorite story for when I saw this movie, because my favorite story for when I saw this movie was in your mom's religion class.

Jeff: Oh, that's awesome. 

JT: So your mom, miss Debbie was my seventh and eighth grade religion teacher. And she showed us Robin hood, prince of thieves. And the last week of school, when everyone understands that no work is to be done, none, no work, right. Not at all. But yeah, but she had to like, make us promise we're at like 13 and she was like, listen, they're gonna say, and guys, they're going to say an F word.

Let's be mature about it.

Jeff: Luckily, she still has the same job. So if anybody hears this, 

JT: that'd be great. The patients has gotta be up. We're talking about 1993 here, just three Deb. She didn't know what she was doing. She was young. Oh 

Jeff: man. But that's that's did she roll it in, on the big, the big TV on 

JT: the garden? On the giant cars, the TV.

And we watched it over the course of a week, like, you know, 30 minutes at a time. So we waited, we waited until like Thursday for the F word. Cause it's [00:12:00] at the end of the movie. 

Jeff: Totally worth it though. Totally worth 

JT: waiting for great effort. Yeah. One of the all-time vests, so yeah. 

Jeff: Which, which, by the way it was it wasn't in the script.

Yeah. He just pulled it off the hat of his. 

JT: Pulled it out of his hair. 

Jeff: Right, right, right. Cool. So that's, that's a ridiculous, I can't believe that you have a story about my mom in in the Robin hood podcast. That's awesome. 

JT: Yeah. Yeah. I think I might've seen it before that with a babysitter, but that's one that I have a clear memory of.

Cause we had the store, we had to get the, like lecture about the F-word kids come in and make his role. You're in eighth grade now you're basically adults just be mature. 

Jeff: That's that's pretty much what I say to my high school kids, but I have to show a movie. That's not finding Nemo. Cause it's the 

JT: same, same rules still.

Yeah. And it worked exactly like you would have thought it would have because we weren't mature at all. 

Jeff: And [00:13:00] everybody giggled and push each other in the bushes right after they said it. 

JT: Yeah, of course they did. All right. So the best best scenes, what are your best scenes? I'll 

Jeff: go with? My very first best scene is when a Zane Morgan Freeman pulls out the telescope and what's, his name looks through it and he's trying to touch it, touch the things with his soul.

Like when he first pulls out his sword, when he sees it and he freaks out and pulls out his sword and then he's reaching out in front of it and then Morgan Freeman gets pissed and pulled it back. And like, he's like, how did the, how did you have a whole country and not be educated? That, that, that's my first one.

JT: Yeah. So Morgan Freeman who plays Aseem. More, that's not politically correct. Right. And that's what they call them in the movie. But that's like not a nice way to talk about Muslims. 

Jeff: It's fine. You can just call them. 

JT: Aseem Aseem he pulls out like a homemade telescope. Like he has a leather thing and like two lenses and he makes it and he's like looking through it and he hands it to Kevin Costner and Kevin Costner has never seen a thing, make things appear larger.

So he mainly [00:14:00] like grips out a sword. And as I tried to stab the air in front of him, that was really funny. That's a good call. 

Jeff: Yeah. It's fantastic. What's 

JT: your first one? I think my first one was when Marion visits, Sherwood forest like the whole, like you get to see the whole like Treehouse community.

She gets to like go up on the counterweighted thing and then like Gus the Drawbridge. And like, I just th that whole like Sherwood forest Treehouse, like lifestyle was like super cool. Yeah. It was fantastic. 

Jeff: I know how much you love the outdoors and the tree houses and the camping and stuff. So I knew that would be right up your alley.

And I really love he walks. So it was also right up my alley. Absolutely. It was all like bridges from one tree to another. And like, I have a question about the way, the thing though. What if Marianne doesn't show up? How does Kevin Costner get down? 

JT: I don't the question I have about that is slightly different, which is when they get to the bottom, how does he let go of the rope and ultimately rocket back up?

Well, because she was still holding it, right? How did she not get launched into the top of, 

Jeff: because she was using all of [00:15:00] her force to her muscles to hold it down. I think you have to hook it on the ground. That's how it works. That's the only way to 

JT: that makes sense. I think it's best not to look too closely at the physics since he didn't know how the telescope works.

Let's just. That's probably some special effects. Yeah. Yeah, for sure. What else? 

Jeff: All right. So my second one says the Swiss family Robinson hideout in the haunted forest. Yes. There is a part where Alan Rickman, the the sheriff has gotten the Celts to help him out. And they start shooting flaming arrows.

And in front of the camera, there's like flaming arrows passing by his horses kind of buckling a little bit, but he's like picking his teeth. Like, it's like, he's not he's there, but he's like, just whatever this is, of course is the thing we're going to do. Like he it was fantastic. Like it just showed how he didn't really it was nothing for him to kill all those people and to take down their whole place.

He played that perfect. And I just really liked that. I've always liked that 

JT: part. Kevin costumes. Great. And that scene too, he was like sticking [00:16:00] arrows in the dirt. Like everyone else was running and he's just like taken down horseman likes, just super calm about the whole. 

Jeff: Yeah. And he's like licking 

JT: the Metro to make it go straight or something.

He does that a couple of times in this movie, I'm not like a graded archery, so I don't know exactly what the purpose of that was. Well, there's one part where he like rips up feather off, it rips a feather off that's people time. He was doing some trick shots 


Jeff: like, like Rosie O'Donnell in a league of their own.

Yeah. She throws the two balls. Yeah. 

JT: She, she rips off part of the baseball and then throws the two together. I'm sitting 

Jeff: with a team that's 20 to 

JT: 22, 22. Yeah, dude. That was awesome. My second one is when a sheriff Nottingham, Alan Rickman gets his cut sewn up while he's like storming through the castle raging.

