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April 24, 2023

Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused
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The Richard Linklater cult classic coming of age comedy from 1993, here with us at long last. 

Featuring Jason London, Anthony Rapp, Parker Posey, Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams, Cole Hauser, and introducing Matthew McConaughey!

Stellar cast, incredible soundtrack, and a must watch for potheads of all ages. 

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Welcome to Movie Life Crisis. Join us as we watch the best movies from 30 years ago. George Washington man, he was an occult and the cult was an aliens fam. He didn't know that. Somewhere between free love and safe sex. Teddy! Tidey and buttonfly. We should be up for anything. Ed Sullivan and MTV. So stupid as it is. There was a generation. - The 60s brought the 70s, obviously. - That was days and confused. - Maybe the 80s will be radical. - Ready to honor starts tomorrow at Select Theater. - Radical. - Days and confused movie life crisis season three episode. I wanna say nine, maybe? - It's episode eight, episode eight. - Episode eight, I'm not gonna lie. I might notes are not all organized on this one. So episode eight, the important thing is how did we get - How did we get this far in? - It just happened so fast. The important thing is the movies that were befriended us along the way. And we're contractually obligated to say the words cult classic about nine or ten times when we talk about days and confuse because it didn't make any money. Coming of age comedy. Yeah, that is a cult classic. Yeah, when people like a movie and it didn't make any money, you have to say it's a cult classic. Boy, do there, there's a lot of people that like it, man. Yeah, they all talk like that, man. All right, all right, all right. My two people in real life told me, "Daisy confused? Oh, dude, I love that movie. I've seen that so many times. I was like, really? I've seen it. This was maybe my third or fourth watch. I want to say-- - I was gonna say, I think this is only the second or third time I've seen it. - Yeah, and it was good. I liked it, but I was not, I don't know why, but for whatever reason, I just missed the life stage where I would've watched it 20 or 30 times. Like kind of like Wayne's World. It's the same thing. I just wasn't like a, maybe it wasn't my type of music or something. Maybe I didn't smoke pot in high school. I don't know, but I just missed whatever it was. - Yeah, I got a lot of insight that I've thought about in the shower while I was after watching this movie. You know, when you zone out in the shower and you just start thinking about stuff. - Welcome everyone. I'm JT with me. As always, as Jeff, we are movie life crisis, looking at movies, 30 years after they were released. And this episode is 1993's called Classic. - Cult. - Classic, coming of age, coming of age. - Comedy that was written and directed by Richard Link later and stars pretty much everyone. - All the people. - Yeah, everybody's in this. and you wanted to give a quick synopsis? - Yeah, yeah, give me with a synopsis. - This is an AI quick synopsis by the way. - Days and Confuses in 1993, called Classic Coming of Age comedy film directed by Richard. (laughs) - Directed by Richard Link later. The story follows a group of high school students on the last day of school in 1976 as they celebrate their freedom and struggle with various personal issues. The film features talented ensemble class, including Woody Harrelson's brother Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck and Parker Posey and is known for its memorable soundtrack and portrayal of teenage rebellion Easily in my top five movies set on the very last day of school What are some other ones can't hardly wait so first one I thought oh, but I feel sure there's a couple others Yeah, what when are we what year is that I can't wait 1998? Oh God I can't feel my lines I know the beer has got bad no one drink the beer Prestone yeah, it's kind of tall. We're t-shirts some of the times sometimes Wood you like to it. All right. We're not doing that movie. I know, but I love let's talk about days and confused Yeah, this movie costs about $7 million to make and made about $8 million which is why it's a cult classic I was gonna say opening weekend. It said it made Less than a million dollars said 918 thousand. That's not that much is it but it probably I'm guessing that it didn't open a lot. - It didn't open in a lot of theaters. So maybe that's on like 14 screens. 'Cause he didn't, I mean, this was Richard Linklater's second movie, he wasn't like a big, he filmed the whole thing in Texas. I don't think he had a big, and most of his movies, honestly, I don't think make a lot of money, except like the ones that he doesn't write that he just directs like school of rock, like that made a lot of money, but he didn't write that. - And dude, we just watched that with my daughter, and she loved it. - Yeah, dude, I still really like that movie. I like Richard Linklater, he just does not tend, It's like Kevin Smith, he doesn't tend to make a lot of money when he makes his movies. He doesn't lose a lot of money either, but he just goes off with a camera and does his own thing with the same dozen people. And cool, that's great, I love that. I like their people doing that. - I'm with you, I like that too. The Newton boys, all those movies, yeah, he's good. - Did you find any awards for this? - Not really, I mean, they had stuff like Quentin Tarantino put it in his top, 10 greatest films of all time, which I didn't see that. But it's number 17 on the top 50 cult films. - Yeah. - Yeah. Top third on the list of top 50 best high school movies. - Dude, I liked this. I didn't, like I said, I hadn't seen it a lot. My wife, like, I can quote that movie. I saw it a million times. I was like, "Really? "I have not seen it, but I liked it. "I thought it was good." - Yeah. Yeah, I liked it also. I don't can't quote it. I don't, even now just watching it, I don't know that I can still ride love for New York. - No, I surprisingly for a movie that a lot of people think is really funny. I didn't have a ton of quotes. I had a couple. I mean, it wasn't. - Yeah. but I didn't. - You have the same ones everybody else has. - I do, but also like I have less quotes than what you and I just rattle off from Canterley Weight, a movie that I don't think anyone thinks this is as good as this movie is. - Well, there's stoop. (laughs) - I wanna be grandma of darken. You're both kiss dolls. Yeah, so those are the awards, no real awards actually. - Yep, no sequels are spin offs, although Richard Link later kind of has this whole like thing interconnected. Wait, what happens? - I don't know, everybody wants some. On in 2016, was the the the sequel? - Oh, is that like officially actually a real thing? - Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was in 1980s. - I thought that was like that in the 1980s. - No, no, no, it's okay. - Everybody wants some. 2016, 1980 Texas College freshman meets his baseball teammates in an unruly group of disco dancing, skirt chasing partiers. - Yeah, we'll catch that in what 20, 46. - Yes, you can catch that in 20, 46. - Dude, you'll be like 68, you'll be there. - Right, I'll just be getting out of school. I'll be having a no more job. - Dude, we'll be flying around in hover cars to our podcast Enterprise Office Tower, where we just talk about old movies and play video games. - Nice. - Sounds great. - That might not be reality, that might just be a dream that I had. - Yeah, I like that dream. - Although the podcast is doing quite well, our podcast host tells us that if we insert it as we can be making $17 a month, I'm not gonna lie. - It's tempting. - 17. - 17's a lot. - Yeah, it doesn't go as far on the Taco Bell value menu as it used to, but it's not nothing. 