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Aug. 23, 2021

Doc Hollywood

Doc Hollywood

1991, Ep. 2

This week, Jeff and JT tackle the classic (and oddly creepy) Michael J. Fox fish-out-of-water movie, Doc Hollywood.  Co-starring Julie Warner, Woody Harrelson, and Bridget Fonda, and set in the fictional small town of Grady, South Carolina, this movie has some memorable performances and fantastic quotes.

On the pod: 

  •  Woody Harrelson's plan to sell earthquake insurance!
  • Jeff and JT recount their early teen experience of watching a nude scene with their parents in the room

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 a movie life crisis I realized and episode number one we never said who we are I'm JT I'm Jeff yeah we were alive when these movies came out it's been 30 years now we're going to talk about him Jeff take it away. Hollywood yeah quick synopsis of Doc Hollywood across town to a job interview it is small town and is sentenced work for several days at the Town Hospital pretty straight up Polaris hilarity ensues or maybe not maybe not quite hilarious I remember but yeah I'll money mild to extreme funny parts yeah I realize we made a tactical error with this pie we started episode number 1 podcast to be like 30 to 45 minutes and sit our 17 because seminal Masterpiece that has no bad we should have we should have put City Slickers in the cleanup position a couple days under our belt. talk about cuz it's much more regular it's fine it's good sometimes it's better than good sometimes it's not good I definitely liked it and remember walk watching it like when I was watching I remembered it coming back to me so I didn't remember it Kool-Aid is good I thought it was way funnier but it was still funny you asked me before this you're like try to remember whatever you can about this movie before we watch it and I washed it probably 10 years but I remembered nothing about it going I remembered but like before the movie all I can remember was like Julie Warner getting out of the leg in the nude but then when I try to the movie I just kept thinking of him and back to the like wearing a cowboy hat remember any of this movie I unfortunately was watching it with my kids in the room so soon as the part that you remembered skip past that yeah that's part of the season I remembered that the mayor standing on a ladder and I remembered the guy dressed like a bee dancing yeah it's ridiculous so you are numbers from the movie million domestic which put it 20th on the year 1991 right behind Boyz in the Hood and right ahead of Star Trek 6 yeah in movies is like almost like every movie like 1070 I'm on the domestic yearly box office was like a 10 to 20 million dollar movie like they don't even make yeah and even noser yeah I tried to look to see what movie made 54 million dollars domestically in America that movie was ranked 98th and it was parasite Korean movie yeah won best picture loved it and thought it was amazing but I I don't know I didn't see it and I can't pronounce the guy's name who made it I saw it and I like it easy $4000000 still made money no absolutely Doc Hollywood Awards nothing sequels spin-offs nothing a list of course you can't Pixar's Cars Read Street but it's the same script yeah one of the reviewers twenty-five years later 2006 cars is Doc Hollywood with cars which is entirely accurate not that no one ever like officially admitted to that but I mean didn't wasn't Pixar owned by Disney by 2006 probably yeah is this but anyway no one ever got sued no one ever officially on Deb to it you can't copyright a plot but yes cars is this movie but Pixar YouTube video the title of it is 24 reasons Doc Hollywood and cars are different this dude breaks it down half the screen is Doc Hollywood hats fries cars and then he gets into anything I guess they're not different at all exactly that's awesome I love that cars was much better than this movie In My Memory do you remember where you saw this cuz this was remember watching it with my mom at home we rented it from Blockbuster or Alfalfa video provarin Shopping Center and then she gets out you can see your boobs and I felt super awkward I can remember going I liked it oh man we my dad took me to see my first R-rated movie and I was probably like 14 or 15 it was one of the Bond movies and there's always some kind of female nudity in those movies and I'm some like I'm a teenager have braces and like a like a weird like middle part and sit next to my dad girl gets on screen and takes off her bra and I was just like God if I could have call Clay crawled into myself and I love Foods I'm 14 but this is just not worth it my mom didn't say anything yeah a couple years after released cuz I was 11 in 1991 so I didn't I wouldn't have seen it and theater and I didn't see it like on BHS right at that time but I definitely saw it later but as I said my main memory was Julie