Yeah. Yes, exactly. I got a quote from that Alan Rickman, everything he does in this movie is fantastic. This is like a two-minute rant that has three or four great lines. I edited it down to be like 45 seconds, but on a play, it[00:17:00] 

Jeff: cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans. No more medical beheadings. I'm called off Christmas. The treasury is empty all day. I don't like people plague my dog whining, but tax relieving, safe passage through show at far as me cannot pay. They want the highway man has taken your keys route. That's the only road to London, new little therapy

from 10 30 tonight, 10 45. Bring a friend. Ah, man, he went over the top with every single time he was on camera and it was fantastic. 

JT: Yeah. I felt like I felt like the direction for. For Alan Rickman was just like, that's good, but I want even more out of you. And they just use the last take for every scene.

Cause he was, he was going so hard in the paint with every single line. 

Jeff: So I was reading how he didn't want to do it, but they said like, you can do whatever you want with the role [00:18:00] you can be in however you want. And he was like, fine, I'm playing it over the top. And he 

JT: boy Diddy it was so good though, man, but he turned it down twice and he took it only if he could have like free reign over the script.

And everybody said he was like, they just, whatever his dialogue was written, he just crossed it out. And then he wrote in whatever he wanted. Yeah, 

Jeff: the whole, the whole cancel Christmas that he said, like he just made that up right there and they were like, that was awesome. We're keeping it. 

JT: No one must've felt beheading sin call off Christmas.

Yeah, my Ram 10 30. 

Jeff: Yeah, dude. That was so under the three best quotes I picked when he calls it, when he's like you 10 30 my room and he's like, bring a friend like that, that dude that I 

JT: used to love that. Yeah. That's like a two and a half minute, like sequence in the movie and it, but it had, it had wall to wall jams for quotes and I loved it.

So that was definitely one. And it was all 

Jeff: outward. Alan Rickman with an English 

JT: accent. Yeah. Easier for him be in English way 

Jeff: easier. So I have my third scene is when they break into the castle 

JT: at the end, that's mine too. [00:19:00] They're like passing out the weapons 

Jeff: and every time they jump off of something, there's a convenient bale of hay right there, like an Assassin's creed.

And they can just like land on it. And but like how she had like the bow, like his bow is inside the walking stick. Yeah. No, I love that one too. She had it all in the bundle, the bundle of wood and it was like firewood, but it was filled 

JT: with arrows. And the thing was, is that like, that was kind of like a little mini heist movie, like, you know, like she was like sitting up on the on the stone, like catwalk above and like she's like drop a couple swords and then two guys walked by going in opposite directions and just stabbed them and like stuck them under their coat.

I think it was I, yeah. I love that little that's 

Jeff: compensation. I was like, cool. This is like, ocean's 11. Let's do the thing. So what's your third 

JT: because that's your third Dawson. That's my third. That, that last battle. 

Jeff: All of it. Like when, like when the things blow, that's the only part Jake watched with me.

And like the things are blowing up because a Aseem is like shooting the little kegs full of, 

JT: Mason powder and like, no one in England knew about gunpowder in the 11 hundreds. And so everything. So like, this is the only way you could do a movie set in [00:20:00] this time period where Kevin Costner could have like an explosion behind him.

Like while he's shooting a bow and arrow. Did he though? That's was fantastic. Definitely did. That was an iconic scene. It's 

Jeff: on the frigging cup, the poster, 

JT: isn't it? I don't know. It's on the poster in my mind. 

Jeff: It's like him pulling drawn back from the bow with like explosions behind him. Yeah. Great, great stuff.

What about two, three characters? Who's your favorite? 

JT: I mean like 1, 2, 3, and four is Alan Rickman. 

Jeff: That's what I put. I said nobody, but on Rickman, he killed it and 

JT: everybody else sucks. Yeah. Yeah. So like, I mean, they, they re edited this movie to take out Alan Rickman because he was blowing Kevin Costner off the screen.

And Kevin costume was like, by far the biggest star, 

Jeff: which is why I made so much money. Yeah, totally not because it's a fantastic, fantastic reenactment of Robin hood or anything like that. 

JT: Like Alan Rickman, I mean like Royal dramatic academy in London, like Royal Shakespeare company, like [00:21:00] legit, no joke.

Bad-ass actor, but also like his first movie role was Hans Gruber and diehard. And then, and this movie, which is he's amazing in, and then he's Snape and Harry Potter, like just his villains list. Like people would die to have that on their resume. 

Jeff: Yeah. He was awesome in dogma. Like he's good 

JT: at everything great and everything, but yeah, he's like, he's just chewing it up in this movie.

He's like gone for it and it's great. 

Jeff: And you get to pour some out in 2016. Yeah. 

JT: 2016, somewhere around there. And I'm more characters like friar tuck. I liked for our talk. He was good. He made me. Yeah, of course, 

Jeff: you know who he is. 

JT: Yes. Ah, no. I forgot to look that up. 

Jeff: He is a, I recognize this as I heard him talking, he is the guy, the occupational hypnotherapist office space that sends them deeper, deeper and deeper.

He's also on Richie, rich, Jake recognized him from that. He was the guy in the white suit that was giving him all the cool [00:22:00] inventions on Richie. 

JT: Rich. Nice. So, yeah. Yeah. And then Aseem the, the Morgan Freeman character, the the Muslim, he played a great too though. Yeah. I mean, Morgan Freeman, like obviously is only showing up to like hit triples basically, but this was cool because like in the nineties and or the two thousands or the 2000 tens, or now, like you didn't see Muslim characters on screen in big box office movies.

And this was one and it was actually, I mean, he wasn't a Savage. It's like, he was like breaking stereotypes in the movie. Oh yeah. All through the movie. I just thought that was a cool, like representation. Like he had the telescope, he knew how to make the gunpowder. He was like, like friar tuck was like calling him a Savage and like yelling at him.

And he was just like, Hey man, it's cool. Whatever I don't drink. I'm just here to like, do my Chewbacca life debt thing and like pray east when the time 

Jeff: comes. Even, even if it's not even if it's time to save Robyn, I'm still gonna keep her. 

JT: Yeah. Yeah. He takes it seriously. So I thought that was, he did a great job and I thought that was a cool part to be in the movie.