'Cause we got expenses here. - I was shocked that I looked at it and it was like past 10,000 total listens and I was like, what the what? That's, yeah, that's great. - Yeah, doing pretty good. - It's pretty good. - Doing all right. - Yeah, I like it. - Okay. - Okay. - By the way, bonus content is up on Patreon right now. - Patreon. - Yeah, it's good stuff. Do you remember where you were when you first saw this movie? - No, I should've asked Roger 'cause I have vague memories of being in high school and like, I don't know, this may not have been your experience even though we went to the same high school, but like you just, you didn't know what was going on necessarily, but you just call like three or four people and it's like, hey, what's up? It's like, I don't know, we're all gonna get together. Whoever's house and then whatever we find something to do, we'll go do that. And generally, the thing that you found to do was like go drinking a field somewhere. But before the drinking in the field, you would just go to someone's house and I feel like this is one of the movies that, if it wasn't Saturday night live, it probably was a movie like this. I feel like I was at Roger's parents house and we watched like 40 minutes of this movie 'cause he, I think he really liked it. - Before somebody that graduated high school a long time ago in a Thunderbird rolled up and said, "Let's go to the Moon Tower, I'm buying a cup of ice." - And you went out to the field and started drinking. - Yeah. - I wasn't at Roger's house to watch that movie. I know that I'd seen clips of this before I had watched the whole thing and there was a girl that I remember wanting to date and she was kind of a hippie. Like she wore like, mitch shirts and like, no bra and looked like she wore dirty underwear kind of hippie. She really liked this movie a lot. - Yeah, of course she did. - And I can remember going to her apartment and pretending to watch this. And I think I saw the whole thing. - Nice. - There. So I think that's the first time that I watched it. - Yeah. - And it was weird because it smelled in the house like I was actually in the movie, which worked out really great. - Oh man, I just realized we're recording this on 420 April 20th, so that's perfect. - Oh man. - I think we planned that, but I don't remember now. - Yeah, we definitely did. - It was on the sheet, remember, and the thing, I put it on the-- - We put our calendar together, we picked things on purpose, well done, 'cause I didn't do that, you did that. Good call. - That's great. - Actually, I got this 8 out of 10, I actually really liked it. - Heat! - Yeah. - Wow, nice surprise. - But I just-- - Nice. - It didn't, it kind of meanders, there aren't even really any scenes. It's kind of like stream of consciousness movie, but I love ensemble movies. I thought everybody was doing a good job. Like it was kind of funny. I like the whole like everyone's in high school and it shows like the six different groups. It's like we have the the newspaper crew and we have the jocks and we have the stoners and like everyone's kind of hanging out and having a fun time. - That's I like how everybody hung out. 'Cause that's kind of the, that's kind of the moment. I know our high school was small, but like everybody hung out together there. You know what I'm saying? Everybody was still doing the, like, jocks and stoners and nerds all hung out at our parties too. So like-- - Yeah, yeah, that was our high school experience. That's a small high school, small town thing. So a lot of that's like, that his heavy nostalgia for me. - For me, that was, that part of it where everybody was hanging out was the same, but everything else was different. So I ended up giving it six Jimmy dogs. - Yeah. And the only reason I gave it six is because while there were parts that entertained me, I didn't, I don't know. I wasn't laughing like I thought I remember laughing at this. Like when they were doing like the hazing and stuff, I didn't really think that was funny. Maybe it's because I'm a teacher now, but the whole time I'm going, where the hell is the administration? And these guys are parked in the parking lot with like bottles of beer and they're talking about all kinds of gross. Like I don't, now I'm the dad who was shutting down the party at that kid's house. Yeah. I don't know where, why it was different, but it didn't hit me the same. - I don't, I didn't like that part. I got that in my worst. I just like fundamentally philosophically agree with the whole, like someone hurt me. And now I'm going to hurt someone else because of that. Like that's just not a good way to go through life. Like, oh, I got my ass kicked when I was a freshman. Now I'm gonna turn it around and kick everyone's ass too. It's super fun. You'll do it too. What if we just don't pay that forward? - What if we stop, stop that, - Should we stop? - Maybe if sometimes If people are shitty to you, you just go, "That sucks. I'm gonna try not to send that out into the world." - Right, and the whole time I'm watching it, I'm like, "Okay, like I know that there's like hazing in some of these places, and I know this is the mid-70s." So I started looking at it up, I was like, "Is this really what it was like in the 70s or at other high schools that maybe work like us?" Dude, Reddit is full of people. This one dude said, "At our school, "Freshmen were clipped in quotations." essentially hunted down during the summer and have their heads shaved ball. Dude, they did that to me in college when I transferred in because they did it to the football team, the Hays, the freshman football players that way. And I was a transfer. I was like, I saw more junior and they basically like asked me if I wanted to go along with it. Like I could have said, no, I was like, I don't know. It's my hair. You want to shave my hair off and that's like, your thing that you do, freaking do it. Like if you're going to hit me with a paddle, we're going We're gonna have problems, but like, you want to shave my head? Let's go for it. - Exactly, exactly. - But that's like freaking 2001. So yeah, 1976, absolutely. Yeah, that stuff is for sure not in my best part of this movie, but I think if it's set in 1976, that's a pretty faithful, like that's how that went. - Right, right. - And also, I forgot to mention, I bumped it because of the soundtrack. Soundtracks phenomenal. It's not, it was really good. - It's not, it's mostly not my type of music, but every song that came on, I was like, Dude, that song is awesome. This soundtrack is great. - Every single song, again, not in my wheelhouse of stuff I'd normally listen to, it sounds like I'm riding with my dad. But it was all like good songs. - Yeah, so I had to give it a bump for that. - That's a good call. - I get it. I actually think IMDB has this at like 7.3 out of 10 and me and you average out at a 7, which is nice. That's right, we're supposed to be. - Yeah, that's right in the middle. We got it, we got it. - I think this one would have been a 7 for me if we allowed 7s. - I think I was still giving a six. I do have one more question. What is it about, so the people that really like this movie that you know, are they not so much potheds? 'Cause people our age aren't really potheds anymore, but do they smoke a lot of weed? - Now the funny thing is the two people who said that to me are not that at all. Like they're not in the slightest bit hippie-ish. But for whatever reason, they connected with this movie and they've saw it a lot and they really liked it. - Nice. - And they both were like, I'm excited about it. - I talked about it. - Episode 'cause I saw that movie a lot. Dude, I'm excited too 'cause I did not see it a lot. - Yeah. Well, and dude, I talked to about my students, I talked about it and they were like, "Oh man, I love that movie." But the kids that really loved it, I mean, they're, you know, juniors and seniors in high school. But the kids that really loved it, you know the people who smoke weed and that's their entire personality? - Yeah. - That's how these kids are. And I'm sure they won't be like that forever, hopefully. - I'm sure that if you're a high school kid now, who still smokes weed, I guess you probably do it for through a vape pin at this point in time. I don't really know. - Right. - I think there's still, there's like a collection of like weed movies that all pot heads in high school and a college like have to be into. And this is definitely one of them. - Yeah. - Yeah. - Like what's the frickin' Dave Shapell? - Dave Shapell. - Yeah, half-baked. - Half-baked, thank you. Dude, there's, like, I get it, like there's just, that's just the pot collection that you just, you get high and you sit around and watch and you think, are a whole day. Dude, John Stewart on half baked. He's, when he goes to buy the, you know, he's buying the weed from him. Yeah. And he's like, you ever look into $20 bill, man. There's some crazy things on there, man. I'm like, holy crap, he got that from this movie I never put two and two together until I just watched it. Yeah. Half baked also in 1998. Big year for us coming up. Oh, there's a lot of big movies coming up. I don't know why we're not doing them on this podcast right now, but there's a lot of - Give it to me, please. - Give it to your first scene. - All right, first scene was the party at the moon tower. - Or what it was called? - Right, I think so. - Yeah, I like that whole thing. 