Warner like she gets out of this Lake topless and there's a good slow motion and Michael is totally like clearly forever imprinted on my brain yeah yeah cool let's talk about the best parts of this movie what's up what you got for your best started off you know just liking the last one I told you I was going to try to narrow it down to three my favorite song clothes what about Ellen and the Pakistani and they bring in their mail whatever and one of the cousins name is Ellen and she's dating a Pakistani lettering Eddie so everytime I will do something and then I feel like we didn't finish it always should have had more I'm like what about Ellen and the Pakistani and she's like no one knows what you're talking about if you'd said that we can go I wouldn't have known what you're talking about that's the one I still do had a couple of quotes I didn't start with the quotes I just started with like that like different seams and stuff like that it's like the kind of competing like male God also wants and he's so good and he's so Woody Harrelson and it's mind-boggling to me that he's been Woody Harrelson on TV and movies for 35 years love it he has a quote about earthquake insurance cuz he's in insurance sales earthquake insurance Suffolk een pickleback at out there black premiums for disease whatever does hit bankruptcy and retired that is that that was actually one of mine too because I think because you know me for so long you know like I didn't know what I want to do coming on school where do you want to do earthquake insurance I used to do this whole bed and everybody would just like because it's long enough for people to go thank you and walk off but beautiful delivery like I'm sure this is not enough entok South Carolina accent but monkey and like the line right before that is again I was going to go to medical school said signs thing that was messing me up he could have been a doctor and then also like not only is that hilarious spot-on later this movie Ashley captured is Seminole truth about the insurance business because we actually went through this in-laws flood insurance for 5 years and they get flooded during I'm wondering if that's temperature today but I do like the other quote that I had was when Michael was talking to Melvin the mechanic and he doesn't have any money get the money which we talked about it and he says I eat you at trade the part big and then he says if you could part with the pig and that I just love that part it is just the way that he is in such a rural town and he is going to change a pump housing for a 56 Porsche 4pic which I think somewhere down the line actually figured out the pricing for that for you so when we talked about that it's fantastic my other one yeah cuz the whole thing is he's trapped in this small town cuz his car is wrecked and he has to get it fixed and it's still like you no mid-50s Porsche and he's in the middle of nowhere South Carolina and so he's having to order parts from like Oregon and he needs to pay for him but he doesn't have his money because no one takes checks and its name a bunch of stuff that you wouldn't have to deal with in 2021 where you can use venmo someone at order something off of eBay and it would be there two days later in this movie the other quote that I had sodak Hoag is like the old like cranky small-town position that's in charge when underneath in and he's just like cantankerous hysterical Michael J Fox's character wants to operate on a little kid who hears a heart murmur in in dochub fixes it with the coke go to have dinner at the mayor's house and it. is a guy who acted for like 60 years yeah I don't want him operating on me later in case I sneeze or something these deliveries is so the way he and you know what I didn't realize until about halfway through the movie I know I'm from something else and then I realized it's a distraction I forgot that when he gets really drunk and starts going off into a Walt Whitman and just I love it we talk we talk during City Slickers about how things I don't like it movies or when glasses glasses that actors wear when they're fake when I fake that's the thing that I don't like thing that I always do like Izakaya I need to be drunk if they do a good job around at everyone I had that on my bike I had that on my best scene that didn't they all dinner at the mayor's house cuz they're Woody Harrelson Michael is there Bridget Fonda who plays the mayor's daughter is there and the whole thing and like it starts with them it. making fun of Michael for being about med school I agree those are good seeing my my best scene was when they were trying to talk Michael into coming here and there like is money is it mine 35,000 it's such a small amount I even back then Enterprise Charter Cable free other random old guys what's going on during this tiny Diner and he's like we need a position 27 music can you go to 35 and then