Jeff: [00:23:00] Absolutely, absolutely. Quotes. I re again, quotes. So obviously the, the thing that you played, where it says. Coming to my room. And then there's the part. The other one I have is Alan Rickman where he's like I'm gonna cut your heart out with a spoon. And later when his cousin asks why, why a spoon?

And he was like, because it's

JT: yeah, that's, we're going to have the exact same three quotes for this movie, because those are those Alan Rickman, two or two of mine. And then obviously the third one is Christian Slater. Me. He cleared it, which will be bliss because we're not 13. We're not allowed to say any F words. Unless 

Jeff: we have a if we get, if we, if we get all of the kids together and just have them promise that they won't say that we're 

JT: saying, listen, guys, let's just be mature.

Right? Just all of us, everyone on the internet. Let's just, let's just be adult about it. You know, it's just a word. Do you need me to 

Jeff: have my mom come on the podcast and just say that? Make sure everybody, [00:24:00] 

JT: we can give the disclaimer afterwards. Hey, by the way, we just said a bad word. So you shouldn't turn the.

At that point, 

Jeff: you should have not listened to 

JT: give him off. That's all you got to say his ear muffs. 

Jeff: So actors, writers, directors, actors background. Do you have any extra in there? 

JT: The only, the only extra I have in there is for Brian Adams. You want to talk about the song? Well, yeah, 

Jeff: well, so first of all the musical score, like the score itself, Michael Kevin came in, it was good scores.

JT: Really 

Jeff: good. I liked him a lot. I didn't think I was going to like it as much as I did, then I turned the focus on stuff like that. And it was, it was good. 

JT: The score and the setting, like where they actually fell in those all. 

Jeff: Yeah. That was all England and France. Yeah. As much as special on that. So yeah.

Let's talk, talk about Brian 

JT: apps. All right. So Brian Adams, everything I do I do it for you. Huge song at the end of this month. He won a Grammy and he lost the Emmy to a beauty and the beast for like song in a [00:25:00] movie. 

Jeff: I could see that too, who doesn't like the beating of the beast 

JT: soundtrack. Yeah, the beauty and the beast is great.

That's the right call. So this is a massive song. This song charts for forever. It's number one in 19 countries. It's been 16 weeks at number one in the UK, which is a record that still stands today. 2021 wins the Grammy for best song written for a motion picture, loses the academy award for best song to beauty and the beast.

The live videos of this song on YouTube. There are three of them right now they have 487 million views. So that's a lot. So about the song though, the songs co-written with a mutt Lange, who was a famous songwriter and producer, but who Jeff and I probably know, cause he was married to Shania Twain.

Nice. And he played the song at the wedding reception when he got married to Shania Twain. That's cool. Yeah. So, you know, it's, it's a great song. It's a super cheesy power ballad, but at the time it was an absolute monster song. That charted in 19 countries. 

Jeff: [00:26:00] There's a few things I'll say about it. I wrote down that it was the number one hit for seven weeks in the U S and it was the number one billboard year ending hit for 1981.

It was number one for the whole thing. So I've found, I've had a lot of drama in the movie where you like run Kevin Costner, like runs up to him and he was like, I would die for you. Like, all I could think of is I wouldn't

like every time there was a line in the movie from the song, I would start singing it and Kat would throw like a pin at me from the across the room that she was working on stuff. Like it was all through the movie. There's like six lines that I was like, holy crap. This is. This is the movie, is the song lyrics.

Did he take it that way? I don't. I mean, I didn't 

JT: look that up. I'm just assuming that he was like hired to write a song for the closing credits of this movie, because he's a big artist in 1991. So I just think, and Kevin Costner is a big actor. I think they know this is going to be a big movie and they go, we want Bryan Adams to write a [00:27:00] song and they let him screen the movie and he writes the song based on what he's seen.

And he puts a bunch of lyrics in there. That's what I think happened from the 

Jeff: thing. 

JT: Yeah. I can see this, this song was so big that for people who were alive in 91, now they all hate it. Like that's how big it was. That's how much we. I think if it comes on now, I'm skipping immediately. Really? I might listen to it every once in a while.

Jeff: Yeah. Now I definitely listen to it every once in a while, even the Brandy version, I listened to it. The Brandy 

JT: version. I listen to that one. Yeah. It's a little different critical reception for this movie. It's it's 6.9 out of 10 on INDB 52% on rotten tomatoes. It's kind of all over the place. Like I said, like Rickman wins a BAFTA award for best supporting actor, Costner, Windsor Razzie for worst actor.

Like it's, it's all over. It 

Jeff: is all over the place. I could, I could see how people could not like it just like, I could see how you could skip that song. 

JT: Kind of I was surprised at how much I, how many complaints I had about this movie, given how much I liked it when I was a kid. And how many times I watched it on VHS?

Jeff: Yeah. Well, I have tons of [00:28:00] complaints and 

JT: none of them are warranted. One other, one other positive before we move on to the complaints. Oh, yeah, sure. Like one thing that I did think it was cool, rewatching it later, it's like this movie's full of subtext and foreshadowing and other like kind of literary stuff.

Like, and I really liked that because I caught it all as an adult. And I was like, that's cool. These guys who wrote this, wanted to make a smart movie. And I appreciate that they made the effort like Robin hood as he has a dagger that he got from Marion who got it from the sheriff. And then the sheriff has Robin's dad's sword.

Like they're fighting each other with weapons. That was the other guys. Like there's a lot, there's a lot of like, like foreshadowing stuff in the movie. And I just thought that was cool. 

Jeff: That dagger to stab spoiler alert, stabbed the sheriffs. 

JT: In the end. All right. You got anything else for best? You want to go to the worst?

Jeff: I have so much, I have almost an entire page of notes that I wrote down some stuff for the worst, which I wouldn't think it was going to be a thing, but it is. Yeah. 

JT: My wife was surprised as we were watching it. I was like, ah, man, I just, I [00:29:00] got a lot of stuff that, that didn't she was like, what? She's like, oh my gosh.

