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Sept. 6, 2021

Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead

Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead

1991, Ep. 3

Jeff, did you get the audio pulled from Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead so we can include it?

I'm right on top of that, Rose!

Yes, yes you are. Today we're on the cult classic Christina Applegate (not to be confused with Christina Aguilera) vehicle Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead.  Co-starring the former Knox Overstreet, Josh Charles, and with a sneaky early career David Duchovny (complete with Binaca spray and Miami vice sports coat), this cornball comedy is surprisingly fun and sweet still today. 

We cover:

  • Christina Applegate vs. Christina Aguilera
  • Computers: here to stay? (comes with LotusNotes)
  • And why no one smokes in movies anymore


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 welcome to movie life crisis 30 years ago Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead from 1991 midlife crisis and with me is I don't know if this is episode 3 or episode 103 if we want to pretend like we're going to have seasons but they may be episode 103 really silly single mother goes away for the summer delighted mom hired a babysitter Wellness Center they drop the body up in a mortuary all their expense money was in the old ladies at the mortuary without Mom without money and just means actual polarity in Seuss from there five kids this single mom goes to Australia for the summer and leaves 5K easily able to conceal from the mom that the babysitter died you could still holiday I hope not I mean Seminole dining give us the 1991 number so I really in the summer of 91 June budget of 10 million 5 million opening weekend was 4.2 million so not that bad play some money yeah Midlake on the on the 1991 box offices movies not very high but when I say call took off on VHS some people really started to like get into it Mike Conley the last time because people still watch it and still talk about it and still write articles about it bizarre late when this comes on TV there's still people out there by the way when were numbers the house they were in the house they lived in Iron Canyon Road in Santa Clarita California founded on Google Maps and they sold it in 2005 for 1.8 million dollars so the house of Jane filmed it in his worst half of the box-office they pull for the entire first weekend yeah that was one of my big questions when I was watching it just like what are you looking at cows but then you work in downtown Los Angeles so it will get to that later on is Santa Clarita yet in 1991 I don't think she went to work at think she went with her boyfriend just left her five kids and went traveling to Australia with her new boyfriend make it happen MTV Awards MTV Awards in 1991 will have the intern look on that look at that sequels spin-offs no sequels no spin-offs but they're rebooting this and 21 they're working on it they're working on a reboot of this with a more diverse cast which should be really easy to do because this original movie only had one non-white person's fecal I'm so which is awesome so girl when she was doing the thing at the end thank you Nicole do you remember where you saw this movie really remember sure ghs or HBO one of the production companies was HBO so it was actually made for HBO which I'll get into in a minute when you talk about I don't know if I Southern HP or if I saw it Blockbuster I remember being in like our old house like what like probably with a babysitter witches and I already didn't get it done I wish I could remember Lincoln River call through but if someone had HBO's like what's up realized I didn't realize the best stuff about this movie best scenes with when your best scenes one of my favorite scenes is then there on the little hippity hop never I have never had one of those seem to Christina Applegate in there and down the aisles on the little hippity hop guys the next moment I had was oh yeah that's the babysitter dies of this like cool like 50s like a turnip as a Cadillac or like a ballet or something nice 4646 Buick and cell like drag queens steal their car even their car who are they told somebody who dressed in drag with Liza Minnelli I didn't understand like even as an adult like why what the reason was that they were drag queens accepted maybe this was funny can't even report it wasn't even the Grunion Run is this fun to say Grunion Run the Josh Charles takes Christina Applegate to Santa Monica in the lake in the Grunion run grunions a type of fish I guess based on what it was happening on the scene and never heard of that they were underneath the you ruined the moment you ruined it yeah by talking about it the best word that Josh Charles to Christina Applegate scenes taking their both really good really believable so I liked when they were like anytime they are doing stuff together two great actors I also had that designing like and house cleaning Montage this movie didn't have a bunch of scenes that like really jumped out of music but there is a Pulitzer bit towards that like probably starting the last act or like Christina Applegate apparel company she works for even though she's lied to get the