one of the other espace that was that was almost on my list but I was trying to keep it my City Slickers favorite scenes I had like 35 so I was trying to keep it to 3 so I cut that one it was a runner-up list of the best scenes just because there's a powerful moment for me as a small boy I love to know because I watched it with my mom and then not again with my kids so I love that when you miss the window naked at a lake I wash it with your mom when your a teenager and now with your kids as a grown up that's awesome the other and it's not because it's funny another scene that I had was I when they're dancing Crazy by Patsy Cline's plane watch Festival dancing and he says what music certain point when they cut passed to them and they cut back to him there's nobody else in the Dancefloor kind of thing I don't know why I like that nice I like the squash Festival Woody Harrelson shooting from possum run meet a boy I didn't have Woody Harrelson at the squash Festival every one of his scenes could be on there is the other quote that you and I both had was it the very Woody Harrelson and Bridget Fonda show up in LA supering Michael his car back moving laadla place and somebody walks which is like throw away it was it was even soft when he said it but you and I both caught it and laughed cuz obviously they were on Cheers together and dancing is super famous Woody Harrelson managed to get a dig in that part when he's telling Michael he's drinking out of a. Glass bottle with straw was chewing bubble gum just killing the part Giovanni other stuff on the best your best list I mean underperforming put I put a thumbs up for Woody Harrelson thumbs up for Bernard Hughes played Doc Hogue he was great Woody Harrelson's great the mayor was great I don't have his name down but like the Beast episodes of two guys and a girl that's right he was the pizza parlor owner crazy homeless guy right crazy homeless guy he would just like he would like to spend slike really wisdom like a holy Overcoat and you never knew he was like an alien nice yes that's classic I also had the for the bestest the screenwriter Jeffrey price who this was adapted from a novel he wrote this he also wrote who framed Rodger rabbit Shrek movie Craigslist Jim Carrey's Grinch and then also like shout-out to Julie Warner she's really good she had this like really like grief is like a four-year run where she was the leading lady and like kind of started with this movie and that she's a master Saturday night with Billy Crystal 1992 and it's just Tommy Boy she just goes to do TV in the universe are likely to movie again grown-ups I remember that Indian summer Woody Harrelson is not worse since senior he's the best man I love that guy I'd never see Woody Harrelson and something and I'm like wow always I think the accrued expenses movie right IMDb Scott at 6.2 at at 10 Rotten Tomatoes 69% that seems like the right spot for it evil came three out of four stars I feel like I'm prep it's probably not two-and-a-half to three star range it's got a bunch of really fun people in it it's not amazing either I mean the way I look at is how many more times would I ever watch it in my hand so I'm like yeah I'll definitely see you in a bunch of seen it recently the over-under on me watching this again because probably where I'm at I watch a couple more times and probably not going to watch it five more times the worst of this movie what did you grab as having the worst part the worst bits so they probably didn't need it in there but the scare off the deer to Khalid talk about Julie Warner being a vegetarian she doesn't like them feeling the gear that whole thing I brought them together experience experience but me experience you just didn't like that particular choice like that she was a vegan and she's peeing on stuff to scare off deer I just I didn't make it she already said she's leaving animals playing so it was a way for them to like Bond like his people in a non-creepy way but yeah watching each other being non-creepy I mean compared to the rest of the movie yeah and like he asked the one-time-use like not trying to like get outer number one Menthol like pretty big through lioness movie Michael J Fox's character is like straight up just sleep with Warners character in Wagers the mayor $10 that he can have sex with her within the week yeah that's like 30 years later even Michael can't do that without it being super creepy cuz I'm always watching us like that this is the guy that we're pulling for his wedding that he can sleep with the female lead that and the way that they say it was make that bed is in the corner pocket yeah nnn like she calls it out in the movie she's just like it why do you wise why what's up with the full-court Press you're leaving town in a couple days and he's like like that's you or if you're writing a movie make double male character yeah it's just like Siri yeah so that's