'Cause the freaking Adam Goldberg, whatever his name was, Mike, something. He finally, he got yelled at by some douche, and he wanted to, he just like, talk to himself into fighting him, and he goes over there. He's like, "I figured they'll break it up, and I'll just hit him one good time." Like that whole scene was good. And then like the young kid, the main character, whatever his name is. - Mitch, he was like, Mitch, there you go. He was talking to like an older girl and like I like seeing the interactions with all the different people that was good. - Yeah, that's on my list too. I dude, the Adam, what's that guy's name? - Adam Goldberg. - Adam Goldberg. I really liked that guy and I loved that part in this movie and I loved that part. Like the guy, the frickin, like Trans-Am D-Bag was like, shoving him was like, get out of your Isaac Newton. And he just, you can just tell he was just like angry and just stood on it for like two hours and like had three beers and was like, I'm gonna go hit him one time and then everyone will break it up and then, then I'll just play defense and they'll break it up. I'm nobody's bitch and I just freaking loved that he did that and that guy just pounded on him. And then after that he's like asking Marissa Robisi, he's like, you wouldn't say I got my ass kicked. I got some shots in there, right? Like, (laughing) - Oh man, he definitely got his ass beat. - Dude, but something about that is just, I mean, I wasn't the guy in high school to go shove people and get into fights at parties, but that definitely happened at every other party. There was just some people who could not have beers and punch each other. So I just really-- - I don't understand. - I don't understand the fighting. I don't get it. I don't get it. I've never even really been in a fight. - Yeah, I don't-- - You don't count when me and you were wrestling in my mom's living room and I pretend to be hurt. and then when you stop, I tackle you. That doesn't count, right? That's not a problem. - No, no, that definitely doesn't count. Dude, I, you would think as much as I'd like to play Pick Up Basketball and talk shit that I would have been in way more fights than I have and I haven't been in a fight since I was like 14. - I talk so much noise and I've never, I've only been punched once and that was when I was trying to stop a fight. - Yeah, and even that fight when I was 14, I think I was like, Jamie Boe was mad at me for some reason. I think it was a basketball related. I think he never, talking shit, playing Pick Up Basketball on junior high and I was like changing clothes after gym. And as I was pulling my shirt over my head, he like punched me through my shirt, so I didn't see him coming. But it wasn't like a fight. I just took my shirt off and I was like, "Why did you do that?" (laughing) But like that was, I guess that was a fight 'cause he wanted to fight and I was just like, "Dude, why did you punch me?" - I've never, no, I've never been in a fight. - Even if that counts as a fight, I've only been in one then when I'm breaking him. Like, do you know what, he's drunk. He didn't smack. I was like, I don't know. I'm never, dude, I gotta break up fights like three or four times a year at school. I don't put the money maker out there at all. I treat that shit like a freaking hockey match. And once one guy falls over, I kind of nudge the other one out of the way, but that's, I mean, they, maybe that makes me less manly or something. I don't, I just never got into the light. And dude, like I played football in college. I'm not opposed to like physical violence on the field of competition, but I just never understood like, I'm gonna punch this guy for something 'cause I had four beers. - Yeah, no, that's not me either. But yeah, everybody out there that likes to fight good on you. - Yes. - Especially if you're one of those MMA fighters. What's that stand for? - Man on Man action. - Man on martial arts. I just assumed, 'cause every time I'm eating chicken wings, there it's on the big screen. It's just two half naked guys rolling around. - I like that you're trying to anger the group of people that could most easily kick our asses. MMA fighters. (laughing) - Oh man. - Yeah, yeah, I like that scene too. That was fantastic. Dude, I had a hard time with scenes because this movie is kind of like a meandering one. It all happens in one day. There's a bunch of cuts from one location to the other where you, like I had a hard time even pinning down scenes. I also had what, even after the moon tower, whatever, that's that sequence. When they went back to the football field and they were all like on the 50 yard line. - That part was cool too. - Yeah. I didn't like what his name had his pants tucked into his boots, but other than that, it was cool. - Well, Wendy asked me she loves this movie, she's like, who do you think the lead character was? I was like, dude, I think it was Jason London, right? Pink Floyd. Now I was saying it was Mitch. That's what she said. She's like, what about the kid? He would have been a good lead character too. But that's one of the things I like about ensembles is that there's not really... You're not following one character story. You're following a bunch of character story. But I think Jason London, Pink Floyd, whatever the kid was, the played Mitch would be the two lead votes. Yeah. I felt like they were on the screen the most. - You're right, 'cause Floyd was like, Pink was like moving between the groups. So maybe he's the guy. - Yeah, and it was clearly, it seemed like to me, maybe he wasn't the lead, but he definitely was the protagonist, 'cause they were showing him like, hey, all of his friends or jocks and they're beating the shit out of freshmen and he's not really doing it. Like he's, and it's like, halfway done. - Yeah, he's like breaking up fights and like he's friends with everybody. - Right. - And he's clearly supposed to be a nice guy. - I like that. - I do too. I mean, Richard Linklater wrote this about his experiences in high school where he was a quarterback. I feel pretty sure that was him. So it makes sense that he would be the night sky. - Yeah, I was gonna say, I would write myself as the night sky also. - Absolutely. I just wrote myself as the night sky earlier in this podcast talking about how I haven't been in fights, which is true, but I've also wrecked a bunch of mailboxes and stop signs. It's not like I didn't do a bunch of dumb shit when I was a teenager. I just didn't punch people. - Yeah, I don't punch people either. - Yeah. - I did come up with some other scenes though. Do you have other scenes? Or you don't have any other? - I may have one more. I'm like, I gotta think on it. But I like the 50 yard line where they're all hanging out. Dude, how old is Matthew McConaughey? - Out of high school. So, and he's working for the-- - He's definitely in a high school. - Is he working for the city? He's got a mustache. - I was gonna say, like mid-20s. - Early 20. In the actual movie, he's 23. - Yeah, yeah. Which is nothing I like, by the way, most of this cast is about the right age. - Right. - Like Jason Lunden is like 20. - That's really hard for me to recast it though, because I don't know when he can really. Yeah, I can't come up with 25, 20 year olds, three castes movie. Yeah. But yeah, dude, he's mid 20s, let's say he's mid 20s. Or even if he's Matthew McConaughey's, he's 23, whatever. He literally asks the kid, Mitch, what's this next year's group of freshman girls like? Like some of that stuff, I mean, I'm, don't get me wrong, I'm sure that that's how it happened in the 70s. And I'm sure probably in 2023, there's a creepy 20 something