job Chico's on this leg designing woman she's making the uniforms call Jenny the oldest brother's like all of his pothead friends are like helping like wash the house and they're painting cool yeah there is literally ended was like this big like crane shot of like kids Poulan my someone's pain the house and like someone's like literally using a like regular like saw that you hold with your hand doesn't have electricity like old-school like green analogs bored you know it's not just a hand tool but it's just the fashion show like ever remember jesting like that weeping willow like when in the 1950s when they would like go like in the year 2000 flying cars in LA look like what does people to draw 60 people my favorite characters were suellen which is Christina Applegate obviously this is like a movie for her Married With Children first leading role this your first leading role and she's a huge TV star at this point even though she's you know whatever 1820 opposite of you who is Josh Charles sister I couldn't you watch your like this shake is you in the morning I have her as my least favorite character that's amazing post was Gus the boyfriend is also on my list you're not supposed to David Duchovny character as my with the receptionist with Jacuzzis in the room is like what is that does like a breath freshener that you spray in your mouth aerosol breath restaurant let me see know why I like Gus first misu Allen he's suellen Boston and they're talking and he's like what I made sure her lunch later on she's like like I got a big meeting I don't know if I can cuz I go to Sue Ellen Wright he literally met her less than 30 seconds ago didn't like them I'm saying the character was good like was a good character like from a creation standpoint or was that bad character in actually thought that he likes served a purpose in this movie Jane Brooks who plays the receptionist and also plays Josh Charles's sister in this movie and her boyfriend Bruce who's David Duchovny I didn't like Bethel unnecessary was fine and did a good job hero's journey the receptionist has caused some sort of something to stop her from going bald could remember and her and her boyfriend try to like they're like the Nemesis they're trying to get Christina Applegate fire yeah they're doing all kind of sabotage nothing was like you didn't need any of that Cindy there like she was sister of Krishna please love interest like that was kind of contrived like Christina Applegate is already going to get found out as a seventeen-year-old who's pretending she's a twenty-eight-year-old her mom comes home during the fashion show she's already gone cover blown you cut me like he's got a slicked-back like Samurai ponytail and he's wearing Miami Vice jackets with the sleeves cuff and he's doing the Binaca spray it's amazing from the movie and you could delete the receptionist and it would go exactly the same Riley give his kind of cartoonish for me I just small things like that when she when she sits down at the desk and I have a fridge Diet Sprite in tab whenever I want actors or the performances in the movie would be better come with it close yeah quotes that you want to go first Arena first one and then I'll give you mine first one is right on top of that Rose that's the one that everybody still closed we need to make merch for put on either a coffee mug or a bumper sticker or both Google play the quote just wear like tell sure to do that just so you can get the contacts whenever were not alone or I'm on the phone and I ask you something doesn't matter what it is I'm right on top of that Rose okay okay roses are boss roses are boss because this quote was so obvious I didn't even included in my three which I now like was that was silly I should have included it I just I just like I just kind of like put it in as a given all three of mine is TV rods from the babysitter Henry was so perfect I don't know if that's the first time anyone ever said that but I felt like kids were saying that to each other like all through my childhood I'm in the other one is Sue Ellen Christina Applegate is is working until skinny the stoner Brothers e-gift to do the dishes and then him and his Stoner buddies on the second floor roof like skeet shooting with the dishes and as he shoots the last one he says the iconic line play an impersonation later on dishwasher realized I'll realize how often I still say stupid crap because it's in my lexicon so easily built-in I definitely oh, man this from Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead the dishwasher in the morning and like is already gone to work or to the gym it's just me and hugs and still ugly universe and then the last time I had a positive you didn't have but it cracked me up Stoner friends were parking cars and David Duchovny pulls up in some like beat up Geo and I knew you were going to go Metallica bread something is going on there's the disguiser like big-time Stoners and punks and like people who really into heavy metal and her really into Punk hate Metallica Metallica number one if you like into heavy metal or play I was not aware of any this is my second and my third one something I still do also is when Sue Ellen goes to a restaurant with Gus teeny Martini & Rossi on the rocks sweet or dry sweet or