one of those things where it's like as we watch to stuff their years later you see stuff words like everything Ian extremely like Dave Raby or regular abs the other thing I had on there as the worst re-watching is like during the squash parade there's like a guy in a civil war uniform like marching playing the Dixieland I wasn't like I wasn't a huge fan of that but then I thought to myself like I'm sure in 2021 South Carolina and does not have to deal with anything like this at all so I probably was just an artifact of the time definitely not something I still happens currently in small towns in the south I would say no but I've been this Civil War reenactments out in Northern Tangipahoa Parish read the Southwinds I'm not Jim my favorite onion headline of all-time says South postpones Rising yet another year the other worst the only other one I had my wife pointed out his Luger Julie Warner's backstory so she gets pregnant at 19 she has a year old daughter now and she 4 year old single mother has a college degree and is the only ambulance driver and is also studying for law school it seems like a lot to get done and just a couple years while you're raising a kid on your own she's a hustler yeah and maybe because you and I took a decade to finish college and seems like that's not possible to do it in four years with a kid yeah yeah that is a lot did the math in my head I didn't the the the 90s little holder she's 25 in this movie shot Michael is 30 so they are playing pretty close to their real age which like Michael almost never does but yeah just like I'm going to finish college with a kid as a single mom and then then become the ambulance driver was going to law school at night like that's that's a lot for 23 year-old after let's see I think that's it for best and worst that give us the Time Capsule all right it came when we started talking about doing this you're saying why didn't Michael has used ATM to pagans Carfax I started doing some research and started trying to how did it work before this table for computers before computers Bay paperwork everything was tempted books in like if there Branch they would have to bring those books together bass is boosted times 3 every 3 to 5 days so like you were thousands of miles away from your actual Bang actually did that in the US sidon stated the bank's headquarters are in it was illegal from 1927 all the way to 1993 so your bank wouldn't have been in any until 1993 with naked doing that holding stuff like that but that's the only place you can find your bank is in the state that I use the bank so you if you wanted to get money from another bank and you knew you were going to need money when you got there or or you can have them from your bank to the bank that you're going to and promise to pay the weird thing is every place that I read about said it would have to mail the banknote to the other place that promise in the money but they didn't mail the money you'll have to send another armor so like you would have to wait for the bank note to get there and then sometimes you would subdue it another three days that's clean you're looking at like 5 to 7 days that's ridiculous he can't take money out local bank because talk to his bank and he can't go to his disease in a different state where he's now trapped so I actually did I tried to figure that out so I figured you wonder how Michael couldn't have gotten money from Bank in Greedy I he would have to call and Lyra banknote the amount of money that he wanted and then it was A5 for him to physically get his cash to pay Melvin to fix his car so he can get the high which was a 56 Porsche Speedster oil pump housing on eBay right now for a 56 I'm on eBay is 195 25 + $39 shipping and if you wanted to raise a pig today it would be about $600 so a pig for an oil pump actually Melvin got the better deal we took the pig because he needed it to I try to sleep until e Warner work for the butcher to work enough just makes me think the butcher paid pretty good cuz he just like chop stuff up for one night and then he was clear on the pig would you tell me is nowhere it's six hundred bucks even tell it like the way they made it look he was sweating music wiping his brow and he was doing a lot of shop really late at night so I think you worked a long time and shopped a lot of me he has to be out in California for an interview he's physically driving from Washington DC to Los Angeles to interview which seems bizarre but is what's happening and he has to be there on a certain day and have a big giant house LOL yes those cars real bastard because I was wondering when the First ATM showed up 67 in the UK was the first ATM in New York City the first one's only gave 10 lb which is about $14 so you can get each day yeah I was trying to figure out whether Warren ATMs this movie so there's no there's definitely ATMs but then I was like well no T2 Terminator 