that's like sniffing around 14 year olds, but that's so - I'm talking weird to me to watch. - Yeah, that's really, really weird. - That's one of the things looking back, even in the movie, it's like, dude, I don't, I don't, I don't, I'm not breaking ground here. That's a really creepy part, I think everyone's, I think everyone's hit to that. - Yeah, the whole, yeah, that whole line he says where he's like, you know, they stay the same age. I get older, what was the line? I don't know how it goes. - I got it, that's what I love about these high school girls. I get older, but they stay the same age. That's the most famous line for this movie. - Right. - Is it? - Yeah, I think so. - I'm not gonna say his other words. - All right, all right, all right. - Yeah, that one. - Yeah, probably so. But I don't think people remember that as being from this movie, I think they just think that's how McConaughey talks. - It is. - Where the other one is like from this movie. - From the movie. - Right, right. - But yeah, so I had that one on the 50 yard line. They're all hanging out, they're smoking pot, they're drinking beers on the football field after the moon, whatever tower party. - Moon tower. - And I like Jason London's character arc, like he's the quarterback and everyone's like, we're gonna come back next year, we're gonna win state and the coach is all over him, like sign this pledge, says you're not gonna have any fun over the summer and he's like, man, I just don't wanna do any of this bullshit. I hate it. - We're gonna be the airs. - We're gonna be the airs. - We're gonna be the airs. - Yeah, and maybe it's 'cause I grew up in a small town and as soon as I could get out of there, I got out of there. But for whatever reason, I really liked that character arc where he's like, hey, he just, like in the coaches of this stereotypical, like he drives a Ford Bronco, he wears baseball shorts, he's got a socks pulled up to his frickin' calves, he's always yelling. - Yeah. - And he finally tells the coach, he's like, look man, I'll play football next year, but I'm not signing this shit. And he just throws the lemon goes to get a arosmith ticket. So I said, good for you. That's awesome. - Arosmith tickets. Jason Lennon was in an arosmith video, by the way. - Was he? - The one with the leashes on his tongue. - Yeah, I love Tyler. - Yeah, I remember that though. - Dude, I have two other ones. So there's one where Kevin, who's gonna have the party. - Yeah. And he has the kegs of beer gonna be delivered to his house and his dad is still there. And he's coming up. - We're in a stone-cold leisure suit. Yes, ice cold. He shows up knocks on the door. Favorite part too. He has to take like a freaking ice pick or a screwdriver or something that's held holding the door holding his door closed. Yes. So he's like, he takes that down and he's like, are you sure that they're there for? I'm going to have to go. I'll go check it out. And he goes down there and the guy's like, yep, right here, pick for residents. That's and he's like, are you sure? And he's like, I ball and backwards over his shoulder pointing in his dad. and he's like, "Oh, I'm so stupid." This happens all the time. I like that whole interaction. And I like how his dad handles it. He's like, "Yeah, we're not going anywhere. We're staying here." And then he has to keep answering the door. That was great. I really liked that. - That was also great. And I definitely remember in high school, like on Friday at school, it's like, "Hey, so-and-so's parents are at town. We're gonna go over there. It's gonna be a party." And then like, - Okay. - And it's a lot to catch. - 9 p.m. It's like, never mind it's off. Let's go to a field and drink there. So I feel sure it's that exact same thing. It's like, did I hear something about you having a party? It's like, honey, unpack the car. We're not going anywhere. I'm just gonna get my leisure suit on and I'm gonna answer the door all night. - I can't wait 'til our kids are old enough to have those problems. - I'm just hoping my kid just ubers everywhere. That's the main thing I care about with high school kids is drinking and driving. Not drinking, drinking and driving. - Right, right, exactly. - So I mean, he's 18 months, but like my policy already is like, dude, if you go to a party and people are drinking, I don't give a shit. Just do not get behind the wheel of a car and don't get behind the wheel of a car with someone who has been drinking. - Right, don't let them drive you. That's what I was always worried about. 'Cause, you know, I didn't start drinking until, what, 22, 23 years old. So like, I was always driving people around. Speaking of buying beer, that's my third one. Mitch goes into buy the beer. And the guy's just like, are you 18? He's like, yep. He's like, okay. Yeah, I like that. And then, but the small talk that they keep going back and forth He's like, how you doing? I'll be madder when I get off in a couple hours. Like, it sounds like it sounded like how it would have gone. - And dude, he just does everything that Matthew McGone said earlier. He's like, yeah. - Right. - And working for the city. - Yeah. - Like, put a little cash in my pocket. (laughing) I don't know, I'm still having to decide what I'm gonna do next year. Ah man, it was good. I liked the way that kid played it, and I liked that whole scene. So I put that down. - That kid did not do a lot of acting, but he was good. I liked him in this. - Yeah. I'm gonna pull his name up 'cause we've said that nine times and he was on screen in every freaking scene. - Yeah, his name was way to have it. Wiley something, wasn't it? - Yeah, it was. I'm trying to find it. Wiley Wiggins. - Wiley Wiggins is a Mitch Kramer. Game designer, Austin, Texas, native. - Cool. - Yeah. He was good. Mitch was good at Wiley Wiggins as a good actor and I liked what he did here. If we were head more time and wanted to talk someone this movie he would have been my vote nice i would have been down for that i think we could have probably got uh... only here else's brother here else's brother did you see that in the news yeah that uh... we wait what was a math and maconnes mom apparently new air quotes new what was that new yet is that so they want to get a d_n_a_ tests yet i think they should not get a d_n_a_ test and just say that their brothers and just everyone wrote that it can't well apparently they're doing a new tv show called brothers from another mother because when they met on the scene on the set of Ed TV, yeah, they were like, this is meant to be, this is, we have to be related. I don't think that they're related, but I can easily see Woody Harrelson and Matthew McHenry just be in the best of friends, because they both seem like the exact same guy. Yeah, they do. Like, they just, they just want to smoke pot and like, go surf and just like have fun about everything all the time. Yeah, and they're both pretty good actors. Yeah, dude, they're both really good actors. All right, what about quotes? What you got? The first one I had is the, I think, I think the most famous quote from this movie that's super creepy, what I already said. Yeah. "Wuderson," Matthew McConaughey's character, says, "That's what I love about these high school girls. I get older, but they stay the same age. I got that first. It's terrible, but it's definitely famous. And I've known it, even though I've not, don't know this movie that well." Speaking of "Wuderson," apparently the guy, there's a guy named "Wuderson," who grew up with the writer-director, Richard Lenglater. and said that's basically the guy I was in high school. - Yeah. - And right after. And he sued him because he's like, "You wrote that about me." He said, "No, I didn't, but he might have, he never knew." - Well, that's the, I think Mahi Makanah's part is really interesting in this movie because the story is that Sean Andrews, the guy who played Pickford, the guy who was having the party at his dad's house. - Right. - Was supposed to have a much bigger role in this movie, but he didn't, people didn't like, like the real life cast, they didn't like him. He didn't get along with everybody. I don't know. That's the, Richard Lincoln, you said that. And so he just kept rewriting his part and shrinking it down. And then McConaughey wasn't supposed to be in this movie. He was just like out