dry a little bit ago so restaurant grilled or fried chicken I don't drink martinis eating a dry martini ijump I know you can't have you can't have both truly exclusive baby shaken or stirred also I learned that from a video so I don't know the answer I don't even know Martini & Rossi this movie like the five siblings little bit information so obviously like Christina Applegate it's a vehicle for her Josh Charles is the love interest of Josh from Sports night is in Dead Poets Society as one of the all-time greats like D'Brickashaw Ferguson level amazing name in that movie which is Knox Overstreet The Good Wife for like the entire run of that show so like a hundred plus episodes like he's been working for a long time he's a movies couple years for this podcast but like our ey and not talk about it with you Instagram movie Kenny is the next oldest chiseled after that in back-to-back if you look up picture of him now IMDb the very bottom it says these are the things you've looked at recently and a cute picture of him can I still run as a kid his name is Christopher Petit Zerg play Young Jesse James on the TV show Young Riders and then kind of like slow down towards the end the 90s then unfortunately in April 2000 overdose so I mean River Phoenix the head to stop production almost at the end of the movie because of his drug addiction on the set and he's like and he's like 12 crazy Melissa the the other daughter is Danielle Harris for a long time Steven Seagal movie Marked for Death right prior to this was in the last Boy Scout remember there's some Roseanne she was the neighbor's kid in Roseanne yeah and then like in the mid-2000s she started horror movies she worked on the Halloween reboot Rob Zombie Direct pictures of front of the camera numerous times was also the same picture same frame was put in the new Halloween movies also didn't get to play Melissa it was for Jennifer Love Hewitt he's supposed to get this rolling in like what they wouldn't let her out of her leg youngest Walter whose name is Robert Boy Meets World was in Leprechaun and then like I don't know anything about which ones I like to watch kids including Christina Applegate and Josh Charles and they're all really good and they all went on a did kind of a lot of stuff I could the critical reception percent on Rotten Tomatoes more than that even though I'll probably watch it 3 or 4 more time you got anything else from the best I don't I mean in there for the thing I have Scott writer-director he did mr. Holland's Opus Three Musketeers Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Critters pretty good pretty good director Melrose Place not only are the children the people who actually put them together cool let's get into the the worst my worst scenes like actually that I had like for the worst for me the whole storyline with Gus Tina Applegate bosses sleazy boyfriend girlfriends underaged assistant was it's weird is gross he's a douche I know he's supposed to be a douche but didn't understand like he did a good job like you selig is a mannerisms are fantastic he's doing a wonderful job being super creepy but it just didn't get like what the point of it was in the 90s and still suck now but yeah but that was just like I'm just looking at I'm going like I can I can take that out I could just press the lead on that whole thing and I would lose anything from the movie I need that for Christina Applegate maybe that's what it is cuz like you know later on Christina Applegate out sim to Rose like rose totally believes her brand-new seventeen-year-old assistant over this cabbage she's been dating so like maybe that was probably opera tickets or whatever that was going to Santa Barbara vice president she probably could afford Santa Barbara I remember their boyfriends the Nemesis and then her boyfriend you suck sports coat in Binaca and did an excellent job and they were exactly what they did so now she did like the titles probably not but I was just saying make sure everybody knows that she sucks obvious that she sucks the opening anime animation the voice was done by Dan castellaneta who was Homer Simpson Grandpa Simpson I didn't when it was checkers I didn't like about it but I don't know I didn't like this one either and I did like one person so you totally right there website about the AC and says keep the thermostat at 76 almost lost my riding a bike 76 cheap everything I had was when the when the girls stole their or excuse me the guys dressed as girls stole their car hey were you Queens doing the work are you can read a car HBL X wear Jimmy called her one time for Noel and College is one has a change instead of s*** like there's a lot of stuff like that I'm sure the NBA has something to do with it apple podcasts it was really obvious you're seeing like a movie on like Comedy Central and like they had it out all the cuss Shannon Ireland cool bullet point for old Tech this movie is chock-full of old-tech like sewer struggles with the fax machine for like 30 seconds she's like wrestling to try to get a piece of paper out of it like the fax machine is so old to us but to this movie the fax machine so new that she can't even objects computer that has like a black screen with green text to work she's not to work that she's like smashed in the