I thought it was so good. I was just, I was so happy the whole time. I was like, yeah, I, I, there. So there's some stuff that I, I got some complaints stuff. Didn't hold up. All right. You go, you 

Jeff: go, you go first. Give me your 

JT: worst. The first thing is the hat that I had is the hair. Everybody in this movie, male and female look like they're wearing a live Wolverine on their head.

And I don't understand why they, it was like big. It was like big like poofy. They were like, it wasn't a mullet because it was long on the top and on the front. But it like, it made their heads at twice the size as it should've been. 

Jeff: Yes. Same problem. Not only did I think constantly his hair was mullet tastic, but even Mary Elizabeth master, master Antonio Wilkes booth was, she was, her hair was just like so curly and so gross.

I don't know how to, and Richmond 

JT: had the same, like the same, like weird like mullet, Wolverine hair that Costner did. 

Jeff: Yeah. But he did the thing where I did the blow dryer [00:30:00] straight at the thing and just brushed it back. So it's 

JT: all feathered in the, I tried to ask my wife because I don't know anything about hair.

I was like, what was up with that? Was that like a style that had a name? Did people do that? Because I was like two young ones, movie came out to like, have a hairstyle. And she was like, I don't know what 

Jeff: that was. No, I remember your hairstyle in 1991. 

JT: What? I, I still had the cold bulk cut. I wore that everywhere.

Jeff: Ice cold, sometimes 

JT: middle part. The middle part came a couple of years later, but I think in 91, I was still doing the. But dude, I mean, the only person in this movie who didn't have the Wolverine hair was Christian Slater talking about my hair because like around this time I, like, I was on a quest for like that Christian Slater hair, like the Brad Pitt and river runs through it, like Brendan Frazier, like Encino man, like that, like I wanted that hair and I could never get it.

So I was like going to like, as like a 13 year old going, I can't get, she made my hair do that. And then like, they would do it when I was there and then never again. 

Jeff: Yeah. And then you can't read, you can't make it look like that again. [00:31:00] Yeah. I didn't like Christian Slater's hair because of that. Nobody does their hair like that back then everybody really did wear like mullet type, really bad hair.

JT: didn't, I didn't like it. Cause it seemed like it was really effortless and I'm still, I'm still upset about that. Cause I just, I tried hard and he's like out like just in the woods, like just rocking the hair, just killing it, killing it. All I want to do is go to Europe, Mary Christian, Slater and die.

Jeff: And Christian Slater, give us a call. So Kevin passenger's accent 

JT: is the thing that most people point to, you got a lot of heat for the accent or lack. Yeah, 

Jeff: but this is the thing. So I started looking at like, I was watching, like, everybody in my house was getting mad because I was watching in the living room, but I was watching videos of behind the scenes things.

And they were saying like, yeah, Kevin Costner, they hired him a dialect coach. And then his friend who is also the director Kevin Reynolds, he was like, you don't need that guy. Let's just keep you just do the same. You do your accent. I was like, what the hell? Why would they say 

JT: that? Well, [00:32:00] so that's what, that's what I read too, is that the director, Kevin Reynolds, who was Kevin?

Well, a close friend of Kevin costumes. He was worried that Costner wouldn't be able to pull off the accent. So it's like instead of going forward and missing, he was like, just, just do your regular thing. Cause, cause Costner comes into this movie three weeks after he finishes dances with wolves and movie that he like wrote directed and starred in and then edited.

So like he's wiped out and he rolls into this and it's just, they just hand him a script and it's like, he doesn't have time to get the accent work down. So they were like, rather than like doing a weird accent, just like, just forget it. 

Jeff: And I don't even really know how movies work as far as this goes, can you not have like a dialect coach sitting off camera?

Just like nudge the director and be like, Hey really? He miffed that pretty well. 

JT: Well, I mean, I guess you could, but this movie was already like, it was running behind by day one because they didn't like Kevin Reynolds is directing he's from Texas. They drop him in an angle and he's like, oh, it rains. Like all the time.

We don't have enough time to shoot this. I feel like I don't think they had time. Cause I, you know, [00:33:00] I wonder about that too. It's like, can't cause if it's me, right? Like I'm not gonna, like, I don't have like an English accent I can pull out. But if someone just said the line and an accent, I can just remember it in a mimic it, but maybe I don't know that that would be great.


Jeff: Cause I think you got to put your own feeling into it when you're 

JT: acting. I dunno. Cause the Kevin Reynolds, the director said like in an interview, he's a, again, Kevin didn't really have time to like sink into the character, which I feel like is a really Hollywood way of saying like he was terrible, but we needed him because he was facing.

And also he's my friend. He really had 

Jeff: time to absorb that yet. Dave, I'm sorry, dude. Again, that was their biggest thing. And by far his, I mean, it was like, why won't you follow us? And he was like, because I am not one of you. And I was like, that's not even close this. 

JT: He's like, guys, guys, this is English courage.

This right here. 

Jeff: I couldn't I couldn't get past the mullet. You could put him saying whatever you want. And I [00:34:00] didn't notice any of it because 

JT: of his like dances with wolves gets seven Oscar nominations. He wins best picture. He wins best director. He. Beat by the time he shows up to this movie. Cause I, I, like, I was looking, I was like, he was 36.

When this filmed, he looks like an old catcher's Mitt. He seems like he's exhausted. I'm like, yeah. He seems like they just stood him up and then they pointed the camera at him and someone like fed him his lines. 


Jeff: That sounds great. Can I be 

JT: that kind of actor? Yeah. And then the movie made $390 million.

Everything's coming up mill house. Everything's coming up. Mill house. Yeah. He just, I mean, he just seems like he's tired and this movie, the American accent is a weird choice, but a bad British accent. I don't know if that had really been better. 

Jeff: Yeah. It probably, it probably wouldn't have been better. I think you're right.

That he just. He was probably tired. I've seen dances with wolves. I was tired when I got finished watching it. So I know that he might've been tired making 

JT: it. I mean also, I mean, Kevin Costner, like he always seems tired in his movies. Like he's just a laid back type of guy. Yeah. He is now he told us just a weird choice.