having a drink at a hotel bar where the casting director was in Austin. And the bartender knew him was his friend. It was like, and McConaughey, I think it was a film student at UT and was like, "Hey, that guy's a casting director." He was like, "I'm gonna go talk to him." And so he went and talked to him and then they cast him. And then he got on set and like we were just talking about Woody Harrison, everyone loved him. And so they just kept giving him more stuff to do. and a lot of it was improvped, which is why. But he ended up being in a lot, it's kind of like Tom Cruise and Born on the Fourth July. Like he wasn't supposed to have his big of a part as he ended up having, but he got there and everyone's like, this dude's killing it, let's just keep putting him on camera. - Yeah. I bet when you said improvised, when he got the hood up on his car outside of that pool hall or whatever it was called. - Right. And he was like listing all the stuff off on his car. - Yeah, it was 54 with 5/11 in the back, positive traction, I don't know, making all that up, but I think. I think he did too, but I think he probably knows a little bit about that kind of stuff because he was throwing it down. They gave me such a flashback to his Cadillac commercials, which I know is not supposed to. But it's the exact same cadence. I was like, "Yeah, I'm with you. I could definitely see McConaughey be in a guy who knows about cars." I also had a McConaughey quote for mine, but it was all right. That's all my list as well. What's your next one? My last one is when the, as the high school kids were leaving, as the final bell of the final day of school, one of the teachers just said, I think it was maybe like a history teacher or something. Remember the summer when you're being inundated with all this American bicentennial stuff that what you're really celebrating is that a bunch of aristocratic slave owning white men didn't want to pay their taxes. 'Cause the movie was on 1976 and I was like, oh my god, that's freaking genius. - I didn't catch that, that's awesome. - Yeah, I can't believe that you missed that. And I love that link later set this in '76 for the bicentennial and through and stuff. Like that's pretty counterculture. - Yeah. - Woke, I guess, for a movie was 30 years old and a set like 47 years ago. - And also set in Texas. - Yeah. - So, yeah. Mine's kind of in that same vein. Everybody kept yelling shotgun. And I was like, I wonder if that's a thing. I was like, when did they first start calling shotgun? That was, 'cause we used to yell shotgun, but like, I know we got it from somewhere, but like, did they use to yell it? And then I was like, - Well, dude, is it not that, is it not like from the American frontier? Like the person who sat next to the guy, steer in the horses, go to the shotgun? - Right, right, right. It's the bodyguard for the stage, yeah, it is. It's the bodyguard of the stagegoat driver. Alfred Henry Lewis was the first guy to ever talk about it on his book, The Sunset Trail, long time ago. So yeah, that was my next one because of shotgun. And then I have one more. - We could also, by the way, spend a lot of time breaking down the rules of shotgun because I remember that being a big topic of conversation in high school, like you had to be inside of the car and like, if there was a tie, you had to run to the car and we were touched at first, got it, and I got this all finished. - You couldn't call shotgun when you decided when you were leaving. You had to wait for the driver to like, 'cause you know, big and you used to always drive. So he like, dude, you got to wait until I take the first step towards the vehicle with my keys. He's like, he would get up and start walking towards the door but he didn't have his keys and we were all go, "Shack on!" And he's like, "I don't have the keys." (laughing) God damn it. I hated it. So, yeah, there's a lot of rules. - That. - Now I'm glad to ride in the back. I don't, I just don't wanna drive. Dude, last one I have, there's a guy, Clint, that fights our friend, Adam Goldberg. - Yeah. - He says, "I came here to do two things, kick some ass and drink some beer." And looks like we're almost out of beer. I like that line. Yeah, that variation is that quote. It's been around for a thousand years, but I do love it. And I wrote that one down. I just didn't quite make my list. Yeah, yeah. I liked it because I did like that part where he was fine. All right. So that's your third quote. That's my that's my favorite. Yeah, yeah. I like it. I got two McConaughey quotes. Well, I guess I can do it in characters because I'm going to put McConaughey in my characters. This is first movie. He's not supposed to be in it. He improvs a lot of his dialogue. He doesn't show up until the 41 minute mark. Fantastic mustache. great mustache. I like how it's like they I think he grew the mustache because they didn't want to cast him because they thought he was too good looking and he was like, oh I can fix that. Let me grow this freaking broom mustache and then and then comb my hair forward and like kind of like permit. And it looked lighter than I remember his hair looking. It was bad. I'm glad that I was not alive in the 70s. I know you were born in the 70s, but neither of us remember the 70s. I'm glad that I was not old enough to wear clothes in the 70s because the stuff everybody was wearing in this movie and all the hairstyles were horrific. So I should just go ahead and tell Wendy to plan a 70s party for your birthday. I'm not going to lie. I got some outfits that I rocked during the 80s that are similarly not as great, although I kind of still love them. But yeah, I think if you look at like the stereotypical 80s outfits and hairdos versus the 70s, I'll take 80s every time. Dude, they're all bad. The problem is, is the '90s is coming back. If I see, they were able to wear jeans today for something. And all these girls that were wearing high-waisted jeans that-- - Would like to see you. - Would like to see you, bell bottoms. - It wasn't even huge bell bottoms. They were just high-waisted and they came straight like, all the way down. And I was like, what the heck is this? It looks like the '90. And one girl had a fanny pack on. Another girl had a fanny pack across her chest. - I never go anywhere in Nashville that I don't see people wearing fan-i-packs just across their chest. - We don't even have a wallet. I just have one credit card in my phone case. - Yeah, I have like, what about your like insurance cards and stuff like that? - I have pictures of that shit. I don't carry this stuff around. - Oh nice. - Yeah, I don't know that. - Yeah. - Oh man, that's, we live in the future. - Yeah, I mean, the look out. - McConaughey's my first character. His character is super creepy, but he's great. And I'm glad that he went and talked to that casting director and that bar and got cast and then became Matthew McConaughey 'cause I like all his stuff. - All the stuff, yeah, I agree. Yeah, my first person is Adam Goldberg as Mike Newhouse, 'cause I love that guy. - He plays not the same kind of part, but he plays all of the parts kind of the same way that he has and it's always funny to me. He's really good. He's definitely got a little bit of a stick. Maybe, I mean, I'm sure he does other stuff too, but I don't mean that to be an insult 'cause I really like it. He cracks me up and I like when he's in there doing stuff. - Agreed. And that's where I was, there's another movie he's in with McConaughey, isn't it? What's the movie with Kate Hudson where she's trying to break up with? - I had to lose a guy in 10 days. - Is that Matthew McConaughey? - Yeah, it is. Is he the friend in that movie? - I think so. I would just remember them two being together. All the stuff that I can remember him in has always been good. Yeah, I mean, we haven't even really talked about it that much, but like it's one of the first things I wrote in my notes. The cast for this movie is ridiculous. I mean, we have talked about the cast being ridiculous, but we haven't named the people. I'm gonna just real quick, just run down the cast list. Yeah, I was gonna say I got some people written down. Jason London, Joy Lauren Adams, Milo Joe Bavitch, Sean Andrews, Roy Cochran, Adam Goldberg, Anthony Rap, Sasha Jensen, Marissa Robisi, Cole Hauser, Wiley Wiggins, Ben