2 comes out this year and Terminator 2 like John Connor goes like backpacks Small Town South Carolina because they're there around this time frame early 90s still looking at most of the banks have machines just for their back you know when you're in highschool and in college ATM to get cash but you have to go to the ATM that give you like $5 But like everyone knew the ATM right circular stop at the Exxon keep going down take money out of our do that gas stations in festivals and stuff like that that was that was the big thing in the they started doing can you be a GM nobody's going to pay $3.50 the people that meanwhile they still do and that I made it and I was just credit cards in this time. But in small towns movie keep saying like no credit no plastic like you can remember in the early 90s have any like if you use their credit card even debit cards were around then would like yourself in a big heap of trouble you could take money out of the ATM which wouldn't process the next dang the next morning when they opened up the logs and fixed it in the computer and then you could like go and spend money all night and then all of a sudden you're completely out of money I mean like Johnny friends that would do that and they would spend more money because we were at Harris and it's $8 to take money out you were just take 20 out of the time cuz he didn't want to spend it all so yeah I just ran out of my regular way back in those days I didn't take it out of my credit card or whatever I never had cool that's why I couldn't get money that's why I couldn't the next one I have is my name is Troy McClure you might remember me from such films is Andre the Giant we hardly knew ye the intern do that that's cool that's what I meant no you you laugh display she has not made a large M imprint on is fictional does not exist so they actually shot this movie in a small town in Florida which is about an hour outside of Gainesville there's newspaper articles from years ago people came to their town and playing cameras and stuff like it's still deal Grady Alabama that's actual piss this is based on a true story which is a novel called what data who actually had the similar type of thing happened to him wasn't is a thing yeah I mean he's still doctor I mean is he being girl that medical school last can you still watch it I did I enjoyed the heck out of it AC Woods slowly migrating sat down and watched I liked it I watched it and enjoyed it my wife watch sitting enjoyed it I think given how much I laughed out loud she didn't enjoy it as much as I did laugh out loud it's good it's not great conceited it's worth seeing second question would this movie get made if it were pitched now maybe if you take away the rapey vibes ignition told them hey it's going to be like cars but with real people who did remake cars from real people list change thinking about this man, this is such a hard question because like I just feel like we were past the arrow or people make, nice like we did City Slickers it's comedy we did this it's a comedy a bunch of the movies that are like top 75 gross for this year it's just not like nobody just makes a like Broad romantic comedy yeah I made it will romantic comedies like Hallmark Channel exclusive or like Street to Netflix no they're not funny and the funny movies are all like kind of a me like I like the Frat pack and I like Judd Apatow I don't like Will Ferrell like Adam Sandler but nobody makes movies like this they all have like a very specific like they do and I can't in any of those people. like this until so late I wish they made more movies like this I love comedies and then there's like there's a good-looking chick and then event sheet other going along the way like that's perfect let's do that but I don't know that I'm thinking about my so I don't know that they would sit there and watch this man Jansen updated yeah maybe I can't mean you know they still because now they do like they still do they don't do romantic comedies but they do like all those Nicholas Sparks like teenagers have cancer and they're dying like that is Baltimore gyms I have to put a box in the front of the computer in the front of the class that says phone in the Box cuz I know that if you put it in there and watch the movie you're going to love it and if you didn't do that you'd have to spend the whole first on the very first always hit every single year on the very first day and I know I got the timing down perfect they all start laughing and I hold my hands are there and then the laughter dies down and I'm like you'll get that later you were born but it was that's something I think there was a lot of them would just look at their phone and not really pay attention yeah I mean I guess like I don't want to be the old guy but I don't think that's a problem with movies I think that's just a problem with people I was in Black Widow I won the election