Like it's [00:35:00] weird to have a Robin hood where he feel like he's going to be like, do you guys want some fish tacos? Like he just, you know, like they did a Russell Crowe Robin hood movie, like 10 years ago, really Scott. And it wasn't good, but that was more of the, like, that was more of the right move.

Jeff: Right? No, I agree. And I liked the Ridley Scott one too. Yeah, it was it wasn't great, but it was, 

JT: it was pretty good. What else you got on bad? 

Jeff: Oh man. So in the beginning he says you traveled 10,000 miles to save my life and then you leave me here to be butchered. I was like, holy crap, boy, did I, even as the Crow flies.

Yeah. Not even 10,000, not even close, like even if he went home to the Iberian peninsula where the Moore's are from, you got nothing, you know what I'm saying? Simon close to 10,000. I had a problem with that. And who, again, that's neither here nor there, and I don't know why I'm even complaining about it.

But when I saw it now that I've watched movies and then talked about them with you, where [00:36:00] people wear glasses, that don't have real glass in them or 

JT: freaking, but you're saying, and in 1991, there's no Google maps that you would've had to pull out an Atlas and you'd have to get a ruler and then you have to figure out how many miles it is.

And then you have to ask yourself, does Kevin Costner have this information handy in the year 1100 when he can't even use the telescope? No. 

Jeff: I'm just saying it's barely 3000. Why did he go with 10,000? He, he was 

JT: off by just a hair, just this coach. 

Jeff: On the same vein when he gets back home, when Robin gets back home and he meets me and Marian he was like, come into the light child.

We knew each other. Well, like he just said it was six years. Like how much different do you look from now? And six 

JT: years ago, that was, that was weird because it was like oh, do I see the boy that I once knew? It's like six years ago, right? The priests. 

Jeff: Yes. Same thing. I looked 

JT: this, Kevin Costner is 36. [00:37:00] He goes away.

30 comes back at 36 and everyone's like, you'd kind of familiar the same. 

Jeff: And he's the same exact catcher that used to be. In Durham, same dude. The next one I had was will Scarlet trip pulls the rope and he sings a song and he's like, and now look at him, Schiff and CZ was walking through the room and she heard it and she started staying in, pop, goes the weasel.

And I was like, awesome. I don't know when that song was written. So I looked it up and it's the 1850s. So that's that's off. Well, 

JT: dude, the English didn't speak in the movie didn't exist in the 11 hundreds. Like I'm Frank, it's like fricking Canterbury tales. I'm totally making. Cause I saw, I saw people saying that like, oh, well he said he ad-libbed me.

He cleared it. That word didn't even exist back then. It's like, all right, none of these words existed back then. Who cares? Just, yeah, just you're focusing [00:38:00] on the wrong thing. Don't worry about it. 

Jeff: And so that, I don't know. I just wanted to mention that pop goes, the weasel was not written until 1850s. So 

JT: somewhere in there, dude, I, I had, I had one like right when he gets back to England and like.

He's like he's wearing like full head to toe leather. And then he's also wearing a Cape over that. Like, looks like a blanket, like a patchwork quilt and where all of this stuff, which already looks like it weighs several thousand pounds. He drops down and lays in the water to like kiss the sand and roll around.

And just, I mean, I just, when I saw that, I was like, I don't care how long I've been gone. 

Jeff: You've never been gone from your house for six years. Six years, man. Six years, 

JT: 10 years, man. 10 years. Yeah, I know it's a long time he's in, he was in a dungeon. They were going to cut his hand off. He escaped, you know, he made friends see, he traveled by boat.

I get it. I'm just saying like head to toe leather and a blanket for a Cape and I'm [00:39:00] laying down in the water. I don't think so. I think also you should mention again, 

Jeff: that it was saying, he was saying, 

JT: because. 

Jeff: SA, like, I can't even imagine the chafing. I would have walking from the cliffs of Dover or wherever he landed to all the way back to his house.

JT: I just and went head to toe leather in a blanket, get heavy wet. Yeah. I like to everybody in this movie had capes though. I liked capes. I liked that. Like the jet, I have capes everybody in this movie has capes. Cool. I want, I like all 

Jeff: more Cape. Yes. Capes will get you killed though. They get caught in the intake of the airplane, but that's just, cause I watch a lot of Incredibles with my kids.

Yeah. I 

JT: just don't get you sucked in there every once in a while. I mean, and they're scratchy, but like you also always have a blanket and like everybody looks cool and you can hide a sword underneath them. So like there's a lot of positives to 

Jeff: yeah. There's another totally is. The next grape that I had was The Hey piles everywhere.

Conveniently for people to jump out of SS 

JT: and CSS, essence, creed, Hey, piles, [00:40:00] conveniently located. Anytime you want to jump off of something in the 11 hundreds, there's a hay bale underneath you. Count on it 

Jeff: the free time. Like they jumped off of it like three times off of a wall. And you went over the wall and landed in, Hey, like if he just kept playing, 

JT: dude, it was, it was definitely Assassin's creed.

They just, anytime you needed to jump, there was hay underneath you. The other one that I had is it's not CGI, but it is, it is a special effect and it there's this like famous, like the camera is on. That is on the arrow. You know, it's in the trailer, it's all like he shoots. And then the POV is like a camera mounted on the arrow as it like zooms through the forest.

And then it splits to other arrows, which I 

Jeff: have a problem with by the way. Cause we saw how long it took these poor people to make all of these arrows by hand, cutting them from the very living forest that they're in and taking the leaves off and shaving and making sure they're straight and he's just showing off and he splits the arrow in total.


JT: splits it in Twain, but did he say he's management? He's not making arrows. He's supervising that. [00:41:00] So it's like, whatever man makes some arrows, I'm trying to show off for people. But I just, the effect was just like, I mean, it was like groundbreaking at the time, but looking back it's like that's, that's, that's, that's a little corny.

That's not great. I could do that with my. 

Jeff: You should totally go back though 

JT: and look how they made it. How'd they make it? I thought it was like a composite thing. Like some of the stuff they didn't star wars where like they just superimposed the like arrow. Yeah. 