Affleck, Parker Posey, Matthew McConaughey, Renais Elwiger. Like it's kind of wild. - Yeah. - And a lot of those, you may not have known the name, but if I told you about the people like, like just like Rory Cochran, just to pick one. Like that's the guy Lucas from Empire Records. - Right. - Like he's been in a ton of stuff and he's fantastic, but he's. - Yeah. - I was gonna say like, I don't think I knew Anthony Raps' name, but I was like, - Oh, that's a dude from Rent and that's a dude from Adventures of Babysitting. - Yeah, and from school ties. - School ties. - Yeah, him and Cole Hauser. - Yeah, him and Cole Hauser and Ben Affleck. And then Joey Lauren Adams, she's in a lot of the Kevin Smith movies. She's awesome. - Well, I was thinking I was like, man, there's school ties connections with Affleck and with Anthony Rappen with Cole Hauser. Cole Hauser and Affleck are together and frickin' Goodwill Hunting. Like Joey Lauren Adams and Jason Londoner together and Mall Rass was like, no, that's not Jason London. - That's Jeremy, that's it. - This is brother, it's twin brother. - That's so crazy. - Speaking of Joey Lauren Adams, she, when they're walking off of the field, the football field in that senior timeout, she says does anybody have any vising? And I was like, oh, when is vising invented? I was like, I want, it seems like that's newer than that. Maybe, so then I pull it up and it's like, oh, vising was, it says it started in 1996. I was like, well, no, that's not a thing because this was '93. - Right. - So the Google's wrong on that one. looking, it's like the late 50s when it starts. And the, because the ingredient is, the vizene has 0.03% tetrahydralazine. It's a good amount of that. That's a good amount of that. And Retson, maybe I'm not getting enough, Retson. I was looking at tetrahydralazine and the first thing I said out loud in my office by myself, I was like, that's a good amount of that. Like I said, it out loud. So I had to make sure I told you that I looked up vizene because it turns out it was from the 50. So it was fine, and I wasn't gonna say it. And then I looked at it and I said, "Ted try drowsy, it's a good amount of that." (laughing) - I mean, it read me in gradients like we know what that is. This movie comes out in '93 in a set in 1976. If the movie came out today, it would be set and for kids graduating high school in 2006. - Holy shit. - Just to throw that out there for you. That's the timeframe we're doing. - Oh man, that's awesome. - Yeah, so my second character is actually Anthony rap. - Anthony rap, yeah he was good. - I liked him and Adam Goldberg, we're the same group of like, you know, newspaper like school yearbook nerds and they're both, you can tell they're both serious about, they can't wait to get out of their small town, they're gonna go to college and they're gonna like have good jobs and probably be successful adults. - Right. - But I just like Anthony rap, he was a huge D-bag in school ties and I hated him, but I hated his character. - Character, right. - But when I see him and stuff, I'm like, that guy's good, I like what he does. He's a really good actor, a good singer. Yeah, and their third and their little group is the Genevada Rebisee's twin sister Marissa. Marissa Rebisee. - So she's like Tear. - She's like Tear. - Yeah, she is good. - My second one is Rory Cochran, Ron Slater. Because I can't figure out, and I tried to look it up, but I couldn't figure it out. Nobody said anything about it. The way that guy talks is how every pothead I've ever met talks. And I can't tell if pot makes people talk like that. I don't think it does. Or just people who smoke a lot of pot man and they talk like that man. Like that. - Dude, I kinda wonder if there weren't just a couple of actors who got cast and pot movies that talked like that because they knew someone who talked like that. And now every pot had learned to talk like that. Like from that performance. - That's what I'm saying. So like that and like three others. - Jim Brewer, the guy in half-baked, It's like, that's how he talks, man. Like that, like what is that? Is that just like him doing the voice of Rory Cochran in this movie? You know what I'm saying? Like, I don't know. Like I've smoked enough pot over the years that, but I don't ever remember, not that I didn't have some conversations that if I heard them while I was sober, I would think we're stupid. Like how do I know that what you think is blue is also the color that I think is blue? But I don't think I talked any different. I think I just talked like normal, except I was saying weird shit. - Right. And then I started thinking like, the same thing we were talking about earlier, we're like certain people that smoke a lot of pot and that's their whole thing. - Yeah. - That's their whole, like, oh man, I love this strain. You may just go, "You can feel the pizza and your feet, like whatever." Like all that stuff, like, there are other people that I'm sure that, like, smoke pot that don't talk about it and you never know. You know what I'm saying? So that's why I think it's only like huge pot heads that talk like, "Dad, man." - Yeah, I think it's definitely like you, you wear like a reggae hat and you have like a tie-dye t-shirt on. - Rostrifying. - Rostrifying. Yeah, 'cause the people that I know that smoke pot are like normal people, except like someone might have a glass of wine and someone might go outside and smoke pot for 10 minutes and then you come back and you have a normal conversation. - Right. - But it's not like, let's turn on the frickin' lava lamp and let's like have a philosophical conversation and you're like, God, I can't wait to get out of here. It's just like regular people do it. - It's so hot in here. - Yeah, just seven regular conversations, which is like kind of my preference. Like dude, smoke pot, take mushrooms, drink wine, I don't care, I just don't be weird around me. - Right, just don't talk like that, man. - Yeah. Well, it's the same as like the Valley girl. - Right. - Axis, that's an addiction. - Yeah, it's like, did you mean to talk like that? Are you doing that intentionally all the time? Because it sounds dumb, it makes you sound dumb. - God, you would love the TV show "Lowter Milk" if you haven't started watching it. - Did I love "Lowter Milk" - I've talked about this. - Oh my God, that shit is so good. - So funny. - Speaking of Valley Girl, did you see the one guy in this movie, Sasha Jensen, who's from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"? - He was the guy with the big eyebrows. - Yeah, and in-- - I'm saying like I didn't put the two together then. - Yeah, yeah. - He was from the movie. - Yeah, what part did he play in? - He was one of the basketball players. Remember, he was the vampire while he was playing basketball. He was like floating around the world. - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Now remember, I didn't even know Renee Zellwiger was in this until you said it just now. - Yeah, she didn't have a speaking part. - Oh, that's why I didn't know. - Yeah, so she, like, I mean, she wasn't famous, it wasn't a cameo, she just didn't have any lines. - Right. - But she played one of the high school girls. - Was she the older ones, like the seniors, or she was one of the ones that she was one of the older ones? - Yeah, so, was she your second character? - My second one's Rory Cochran, and Adam Goldberg was my first, and then Jason London's my last. - He's my last, too. I hate to, I hate to internet ensemble comedy, not pick one of the female leads, but I just, I like my three favorite parts were that, yeah, were those three. Like, Joy Lornaum's was good, Parker Posey was good, but they didn't have as much stuff to do. Marissa Revease was good. - She was good. Dude, everybody played their part, I think, correctly. - It was a well, dude, it was well cast and it was well acted and it was well written. I didn't think anybody did a bad job. I thought everyone did a good job. It's hard we have 15 actors that are all good. Like Cole Hauser is always good. And I never, like he's so good, I don't even notice that he's good. - Right. - He was good in this too. - Like I heard, I gotta be honest about the whole Jason London thing. I, the whole time I'm looking at him, I was like, I know this guy and he's from something. He looks like the