keyboards like that gif of the cat shows her where her desk is she's like okay you would never say Masters are they come with computers she comes in the TV remote when they like I need help kids Rob the kids rub suelle and his robbed her office and then buy it it is like a 27 in the movie let's try to make it look big cuz I was trying to figure out whatever yet I can't believe the kid spend $3,000 I can't believe he was like I now have a 27-inch TV it's awesome color and I only watch game shows in Julia Jones helpful and that's why every time I go to Costco out I go like I think maybe we need another TV because the 70-in crystal clear years when your kid is doing that another version of his podcast that we talked about how crappy the flat screen 4K TVs were and how did anyone ever watch that it hurts your eyes can your parents said or Siri I think they actually thought that like the TV gave of radiation it will cause eye cancer I don't know maybe but I have no I can't sir so far so far as I know Weiser iser bonus organs so I can't have anyone look at it the last thing I this movie was in except for the fact that this movie set in Los Angeles and it's all white people one said anything inappropriate the whole time it's just the casting was like very much whitewash super white Nicole was the only person politically correct Gus would I mean I know you supposed to but I think he would qualify as easy kiss can be he's like being really forward with this very Junior person at his company where he's like something vice president even if he wasn't dating her boss it's really inappropriate it's really easy because like that's still happening now like it doesn't mean that you're like it's the conversation about the office and people from the office so go like I don't like Steve it makes the office today but that was like 2060 probably couldn't do now Thunder like you know Robert Downey jr. blackface but he was making fun of people doing black they done the movie like I you should still be able I think you could still do feel like I don't know if it's okay so not very much sitting on her we'll know for sure when people start writing like St pieces about how that's terrible because Christina Aguilera Christina Applegate is playing a 17 year old is smoking front-to-back in this movie like sitting on a lounge chair talking to her mom like fire and up one like in the first 10 minutes my wife anyone everyone movies PG-13 and you don't see people smoking and PG-13 or kids smoking in PG-13 movies anymore the reason why I should really interesting look up is the motion picture something end of America they also give you the ratings guidelines when people start figuring out that maybe smoking anti-smoking like Kim which is actually so there was a real push in the working in movies and so the MPAA they basically said somewhere around 1998 that if a movie shows underage people smoking the movies going to be subject to ratings increases so basically if your PG-13 you have kids smoking our rating are the box-office gets crushed because you just can't people in the sea the inflation adjusted biggest movies of all time there are two that are rated R Exorcist at number nine Beverly Hills Cop at 47 everything else is PG or PG-13 threat from the MPAA is basically enough to like delete smoking and PG-13 movies and PG movies no one smokes in movies anymore AR reading you suddenly have lost money movie smoking podcast F words and movies has been for years that you could say one word and be PG-13 but if you do too you're going to be R rated R back to smoking so 2008 the npaa actually modified The Stance even more cuz before it was like your kids are smoking or going to be rated R but into is smoking movie might be rated differently when I was looking up I couldn't see any instances of this having happened but I think just the threat like it's not it's not the entire story because I think what happened is the 2012 every major Studio had a policy in place is so they wouldn't show smoking on screen and youth rated film so anything below an R rating so I'm talking about Paramount Sony Universal disney-fox Warner Brothers every one of them has a policy in place no smoking in PG-13 movies or below smoking in a particular scene or if it's creatively important for the film like I guess like Wyatt Earp in Tombstone or something like that I don't know PostScript streaming services are not governed by the MPAA and so they're getting a lot of push now because they have people smoking like crazy like if you watch anything on Netflix or Hulu smoking in that smoking in real life more people smoke in movies and TV shows before he's restrictions than actually did and realize looks like it's a cool effective like shoot filming someone with the jewel very sad to hear that it doesn't look cool to film somebody with Jewel all they do is grab their douche flute and go to town USB stick let me tell you I don't nobody knows who agree they are control so much of what we see in and that's why I'm Netflix movies how to follow all the same rules but there's an enemy we could do like you could do like a college course on the MPAA and smoke against the MPAA handing out these ratings people lawyers have argued that that is a form of free expression is protected