Jeff: They, they superimpose the walk up to the tree and they sped it up.

But even the hand holding the bow that's in the shot is a fake hand. And the arrow, the arrow is 

JT: like, you know, see, cause I assume they just had a guy like walk really slowly towards the tree. And then they took that shit and then composite it on top of it, the arrow. Right. But 


Jeff: wasn't like an arrow. It was an arrow.

That was 

JT: huge. It was just like, cause it takes up like the third frame. Right? They don't have 

Jeff: like a pen light camera that slept little tiny that they could sit on an arrow. They had to make 

JT: the arrow bigger than I'm with it. 

Jeff: Speaking of Wolf, how old do you think he was? When he, when we filmed that eight, [00:42:00] very close.

He was 15. Dude did not look 15 and tall cause he's 

JT: 46 now. Yeah. Now he was a kid. That kid was good. Yeah. Like the only other thing I have in the worst. And it is by far the worst, it's the only real complaint on this whole list. It is the fact that at the end of this movie, there is a rape scene. The, the sheriff is attempting to rape maid.

Marian pushes her legs up. Yes. And not only that, but it's a rape scene played for comic effect. It's he's like Rickman's making quips as the attempts to rape the female lead. That is really stark on the rewatch. It's like, dude, what? Like grape comedy. That's not how you make a giant movie. That's not, Hey, make any kind of 

Jeff: movie or her in the tower.

Yeah, no, I'm totally with you. And I didn't like, again, that end part Jake was watching with me and he was like, what are they doing? I was like [00:43:00] tired. Let me just fast forward, 

JT: skip, 

Jeff: skip the rape scene. So wait I, before we go on, I did have a couple more, I didn't like how they showed Kevin Costner's, but not that I don't like Kevin gassers, but I do 

JT: double it wasn't as bud.

Jeff: It doesn't matter. I'm saying like, why did they show anybody's brought the carers? But I didn't know that then I had the fact that king Richard was played by Sean Connery. Yeah. And he has a Scottish accent. And king Richard spent most of his time in France and probably spoke French mostly.

JT: And also Sean Connery's awesome. Sean Connery played Robin hood and a movie in 1976. Female lead for Marion was Aubrey hepper. Yeah. I totally remember let him speak whatever acts anyway. 

Jeff: No I'm with you. But the other thing I had, he was like 63. And when this was all going down, like the crusades I was like, can, I don't think Richard was that old?

And I looked it up and he was not, he was 37. So yeah, a little off there too. But again, 

JT: you know, as a, as a documentary about the third [00:44:00] crusades is probably not great. 

Jeff: Yeah. Yeah. There's, it's not historically accurate, but you know, 

JT: No, it's not historically accurate at all. 

Jeff: Then one last thing I had was Aseem has like the one of the curves, swords, cemetery, whatever.

Yeah. He had it in like the sheet and it was smaller at the bottom, like where it was connected by the hilt. So how, how do you pull that 

JT: out? But I always see them in that type of sheet cause like the pirate sword and I never understand how they were supposed to get it out of them. Is it does it like 

Jeff: flat open and you pull it out, but then you got like snaps, like your coach put me in and you pull your pants off.

JT: I don't, I don't know. That's a good question. I'm not, I'm not a sort of expert. We'll have to get some people on that. The intern check on that. 

Jeff: Is it okay if I get my sword expert to come in and then we'll see how much we can offer you for this? I feel like we're on 

JT: porn stars. I can do twenty-five dollars.

That's the best I can do. Best I can do is 

Jeff: 30 bucks. 

JT: I really didn't like the witch really. I didn't know sheriff Nottingham's like, it has like a secret, [00:45:00] like which behind the scenes, who's like doing all kinds of witchcraft. She spitting on things. She's breaking chicken bones, she's throwing dice and she's like predicting the future.

And she's super weird, 

Jeff: but she's not predicted. And I didn't catch that until I watched it this time. And I've seen this movie probably 20 times. I didn't realize that she was looking through the hole and cheating the whole. So the hole in the wall where he figures it out. I don't 

JT: know if that's, you know, she's, she's fighting on his stuff, but she's also predicting stuff that she can't see through the wall.

And she's talking about the painted man coming to killer. Yeah. I just had like the whole time, the whole like devil worshiper, witchcraft, whatever it was. I just didn't, I didn't like that subplot. I didn't think it was. What about the fact that she was his mom? This one's going to say they cut like 25 minutes out of this movie.

And that was one of the things that would have been revealed as that she was his. And I'm really glad that we didn't have to see that because it was creepy. And 

Jeff: what version did you watch? I watched the probably directors. 

JT: That's the one that has the extra time in it. I didn't, I didn't watch that one.

Jeff: Yeah. So maybe that's why I didn't [00:46:00] know about it before, because 

JT: you have 25 extra minutes. 

Jeff: I didn't know. That was his mom. I didn't know that 

JT: she was the U S ever did. 

Jeff: That's awesome. I know I did. Cause the whole time I was like, oh, so she was looking through the wall cause he comes in there, her room and is like, listen here you, which I know you've been spying on me and that's how you do all this.

And I was like, ah, it would have been better if she was just like a real witch that had like eggs full of blood and she was expecting and stuff and dragging her fingernail. Like I don't like that was that, that whole. 

JT: And then I watched, I had the real witchcraft and it wa it wasn't any better. I didn't like it.

I did like her eyes. Yeah, it creeped me out. So yeah, 

Jeff: I don't other than other than all of those problems, I didn't have a problem with any of 

JT: it. Yeah. So all in all two thumbs up. Yeah. 

Jeff: I really liked it. You think we have 

JT: time for the time capsule? Yeah, man. Let's do it. I'm gonna enter in a bunch of this stuff out here, but let's go ahead and drop it.

All right. 

Jeff: So the time capsule that we decided to do for this one, a little throwback is just to talk about Robin hood [00:47:00] in general, the story, how it got to there. Basically the guy we're talking about Robin hood, he's been in ballads and books and films, and one of the most popular you know, pop culture, folk heroes of the last 700 years Rob from the rich gives to the poor something that everybody can get behind.