you then but how can you not look at that that was spectacle the whole time yeah it was great with this be a movie with the screen TV show is it okay for kids and what age you want me to take this one again so the whole a positive role model ever wrote that down he's not a really positive role model have but the idea that everybody is nice to him and can be inclusive and welcoming at that part was nice violence the guy's finger sex there's skinny-dipping when she walks out of the lake it's it's pretty as a cake that's like a butt very beginning when he's leaving I couldn't tell if it was boobs but I think it's a butt and then language are they say the f word twice there's some hell and damn and a Siege that's not bad but I can't believe it's PG-13 or I got to say the f word twice is early on I think the rules used to be you got PG-13 specifically chosen F-word for PG-13 rating but it 91 you got to and we should talk about drinking a totally drinking drugs smoking stuff like that there's a guy that vomits on him in the very beginning cuz he's drunk and people drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes but they're all young children 13 and up naked chick Chris McKinnon yes absolutely because any time Uncle J T visits he's here in a bunch of them alright last question who who leads this movie if we were make it this is the hardest question man I spend so much time thinking about this I didn't have a good answer so I want you to go I couldn't think of anything my whole thing was Genie sell it like Michael please Pepe Le Pew rapist Vibe and everybody still liked him who else to do that he's also like he's he's not like he's not a likable guy but because it's Michael he is still like a boisterous like he's greedy he wants to he's a doctor he wants to give me a plastic surgeon and wants to make a pile he drives a fancy car Eastlake outwardly trying Julie Warner for money in this small town while he's there doing community service like like like the guy that I can think of it's kind of like that where he's a dick but you still like him is Vince Vaughn yeah yeah but but I don't mean the thing is is like Vince Vaughn is not near the level of star that Michael was like Vince Vaughn's got a couple of leads and movies but not in the last 10 years so I don't know I mean I guess he could probably do it on Netflix but I think of it could pull it off you wouldn't cast and delete a movie like the guy that I love whose name I can't is the guy who plays Schmidt in New Girl he's kind of douchey but he also like he's got chops like he's funny he's like Blake but you wouldn't you wouldn't put him in the lead of a movie even the other day Damon Wayans Jr and LaVergne but I don't think anyone's going to green-light perfect Zooey Deschanel I like Zooey Deschanel I'm not I'm not against that I know people that have strong feelings that she's very good but she's not the climate like superhot the down-to-earth girl right yeah I couldn't like Vince Vaughn was the only guy came up with it it's weird to think about Emory redoing them Michael Michael for Vince Vaughn 65 I can't do it can't do it is Charlize Theron next to in I don't think I've been slimed teacher him delivering the lines the same way I just pictured you sarcastic Throwing It All In that's a lot about like to have like some acting chops like Sandler listen to movie like Jonah Hill like couldn't quite pull it off and you wouldn't pay to see him later movie and Seth Rogen side his thing Stiller like no I just people that make comedies Ryan Reynolds sometimes but yeah I feel like I mean if he could polish up and he wouldn't be like the same type of characters Michael could but I enjoyed Michael because there aren't really any Billy Crystal analogs in 2021 and there aren't really any of Michael analogs in 2021 like Michael particular generational there's not there's no one else like that right yeah and even know what it is about it his delivery is how it looks all of that together I guess you know like he got started on on obviously Family Ties and it was supposed to be a small part but like the story is like Midway through the first season like the writers realize he's a kid but they're like this kid is so good he's going to have to get bigger rice stuff cuz he's like everyone needs Amazon screen so I can thing Michael Talent using Talent music kid and he's a talent like now spot on Scrubs sucks yes yes it does where do you find this it's not available streaming anywhere but it's for rent on YouTube and a couple other places 299 Amazon Prime YouTube Apple TV Google Play I think that's the right pricing that for those two movies Miami money charge 1399 else that's it that's all the stuff I got it sounds great done Tower ending it for not saying bye the classic Spangler phone conversation thanks for listening the movie life crisis crime rate and review and remember don't drive angry