guy from Malrats, but that can't be right. - Yeah. - So I got all the way to the end of the movie and I just had to look it up. - He looks exactly like the guy from Malrats. This is Twin Brother. T.S. from all rights. (laughs) - Is that '95? I can't wait for that, boom. - Yeah. She has a third nipple. - It's a Clayton plaintiff's day. - Scuder is a sailboat stupid head. - Yeah, so those are my three. Who's Jason Linden? Was your third? - He's my third one too. I thought he was the protagonist. He's the lead character and he does a good job. - Yeah, the funny thing is neither Jason nor Jeremy did all that much stuff. I mean, they did. They both worked for four decades, but they never, you look at their filmography. It's not like they did 60 movies or 200 movies. - Right. - You know, they both, it's not a lot of stuff I've seen. - Yeah, but I've seen them both and stuff, and I've liked them both and stuff, and I liked Jason and this. - Yeah, yeah, good come. Do you wanna talk about the writer director? - writer's director, Richard Linklater. He's one of those directors that's so well known like they've made a documentary about him. He's not really, like he's fine, he's good. I like his stuff, but if he comes out with a new movie, I'm not calling people to go, "Dude, Tuesday is opening night, we gotta be there." Like I like it stuff, but it's not like, right, right. You know, like to me, he's not probably not in my top 10. - Right. I do wanna see that movie boyhood that he did, though. The one that he filmed over the course of like a thousand years or whatever was-- - Right, but that's a perfect example 'cause you wanna see it, but it came out nine years ago. So there's been several thousand opportunities for you to have seen it. - No, and I, dude, I borrowed a copy from the internet, So I could watch it and I still haven't watched it. - That's what I'm saying. Like I like his stuff. I never go to, I've never seen his movies and I'm like, "Oh, that wasn't very good." It's just, for whatever reason, like his sensibilities in mind just don't quite line up. I just, like, he does a good job and I enjoy it, but he's not like a guy that I gotta go. And it may be, I don't know, I don't know, maybe all directors like that. I think Spielberg is maybe my favorite director alive and he makes movies that I don't go see. It's like him and Tom Hanks are gonna fight another World War II movie. I don't know if I wanna see that. - Right, the only person I can remember saying, I definitely want to go see that is I went and saw a tenant in the theater with Nolan Christopher Nolan Like I want to go see his new one with Oppenheimer. Yeah, I think that's gonna be yeah Nolan is definitely one where I want to see and also like there's some stuff that you just like I should see this on the big screen Where my teeth are rattling every time someone chooses to ask yeah, man Yeah, man, but anyway Richard Link later. He's from Texas. He writes and directs movies This is his second movie. He hasn't done that many because he writes in direction He takes a long time between projects. He's done like eight movies But he's got a really like distinct style. He's got a really he's known for this kind of loose narrative structure Where he follows everybody around for a day like that's kind of his thing. Yeah, yeah I was gonna say did you see before sunrise? It's like a trilogy that before sunrise before sunset before Midnight maybe it's the ones with Ethan Hawke. I saw the first two. I never saw the newest one Those are pretty good. You might like those. - The before midnight is the only one that I did see. I didn't see the first two. - Yeah, yeah, the first two were good. I liked them. Dude, he did scanner darkly. Did you see that? - Yeah, I liked that. The funny thing is that this, I kind of, if I had to pick, I would say that I liked the movies he directs that didn't rights more than the movies that he did both. I'm looking at his filmography like School of Rock. I really like Newton Boys. I really like scanner darkly is very good. - I think he wrote Newton Boys though, didn't he? That's what the, Yeah, he didn't write it in boys, you're right about that. But he co-wrote it with two other people. Yeah, yeah. He did the new bad news bears with what's that? Yeah, bad news bears, fast food nation. There's movies I've seen from him and I recognized his name from those movies before. So like, hi. There's so many movies that I want to watch. And then when I have time, I just don't. I just watch the same thing over and over. Richard Link later, writer, director. He has done a lot of stuff. People should know who he is. He is very good. We really liked him. - A lot. - A lot. (laughing) - Other fun background stuff, Sean Andrews and Milo Jovich play boyfriend and girlfriend in this movie, and they got married for like less than a year. Not nice, it turns out, because Milo Jovich was 16 when they got married. And so her parents found out and annulled it. But they met and started dating on this movie, got married very briefly, and then it got an old. but I saw that, I was like, 'cause Wikipedia says like, you know, spouse like married 1992, A, 1992, I was like, "Whoa, that marriage did not go very long." - Yeah. - And that I read, I was like, "Oh, she was 16 and her parents, I know it was." Okay, that makes sense. I don't know how old he was, I'm not like. - Good on her parents. - You must have been a bomb dropped on them. That's a big bada boom. - Big bada boom. Yeah, so he's 51, so he would have been 21, 20 or 21, and she would have been 16, so. I wanna do that movie, when's that movie? - I think that's also in 1998, but it might be '99. - Clicked Fifth Element, '97. - Yeah. - Lilo, Lilo Dallas. - Yeah, I tell people all the time that that's one of my favorite movies, and it's not because I think it's like one of the best movies ever made. It's just because I can watch it a thousand times. - God, come on, come on man. - Come on, come on man, come on. (laughing) - Seven left. - Seven left. - Two on the right. (laughing) He knows it's a multi pass. (laughing) - Oh man, we'll close that shit for a sec. I love it, I love it. - All right, what about work? You know what's the writer director? - Yeah, yeah, I'm done. I'm trying to think, I don't think I have any more bonus good stuff. I just got a couple of worst. I already said, for my first worst, I just like, I get this is a real thing and it's fine to portray it. But the whole like, when we were freshmen, we got our asses beat. So now that we're seniors, we're gonna beat some asses. Like let's just pay that pain down the road so that everyone is always addicted to everyone else all the time. I fundamentally disagree with that. Even though I know that that's what people do. - Maybe that's why when they say like, well, I had to pay for my college, so we're not. Even though the door was open for me, I'm closing it behind me, and you're gonna have to figure it out a way to do it, just like I did. - That's what I'm saying. Like I just don't, I don't get that life philosophy is really confusing to me. Like, hey, I struggle with something. Why do I want other people to, Why wouldn't I be excited if other people don't have to do that? Why do I want people to struggle? - 'Cause, man, it made me a stronger person. I got, dude, the only worst I had was the bullying. I just put bullying, 'cause there's a ton of that. And I mean, dude, you're a high school teacher. I'm sure that there's plenty of this shit that still happens. - Dude, they make fun of each other in class. And when it goes from making fun into Johnny's word, making sad, and it's starting to hurt people's feelings, I call it out. I'm like, "Hey, that's too far." You don't want me to make fun of you, so just stop it. But there is definitely bullying and small clicks and people making fun of other people and doing stuff. I don't, we don't see hazing like this. That's why it's so foreign to me. - Yeah. - Like it didn't happen in high school for us and it didn't happen where I work that I know of. So like, I don't get it. - Yeah, and I also had in the worst, like I can tell that I'm getting old, not just because I tweaked my back, like, been it over time I shoes. but also because all of the property destruction and like drinking and driving in this movie really bothered me and I know for a fact