Basically most people think it started as a may day celebration. And may day is typically the first Monday in may. It's like. Religious festival that they, that they do. So they think he was in the 15th century. He was he was a religious figure. A lot of the children's tales in the 19th century popularized them with the pictures that have the, you know, the feather in the hat and the, the, the orange, the green, the green outfit that came in the 19th century.

But most of the actual real life Robin hood that they think they know, okay, this is probably here. This is about comes from nicknames in the 13th century. They have a R O B E H O D robe HOD. Those are names that nicknames of criminals all throughout the 13th [00:48:00] century, that nobody knows if that's a real dude or not.

Nobody has any idea. Most of the people that follow along and are like, yes, this is definitely a story that I like. Nobody does it really matter if he's real or not though for the story? I don't think. Yeah, so whether w I mean, we know him as a peasant or a Knight or a fallen noble that lost all of his stuff to the sheriff in most of the.

The first versions. He is a regular commoner little John will Scarlet. Those have already been, those are always part of the Mary men, which by the way, that means outlaw back then. But maid, Marian, friar, tuck Aseem Chu, all of those guys, those aren't, those didn't come around until later when they're trying to like diversify stuff and bring in movies and stuff like that.

But the actual, the actual dude himself, a Robin hood most people think probably not a guy, the closest that people will tell you cause all of the stories you're looking at about 40 different versions of rubbish. [00:49:00] All the ones where they talk about he dies. Basically he becomes ill, little John takes into a priory.

There's a guy named sir, Roger. He I don't know if you've ever read any other Robin hoods, sir. Roger talks the priory, the prior S who is his aunt, Robin, her dad to kill him. So he slowly bleeds him. And with his last ounce of breath, he blows a horn, Coles, little John who comes to his aid habit.

It's basically too late. They brings her to a window, gives them one more arrow and shoots it and says, wherever this era lands, that's where I shall be buried. And there's like a priory in your Winchester. Field bill Iowa. And outside of that priority, there's a big mound. And most people think like the real Robin hood is buried there.

Nice. But nobody can tell you if Robin is real. But who cares? Like it's a good story that everybody can get behind. 

JT: Yeah. I mean, we never, we never know about the fables, the myths, like the apocryphal stuff. If there's a real person or not, I don't care [00:50:00] how at all, 

Jeff: As long as like the, even if it, and some people think it's like an amalgam of a bunch of different people, all mixed together, that's good to like, just tell a good story.

Who cares. I'm not hanging out with the guy. 

JT: Yeah. Just end up where it says on the ticket, but there's, there's 

Jeff: exactly. There's a lot of people though. They're like, oh, well, you know, king Arthur is not even real. Or Robin hood is not even real. So I don't, I don't like those stories like that. 

JT: Who cares?

Yeah. I like, I like real stuff, like fast and furious. I like a real honest tale about real people that I know. Right. 

Jeff: I it's about family. 

JT: Cool. That's the that's the legend of Robin hood. What else? You might remember me from such films as firecrackers, the silent killer. Yes. I need to find those.

The only one for this is John Connery. Really? King Richard. The Lionheart, even though he's way too old and way too Scottish. But yeah, he's Sean Connery and people are excited when he shows up in movies. He played Robin hood in 76 with Aubrey Hepburn, Audrey. Yeah, that's a, [00:51:00] 

Jeff: that's a, that's a different that's that's her granddaughter and made Marion was supposed to be Robin.

Right. Did you see that? 

JT: I did. Yeah, we should. You wish you had that. Cause Mary Elizabeth master Antonio did a really good job, but she wasn't supposed to be in this movie. It's supposed to be Robin. Right. Robin Wright found out she was pregnant a couple of weeks for filming was going to start. And who's Robin, right?

Robin Wright is the was at that point, the wife of Sean Penn. And now she is in the wonder woman movies. 

Jeff: Right? Right. Like the only thing I know her for, I mean, I know her from those things you just mentioned. But she was Jenny and Forrest Gump. She was J. Yeah, she was she found out she was pregnant.

So they said, you know what, Mary Lou Elizabeth Retton master Antonio to 

JT: Agnes Morehead. Finkelstein. Yeah, Mary Elizabeth master Antonio just kind of said, like I was in London doing a play and they basically just said like, do you want to do this movie? And I said, yes. And then we started, she did a great job.

I like her job. I kept thinking in my head that it was Renee Russo in that role, even though I knew that it wasn't, I just kept in my head picturing Rene Russo, like wearing the like made Marian [00:52:00] outfits. Yeah. You said 

Jeff: that. I can't remember what movie she would have dressed like 

JT: that in the only movie I was going to say would only make, think of is Thor and maybe it's cause I've rewatched Thor recently as I just, I just kept thinking that like she was, I knew it wasn't her, but I kept, oh, 

Jeff: wait, she's in a movie with the guy who played bond.

What's his name? Mrs. Doubtfire. Now Ms. she's 

JT: in a movie with him. Thomas crown. 

Jeff: Yeah, maybe that's it. When that come out. I don't know. Around, 

JT: around the same time mid nineties, maybe. I dunno. Yeah, that was good. I liked that movie. Yeah. 

Jeff: Like the two. Yeah. So that's all I had for the remember 

JT: me. Cool. The bonus section for this movie, because there've been so many Robin hood movies as we assembled our top three favorite Robin hood adaptations.

You want to go first? You want me to go first? 

Jeff: Do you, am I giving you all three? You 

JT: just give me, give me number one a minute and tights many types. Number one. Okay. Mel Brooks, men in tights. Hard to argue that movie's fantastic. My number one is the Disney [00:53:00] animated Robin hood from 1975 Robin. And, and are foxes.

The sheriff has a snake. I just, I don't know. I liked that one. No, 

Jeff: it was a good one. It was my number four. Nice. The, the animated one. My second one was this one. Nice prince of thieves. Am I? And my third one was the newer one with Jamie Fox and the other guy who plays Elton 

JT: John Taron Egerton. Yeah. Yeah.