by the First Amendment has been upheld I'd like try to limit it to your R-rated movies and if not try to make sure it's adults really the other stuff girls kissing totally fine to guys kissing AR rating RX ratings silent killer Andre the Giant yeah we did we did but like the David Duchovny working girl in 1988 Goldie Hawn movie TV star and he's basically been a huge TV star ever since police X-Files also like the receptionist on the show she was Dan Rydell's shrink which was Josh Charles her and Josh Charles her brother and sister in this movie and then late 90s early 2000s Run Sports night together for a couple episodes Kindergarten Cop she did Chicago Hope which ran the late 90s shoes on like a hundred episodes is she still working like she's still doing has been around for a long time anything else in the last one is Dan castellaneta who voices the cartoon babysitter in the opening titles who's the voice of Homer Simpson Kelsey is on The Simpsons Grandpa Simpson he's keeper Willy just on The Simpsons Annie had a comedy album that came out like 15 years ago that was titled I am not Homer stand up now is guitarist a song I feel really bad for those guys sleeping on their with many beautiful women bedtime music I didn't I just went with the main people watch Married with Children that much when I was a kid I watched a little bit but and I've always enjoyed her and everything I've ever seen her in some trivia what is the earliest Scripts the babysitter deaths could be more elaborate should be a bigger storyline Plano children gazelle head wreath chiller Zachary Melissa the other one into a book report they were going to make them suspect but they figured that was not a good idea wasn't this supposed to be like a darker movie originally supposed to be dark comedy Christian 18 years old a seventeen-year-old January 18th at her real age that make sense really fast again right after the actual Scripts originally was it written for her but she was working at Edward Scissorhands and mermaids do it and then Sunil pal for touchdowns in one game Bundy Al Bundy cuz he's friends with the producer Justine Bateman he's too old to play 15 20 22 months older than Sarah Applegate apparel originally he tried to go for the same part is Charles boyfriend give me some money by spinal tap was playing in the background this is the only time a spinal tap songs played in the movie other than this is spinal tap I found that you didn't have was that the writer said that he was originally inspired by Risky Business came out in 1983 so you until there's like a risky business kind of Bud to it a lots of home alone but that's not really any home alone came out the same year so it's not one ripped off the other they were in production at the same time but like kids left alone and end up having to do grown up stuff I like this is that bad to say I've seen Home Alone a lot more I feel like a home alone is it probably if we just watch them both for the first time I'm one has a much better movie and Macaulay Culkin is like if you gave me a choice I'd much rather watch this alright five questions to finish up number one this is for you is it okay for kids and what age 13 + 14 language that have the one f word DS word NFL finger so as far as sex cuz a lot of smoke smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol in teens upstairs how old is Drake very unisex is the adult male dust he's trying to meet he's unaware that she's a minor but you still pushing really really hard also in Kenny's bedroom there was some topless women hanging on the wall woman missing XIV 48-hour orgasm so every girl over 25 Chevy cucumber in the house violence a car gets stolen best drag queens in the kid falls off the roof prices leg does not really too much Camellias language maybe some of the sex stuff I would have to explain I don't want to explain that to somebody yeah right on it made if it were pitched now definitely yes cuz that's literally what's happening at this very moment question number three if so would this be a movie or a TV show we don't have to guess again it's going to be a movie who plays the lead if we remade this now but we probably can find that out cuz it's in development I forget I forget who they said I don't know Winona Ryder so good at playing quirky that like I feel like I don't know play Christina Applegate in this movie is this pretty straight you still watching enjoy this movie in 2021 Shannon alive to Asbury Washington classic I told you last week that a buddy of mine that I just had told him that we were going to be recording this podcast and jiri watched it like and anticipation yes it is where to find it is it streaming on HBO Max like you said is produced by HBS owned by then you can also get her a thank on Hulu and Amazon Prime but hbomax probably Mabley all the places how to do a toy surprise well done congratulations to us both next episode do we decide as Robin Hood Robin Hood prince of Thieves Robin Hood Men in Tights Abe Lincoln we don't know much about podcast but we're supposed to tell everyone is listening to subscribe and rating review but honestly that sounds kind of terrifying tat people listening so maybe just keep it a secret broadcast the movie life crisis please subscribe and remember don't drive angry