that all of my friend group did a lot of those things when I was at age and it didn't bother me at all. But now it does and it's like cool, that's the sign that you're old 'cause now you care about like when they knock over a mailbox and go like, I guess I'm gonna have to go buy another mailbox. Like he's gonna have to like take his kid with him and go to like, they're probably isn't a home depot in 1976. He's gonna have to go like to a race hardware - There's something in like via mailbox, and then if he's not good at installing mailboxes, it's gonna like, he's gonna fricking smash his hand with a hammer and he's gonna be like swearing, his wife's gonna be mad 'cause the kid hears him swear. It's like, that's gonna mess a path his Saturday. - Did I tell you about the kid that lives on 22? His dad got so sick of people hitting their mailboxes with stuff that he filled the inside of his mailbox. He got an extra big mailbox and filled the inside with cement and left a tiny little hole in the middle with like a PVC pipe. So when you open it, it's just a PVC pipe that the guy has to like cram all the stuff in. But they've already had like people come by and try to hit it with a bat and it bounces off and broke their car window. And those people stopped and turned around and went in and actually complained to the people that they broke their window. - Yeah, that's awesome. - That's like, what are we doing here? So yeah, yeah, I was the same way. I was like, God, I can't believe, - Why they're hitting that guy's poor mailbox? Who would take a full cup of drinks from Burger King? - Who would leave Wendy's and get a full refill and keep it full and not drink it on the ride home specifically so that we could throw the full cup from Wendy's at a very specific mailbox that we didn't know and had no problems with. - That's what I love about doing this podcast 'cause I'm going, I can't believe I'm bothered by kids doing stuff that we definitely did and thought was hilarious. - Yeah, what about the salt and peppers from Wendy's after the football games and the poor person's yard? - Dude, and I watched the movies and I see, I see like Parker Posey, we didn't talk about her. She is always playing the same person, she's always mean as shit. And I guess maybe she's super good at life but she's very good at that in the movies. And I'm like, "God, they're all being so mean." Like that part bothers me and I think back to the shit that we did, I wasn't like yelling at people, I wasn't berating freshmen or like stuff, I'm in lockers or hitting them, but the amount of just random property destruction that I did at that age, I was a total dick. - I can remember sitting at Wendy's after a football game and watching somebody stand and nickel up on the table and slam a salt shaker down. So the plastic would break. - So the plastic bottom would break and the next person who picks it up would dump salt all in their lap. - Salt everywhere, everywhere. - And then we would go back to that Wendy's the very next Friday, like 40 deep. And I don't know, I don't understand. - The amount of money they were making off of the food that we ate though, was enough to buy a thousand salt shakers. - Yeah, that's it. That's all I got. It's just the bullying, the beating, the... - Yeah, yeah. I don't have any other. Old tech, it's from the '70s. I just put '70s. - Yeah, it's set for where I was. - For where I was just put. - Yeah. Cool. So we took the five questions. - Is it okay for kids? - No, no, it's not. I'd say it's 16 or 18. There's too much of the word he dirts in this. - Yeah, I don't care about that, but I defer to you. So, seems like-- - Yeah, I'm saying like, I just don't want my kid talking like, "Dad, man." - Would this movie get made if it were pitched now? Probably not if it was set in the '70s, but I'm sure if Linklater wanted to do it, he could do, I mean, he just didn't he just do the sequel five years ago. - Yeah, not that long ago. - Could he make it set in 2006? - I don't think he could. I think if he made it now, you would set it in the '90s. Like, when we were in the '90s, they had that '70s show, and now they have that '90s show. - Right. - Like, I think '90s is as far back as people can go, and reminisce. Like, you can't reminisce about the 2000s. Could you, not yet. Could you, though, do you think you could write it, knowing all the stuff that you did that we've just been talking about? Could you write? - Oh, dude. Yeah, well, I mean, if I can just take linklators, days, didn't confuse, script, and steal all of the plotting, and just put it in my own stories, then yes. - Of course, that's what it meant. - Yeah, I can't, I'm not able to do that. - Yeah. - But if I can mad lives it, and just add our high school stories, then yes. - Absolutely, yeah, yeah, good go. Dude, I couldn't recast it. Did you recast anybody? - No, I mean, I don't either, I don't know how you find this many good 20 year old actors. It's kind of incredible that he was able to do it 30 years ago. - So some of these guys were in movies before. - Yeah. - But not a lot. - No. - But some of these people weren't. So like, you just luck out and find these people, that's-- - I think they had a really good casting director. It's probably what it was, but I don't, yeah, an ensemble cast of, you know, a dozen or 15, 20-year-old actors, I don't know how to put that together. Yeah, it's good stuff. Can you still watch and enjoy this movie in 2023? Yeah, I liked it. I haven't seen it in a long time. It was good. Six out of 10. I'll definitely see it again. I know I will. So... Yeah, I don't know that I will. I wouldn't be upset if I didn't, but also it's fine. It's a good movie. I'm saying it becomes on, and I see that it's on, and I would watch it at least to the next commercial. Yeah, I guess I just don't, like, you just set a bunch of words that don't make any sense to me. Like if it comes on, watch to the next commercial, like I don't watch TV like that anymore. - You don't have live TV like that anymore. - No, no, I do now, 'cause it's the NBA playoff, so I pay for YouTube TV so I can watch that. - Yeah, let's begin to watch. Let's wrap this up. - Yeah, let's shut this down so I can go watch that. - I wanna see if Dreman's gonna play. Did they say he was gonna play? - No, he suspended. - Yeah, I thought they walked it back. - Oh, did they? I didn't hear that. I heard this morning that he got suspended, but I didn't see anybody reversing. - Yeah, I saw he was suspended. - Good dude, that guy's a freaking dick. he should get suspended. - A thousand other people would get kicked out way before him. I don't understand why they let it go. - He just kicked her bones in the head like two weeks ago, and no one said shit about it. - Yes, so I don't have TV. I don't like that whole, "Oh, I'll just flip through the channels "and I'll just watch it to the next commercial." I'm kind of, I don't even know if I'll ever be in that scenario again unless I guess if I stay in a hotel room, that'll be it. - Where can you find it? I found it on Prime. - Yeah, I watched it on Amazon Prime. I think that's the only place it's available without having to pay for it. So, Amazon Prime. And next up is the firm. - Yeah. - John Grishon. - I like that. - Yeah, cool. What else? - That's it. We have the full, the full, sister I'd like to interview is up on Patreon. - Guys, you should go listen. It's awesome. - It's awesome. - Yeah, we've not given up on our mission to get out some bonus Patreon movies, but so far we've just gotten most of the full interviews up there. - We do have some movies though, yeah. - We do have some, but we wanted to do more. We just have to, we've not got, I mean, I'm recording in one day be my studio, but currently is no plumbing, no air conditioning. And you're about out of school for the summer. So hopefully once I'm in my space and you're off for the summer, we can bang out some bonus shit. - School's out for the summer, man. - School's out for. - Go on to the moon tower, man. (laughs) - All right, all right, all right. (laughs) - All right, anything else? - No, I think that's it. - Cool, bye. - Bye, Candias. - Man. - Man. (upbeat music) Thanks for listening to Movie Life Crisis. Please subscribe, rate, and review, and remember, don't drive anger. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music)