Number two for me is the adventures of Robin hood in 1938 with Errol Flynn. That's like the gold standard Robin hood movie. He's like the, if you think about Robin hood, that's Robin hood, you're thinking of, and it went three academy awards. Yeah, no, it's good. It's still is still good, but yeah. And then I have prince of thieves third, and then I have honorable mentioned four minutes.

Cool five questions. Is it okay for kids and what age? Okay. 

Jeff: So there's brief male nudity for a Botox, which we already talked about. There's a lot of reference to male genitalia and the whole rape scene. But other than that, there's hardly any sex language. There's one [00:54:00] F-word obviously we talked about that.

A lot of jokes like someone has balls of solid rock. He said one time there's a lot of damn and hell and stuff. You know, stuff I can get past violence. There's a lot of medieval violence, you know, in the very beginning, the machete and the cemetery chops off the guy's hand, there's blood and torture and stuff like that.

Like the guy goes to grab his sword and Robin shoots him in the head. And he sticks to his gut and will Scarlet against them in the hand. Yeah, all that stuff. Also there's a lot of the thing CC didn't like when she was walking through how there was like frogs and like mice and stuff and the witches quarters.

And she was like pushing them off and like, like stepping on them and stuff. And she didn't like that. And then drugs drinking, alcohol smoking for our tux drunk the whole time. There's a lot of me drinking. And there's a young boy Wolf he's drinking with everybody else. But everybody drank 

JT: back then.

Just the water. Yeah. I think the legal drinking age he's probably okay. His parents are there. Like I think 

Jeff: the dude, if he was playing a kid that was eight, that's the legal drinking age back then the water, the [00:55:00] water gives you a frigging diptheria or Giardia. So you don't want to, you don't want to drink.

Make it beer make a delicious so, so, so I would say 14 gold, not, not 13, cause you know, 

JT: it's PG 13, but it's 14. I gave it a 

Jeff: four. I gave it to 14, push 

JT: it up. This movie got a rated PG in the UK, I think, due to like heavy studio pressure. And the people in the UK said like, yeah, we messed that up. We should not have done that because we got a lot of complaints.

Yeah. I could see that. But I think now I think it's been rerated and it's been pushed up to like TV 14 and Brittany. 

Jeff: All right. Would it get made if it was 

JT: pitched now? Yeah, I mean, does anyone ever pitch a Robin hood movie that doesn't get made? They make one, every five years, they made two big budget.

Robin hoods in the last decade. They made one in 2010 and one in 2018. Yeah. I look forward to the next one. I'll go see it. I was going to 

Jeff: say I'll watch both of them. All right. So if it's made again, do they make it a movie or a TV show? Can you make a Robin hood TV show? That's not princess. 

JT: I'm sure they'll make another Robin hood movie, but I think it'd be cool to see them do a TV show.

Like [00:56:00] I think what were the, what were they do? I mean, they can be the Merry men and the woods that are robbing people. And I mean, Breaking bad. You know, you take three seasons to build up to the confrontation between Robin and the sheriff. Yeah. I could see that. Like, I think that could be cool. All right.

And you 

Jeff: work on that and we'll pitch 

JT: it. Yes. I'll get my people on that. 

Jeff: So who plays the lead? Who can do an English 

JT: accent? Who can do an English action? Well, Taron Egerton can cause he's English. 

Jeff: We always was supposed to play this part, but he was like, this plot is not good. That's why when Mel Brooks asked him to do print.

Men and tights, he was like, can I make fun of the other ones? He was like, yeah, that's what this whole thing is. That's the 

JT: idea. Great. He's like, great. Let's do it. I think there are a lot of people can play Robin hood. I think this is a part that a lot of like male leads could get into. I don't think it would be hard at all to cast that.

I mean like when, when Princeton thieves got made, there were two other Robin hood movies in production at the same time. Like we can just, we can just crank this out. Like every, everybody, like everybody's in a superhero movie, [00:57:00] everybody could get a Robin hood movie. I'd be okay with it. 

Jeff: Would you be okay with switching around?

Like they're doing a lot of movies where it's like, okay, now it's a black Robin hood green. Absolutely. Bring it on. What about if you do it? Like the Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio where it's like fresh and new, 

JT: but it's also Romeo and Juliet, like brought to you by a MTV from me across Juliet with Claire Danes and Leo Leonardo DiCaprio.

So what if it's like Robin 

Jeff: hood and. A fresh new take on it and it's set in 2021 is stuff going to blow up. That's all I'm asking for. All right. Did you still enjoy this movie in 2021? Yeah, I did too. 

JT: I loved it. I watched this movie a million times when I was a kid. I don't enjoy it as much now as I did them, but I still, I liked it.

It was good. 

Jeff: Yeah, I was going to say I could have definitely I could've watched it again. I'll probably watch it again soon. 

JT: Nice. Where do you find it? It's available on apple TV. It's available for rent on YouTube and on a bunch of other places. So we'll put it in the show notes. We'll link. We'll link it.

Yeah, [00:58:00] 

Jeff: absolutely. All right. So we told them where we can get it. I think that's it right? When's the next episode. 

JT: Yeah. Yeah. When they, when, when they hear this one, the next episode will be necessary roughness featuring our first ever guest. So that's pretty cool. Nice. Awesome. Yeah. Thank you everyone for listening.

That's pretty cool. I 

Jeff: subscribed. Should they tell their friends? Cause I feel like we're hitting a nice stride right here where nobody's listening or just the right amount of people are listening and I'm not. 

JT: Yeah, I think we're in a good place. I don't want to go crazy. Keep it a secret. Keep it under your hat.

We got, let it be slow. Yeah, we still got room for improvement. We took a 30 minute break during this one while we try to fix our mics. That's what happens 

Jeff: when you only have $15 budget. 

JT: All right. See you next time. 

Trailer Guy: Don't listen to them, share this podcast with everyone. I need your close, your boots as a motorcycle.

Stay tuned next month for the next movie. I still love you. Stop.[00:59:00]